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  1. Is there any chance for you to update the software to work with Windows 10 new UI?
  2. This is the same exact issue in version prior to 2.1.6. setting the scaling size to 125% shows incorrect position of the content in the help screen, even when disabling high dpi scaling as shown below: setting:
  3. please apply the below fix again: fixed windows showing incorrectly on high DPI settingsit seems in the latest version the issue is happening again
  4. I recently formatted my PC and tried reinstalling XBStart 2.1.7 but I am always getting certification failed during setup I tried turning off the firewall, and my PC is connected to the internet, but no use. Also I tried running as Administrator but same issue Please help!
  5. Can you add an option to check the battery status? Like when its charging or in low power.
  6. Wow man, thanks for the major update, specially for the loading time. Seriously this app should be built into windows as it makes the controller so much useful. I just want to point out one bug which is the scaling issue when windows is set at 125%. The help screen is not fully visible and some buttons and text are missing as shown in the below screenshot: Also if you can change the taskbar icon to a higher definition one as its a little pixelated Just some cosmetic changes, otherwise its a wonderful app. I am recommending all my friends to get it.
  7. Thank you very much for this app! I just have a small favor to ask, can u plz add an option to hide the notification tray icon? My tray is already cluttered with different icons.

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