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  1. http://prntscr.com/e6hlg0 Why shifted text in the header? 1.5.2
  2. And why do I have an application Modern UI are not transparent?
  3. Sure it does! Yeh but there was only the possibility to use libraries instead of folders but I prefer to have none of them like in Win7. With ThisPCTweaker I was able to do that (before I used to removed them via registry) and the + is, I can customize that area with adding stuff like run, cmd, an editor, real folders with my inno scripts and delphi projects etc. With this possibility that option makes more and more sense but only having to use these pictures, music,... folders is crap. To BM: I don't want to bypass anything of your software. I even got a legit key which I don't use in my VM's. It's just that window which annoys me a bit because I don't need the debug info since it's not neccessary for me (everything works like a charm, no errors,...). Don't blame every user with saying "You want to bypass, you want to use my stuff illegal, don't use it if you don't want it like I want..." when we just want to customize our desktop to let it look good. If Microsoft would have told everyone "If you don't use our OS like we want, we will get angry" then everyone would have linux or mac os today. How to make a transparent taskbar?
  4. Why is not there the installer? I do not understand how it is set to win 10. Explain please.
  5. I read with up to the point when the last came here. And did not understand how to solve the error that occurs after updating windows 8.1. Do I have to sacrifice for it, as it is written in the 2nd post?
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