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  1. 22 hours ago, Ex_Brit said:

    "Machine ID too short"

    Trying to generate a new key and it tells me error machine ID too short.

    I thought the Machine ID was the Physical Address in cmd - ipconfig /all?

    It's been years since I had to generate another key and I do have plenty remaining.

    Can someone help as the search produces nothing.

    Edit: Found it, it's product ID in "About this pc"   but it still doesn't work, what's going on?

    when Aero Glass starts it'll iirc open a windows to tell you the machine ID, otherwise, check the logs.

  2. well it certainly wouldnt make the updates faster if they would make everything with a new image and so on. small patches that ideally dont even need a reboot are the best, especially for security, because users who dont want to reboot still can get the update,


    although while the upgrade system may be annoying it does have its merits, especially considering that you dont need to DL a metric f-ton of patches just because you havent touched the PC in a few months but just get the image and run the upgrade, also you wont have all the patches lying around so you could potentially save space (well if MS would make a lot of their apps removable it would be even better.

  3. 9 hours ago, UCyborg said:

    Didn't they say something about feature updates not reinstalling the whole OS again? Or is that for the future feature updates? Once again, it took forever to upgrade to on my low-end laptop (4+ hours).

    Somehow it survived all updates and upgrades so far. OS was first installed on November 2015 and still works.

    well generally speaking all the big build updates are essentially upgrade installation (in the same way of win7->10 upgrade) which are basically the novemberupdate aka 1511, the annoversary update 1607 or so, the creators Update aka 1703 and the Fall Creators Update (1709 iirc) and obviously all those that will be coming about every half year.

  4. honestly with the control panel I prefer the old style as well since it makes it easier to find stuff for me since I know where what is and I dont need or want the extra step of going through the categories.


    also for example the mouse setting is big and easy to see in the normal icon sorting, but when going into the categories it became in the category hardware and sound a small text link below printers and devices, easy to miss especially since you dont expect it to be a sub link because they are normally more for parts of the list item. The Device manager is in the same position.

    also where you you check for the keyboard, probably also hardware, but guess what, no it's not even in there

  5. well yeah I know win2k pretty much as NT because it always said something as "based on NT" or whatever on the school PCs.

    and this doesnt change that you REALLY shouldnt use these to go into the web.

    you aint getting an antivirus anywhere, and the browser is also old as f. I mean IE6 on XP isnt even doing TLS1.0, and SSL3 is definitely off the list coz the internet has something against dogs (/s) although it wouldnt even surprise me if win2k would even fly without SSL3 and only use SSL2, but apparently that is like an ocean, very easy to drown in, unless you have something to keep yourself up with (which usually isnt the case in the ocean)

    well jokes about the naming of security problems aside, anyone with an IQ above room temperature (just to be sure, I mean in Celsius) should see that it isnt wise to use win2k or even older on the internet.

  6. 1 minute ago, BeardedBlunder said:

    Not my own PC, troubleshooting someone else's, so already frustrated by UAC.... just the same, if I'm in an admin command window, I expect what I command done, be it CHKDSK or DEL *.* /S /F I want ACTION, if that action stalls from breaking stuff that's MY fault.

    Never mind Windows 2000 @jaclaz I expect DOS-like obedience.  If I'm admin, it's MY computer, to break, or to waste time on!

    well the UAC can be annoying, but it can also be helpful. but when you dont get ALL your rights after confirming the UAC prompt, then it's junk.


    in linux it's more or less the same with sudo. unless you say "do it as admin" the application won't get admin (except you are logged in as root, which is basically the same as the system administrator account in windows)


    in XP when just using the PC in a single user way you wouldnt even notice an application wants admin, which can raise some red flags if you even remotely know what you are doing.

  7. On 4.9.2017 at 2:22 PM, NoelC said:

    Hard to imagine "much better" when Aero Glass on Win 8.1 works fine and lasts a long time, but I too would be interested in hearing about others who've solved the problem of bringing back style to Win 8.1 desktops...


    well at least I use an aero style from deviantart

    Aero Glass 8 for Win 8/8.1 Final

    plus UxStyle


    and to top it off, of course Aero Glass by bigmuscle here.


    that's basically my style set, and then

    I use things like classic shell to get the start menu back,


    modern mix for the few occasions I want to try apps


    and some other stuff I have to look up.

  8. oh so the more "modern" pentiums are better I mean back when we had core2duo and so on pentium was essentially crap in comparison. and it doesnt wonder me that the pentium is the lowest, after all the score is defined by the lowest part and I was kinda surprised that you get a 7+ with a pentium.

    and it also doesnt just have threading but also a second core, so what makes it different from like an i3? I mean to top it this thing runs 3,5GHz. even my i5 2320 didnt do that much (and my xeon x5670 also doesnt do that)

    but is it really a good Idea to have this PC running win7? after all it IS a Kaby, and MS was so "nice" and axed updates for Sky and Kaby iirc unless you have 10 (which is imo not a good Idea for win8 because that thing is in main support still).

  9. 2 minutes ago, NoelC said:

    When I test doing the things I normally do with the desktop (basically creating software and running a business) I find Windows 10 on that fully tweaked setup to be slightly SLOWER than Windows 8.1, which in turn was slightly SLOWER than Windows 10

    dont you mean "which in turn was slighly slower than w7"?

    2 minutes ago, NoelC said:

    Conclusion:  I'm not seeing them bring much of anything I want.

    '-> This

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