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  1. NForce Ethernet drivers with subdir's

    oh didn't know that. thanks
  2. NForce Ethernet drivers with subdir's

    It is wright when you say that the NAM folder has a setup.exe. I unpacked that file so now that folder contains an .inf. I can still delete that folder? Does it any harm when i do not delete the folder?
  3. Hi, i've intergrated my nforce ethernet drivers into my cd. It just didn't work for me but now i think i found the right way to integrate them. Because of the subdirectories i now made 3 different notes in OemPnPDriversPath OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_SMBus;Drivers\001_MemCtl; Drivers\002_GART;Drivers\003_IDE\WinXP;Drivers\004_Ethernet; Drivers\005_Ethernet\PreNRM\WinXP;Drivers\006_Ethernet\NAM; Drivers\007_AudioDrv;Drivers\008_Display" Is this the right way to do it? (004-006 are the ones i'm talking about)
  4. I've got Active desktop calender. I would like to install it with my unattended cd but can't find the switch. I have version 4.5 with registration code. Is it possible to install this program (silent) with the code?
  5. What is WIHU?

    I would als like to know. Sounds like a very usefull program!!
  6. Installing Printer

    i want to ad some HP drivers to the unattended xp cd. Can it be done like this?: DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_SMBus;Drivers\001_MemCtl;Drivers\002_GART;Drivers\003_IDE;Drivers\004_Ethernet;Drivers\005_AudioDrv;Drivers\006_Display;Drivers\007_Printers"
  7. Framedyn.dll and Srclient.dll missing

    I had exactely the same problem, Also no firewall and emule was not able to work proparly because of teh firewall. I could acces the firewall but it did block some ports! I dont know what is did to solve the problem. I think i just started all over again with a fresh win xp and sp2 and so on.
  8. So all you do is a winXP SP2 without RVMpack. Do you manualy integrate all the hotfixes? and if you do you integrate them with nlite? And what about device drivers or tweaks (with or without nlite)? edit. I see that you do install applacations. But i would still like to know if you integrate the rest (wow mijn engels wordt met de jaren slechter )
  9. Hmm so rvm pack won't work with the option you described? That's a shame. Well i'l will try your option one time. Thanks
  10. Is it possible to setup a windows xp from a second hdd? So i don't have to burn it on a cd anymore? Example: i have a C and a D partition. I will format the C and want to install xp, not with a cd but with the xp dir witch is on D. So i've to make my partition D in the bios the first boot device. Will this work or is the only way to install XP with a CD?
  11. Framedyn.dll and Srclient.dll missing

    Me too. I've got the dll problems and the missing IE and Outlook express icons in the startmenu. So the solution should be to manualy insert the framedyn.dll and Srclient.dll? Or go to nlite advanced option and select the two dll to keep? Is this also the solution to get rid of the missing IE and Oulook icons? edit: I inserted the two dll's in the advanced tab and now i don't get the dll waring/error anymore. But The IE and OUtlook icons are still missing in start menu. It now says (allready did) internet and mail. When i press internet i get the configuration screen for internet explorer. The only way to get on the internet is by going to windows update