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  1. Yes it means Extended kernel DVD kit in 2016 Version. I also tried to put exkernel 30e into hfslip package DVD. Setup hangs in the beginning of the gui setup "Please wait". Is it possible to slipstream this version? If no: Which is the last version of exkernel which will work?
  2. I installed w2k-dvd 2016 (localized DEU) with previous version extended kernel. Folder WINNT\winsxs is missing. BTW: Would you be so kind to sign lsasrv.dll localized DEU version with PFW Certificate? (attached) lsasrv.zip
  3. @ blackwingcat In former versions of exkernel or w2k-dvd winsxs (fusion) was disabled and the folder sxs deleted. How to activate it again without risking serious problems? Could you provide instructions? @all There is a bug in Outlook 2003 that prevents Emails form being sent with TLS in extended kernel environment. Emails can be received and test email CAN be sent. Which office files could be replaced to get it working? Greetings from Austria, Joe
  4. Ahcix86 3.3.1540.29, as suggested by blackwingcat, can break PAE compatibility in W2K extended kernel (on my system - M5AF99FX PRO R2.0 it does). It seems this driver was written without care of https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/dn613975(v=vs.85).aspx Perhaps it would be better not to use too many XPSP3 files with w2k exkernel, they seem to be buggy with "real" PAE in native environment ... Workaround: if you experience i/o problems (I had strange read/write to/from disc problems) with 3.3.1540.29 and /PAE mode, simply replace ahcix86.sys with v3.2.1540.75 WHQL Server2003. It will resolve this (also AMD Raid console will be installed). The system seems to be faster, too, without /PAE. Now I can use 32GB in W2k Exkernel!!! Greetings from Austria!
  5. @blackwingcat Hi. As I wrote before, WMP11 will fully work with windows 2000 exkernel, if wmp.dll in sysdir is wrapped with comctlXP.dll. It will show tags correctly and also allow to edit them. Now I tried to install WMPTagPlus2.9, because I have many .flac music files. It was tricky to install, but at least I suceeded. WMPTagPlus will copy a hook file, which is also named wmp.dll, BM-productions, into programdir\windows media player. It does not contain a call to comctl32, so it cannot be wrapped with comctlXP. So, the tagging gets broken again like before wrapping wmp.dll in system32. I upload this file for your investigation. Perhaps you can easily tell how to go on. wmp.dll
  6. Hi. I checked before. Linux Reader is OK, but I tried native support. I think problem is fs_rec.sys from XP. It has code 24 in devmgr with w2k. I think shell32.dll could be obsolete, because it was NOT replaced when applying 955704 in Windows XP64. I found a comment on your website: "NTOBJ\FileSystem\ExFatRecognizer" must be present. I did search about this string in XP32 and XP64 WITH 955704 installed. But I cannot find this string in registry or elsewhere. Can you explain where this string should be? Greetings Joe P.S.: Did you look into the debug file of bittorrent?
  7. @ blackwingcat Do we have a chance to get exFAT working on exkernel w2k? I tried to apply xp files and registry entries from 955704 but I failed. Not even "Raw" like on your blog. Greetings Joe
  8. @commodore128d I fixed the broken link for Exkernel DEU DVD, should be OK now. Greetings
  9. @ blackwingcat I found solution for tagging problem with wmp11. After wrapping wmp.dll with comctlXP.dll 6.0.2900.6030 the view is OK, works fine now. Greetings Joe
  10. Link to HFSLIP *DEU* DVD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4xT-Ijy4pErWnZrTWk3SHRaNEk/view?usp=sharing It will take long time to download. You do not need to combine cabs. Just expand HFSLIPMain.7z and put content of ORIGINAL W2k installation disk into SOURCE directory. In drivercab, add the drivers you need and delete drivers you don't need. If you put storage drivers into STORAGE, be careful to change storage.ini, too. A lot of drivers are yet inside, so perhaps you don't need to do it. You should examine HFGUIRUNONCE. A lot of additional progs there. If you are done, make iso DVD file by running hfslip-w2k.cmd. If possible, try it first on virtual machine. If OK, burn ISO and install. HFSLIP *DEU* DVD was made by me according to blackwingcats version 2016 DVD (not available in ENU), but without the browsers firefox and safari, I put k-meleon browser instead. There some known bugs - mmc-error. You have to load snap-ins into mmc directly and save it in 3.0, then all snap-ins are useable again, although mmc error message will persist. And Windows defender refuses to work in german environement (I use avast 8.0.1506 instead). Please note, I cannot offer support for this experimental version, but feel free to post your comments or suggestions here. Greetings Joe PS: "Viel Freude und gutes Gelingen"! If other people here want to try out german version, link is not restricted. Feel free to download. W2k will live forever!
  11. @ commodore 128d: If you like I can provide you a link to experimental HFSLIP DEU extended w2k installation DVD kit. Tutorial is the same as for blackwingcats DVD - you find it with google "blackwingcat hfslip dvd". @ blackwingcat: I installed wmp11 from your website. It installed JPN, but hung up with genuine check. Then I replaced setup_wm.exe with DEU file, and installation succeeded. Afterwards, I replaced all JPN files 11.0.5721.5262 with german ones. Everything works fine now, but two errors: 1. On starting up, wmp11 complains about "old driver, which is unsupported on wmp". 2. Tagging problem: on clicking "album" wmp will show covers and title. But if I choose "option" -> "details", titles will show up like before with big distance, but covers between the titles go away. So, no alphabetic list. If I click on "artist", same. But If I want to show music titles, It will only show the track numbers with the same distance than with covers in between, no title, no artist, no track length. Perhaps you can tell easily, which files can be responsible for these errors. Greetings Joe
  12. Exact Audio Copy 2.9 (latest version) works on w2k extended kernel. It will show violation message on starting up, but after regsvr32 sql*.* files in program dir it works without error and provides accurate CD ripping "state of the art". Also flac encoding can be used with this program. Greetings Joe
  13. Hi. I sent you link for nvidia files which I used at google drive to your gmail acount december 28th, 2016. Email address is still valid? Greetings Joe
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