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  1. @blackwingcat "Microsoft and the codepage": This is Windows 10 german with exact the same error like w2k, xp and win 7: with ttf font lucida console ">" is displayed "1>" ::-( No error with ä ö ü any longer. Greetings Joe
  2. I made a .reg file for it. I think best place is HFSVCPACK. Greetings font.reg
  3. @blackwingcat Thank you for Explanation. How can we provide loading ttf font in cmd with hfslip Installation? Greetings Joe
  4. @blackwingcat: I apologize. "ä" - cmd problem is not a problem of exkernel. It also exists in wxp32 and 64, and also in win7. Is it a microsoft bug? I tried a workaround: Result: As you can see, all of the characters are displayed wrong. Furthermore, ">" is displayed "1>". But the result seems to be OK. I can use it to get the "Eingeschränkter Zugriff" done. Anyone knows a better solution? Greetings Joe
  5. @blackwingcat There are some more problems with exkernel v30e slipstreamed into w2k with hfslip. Registry acl get buggy, Subinacl has to be used. But for "restricted" in german we have to use "Eingeschränkter Zugriff" in additional.cmd - file. This will not work because of "ä". It produces Error (chcp standard - 850). For examination, I copied exkernel files into a w2k machine (not slipstreamed). I did "cmd" and wrote "ä". It displays "ä" . Then I tried with a .cmd text file (notepad font is lucida console, script in german "Westlich" (western europe, no.1): If I execute the .cmd - file, it comes out as something else: o with "tilde": This error is an old one. It is also present with exkernel versions kernel32.dll v5.0.2195.7254 in year 2018. I did not notice, because I did not use .cmd files too often. Suspicious files (examined with process explorer: advapi32, cmd, gdi32, kernel32, msvcrt, ntdll, rpcrt4, user32. ctype.nls, locale.nls, sortkey.nls, unicode.nls are original w2k DEU source dated 20.06.2003. I also changed advapi32, explorer.exe, cmd.exe, ntdll.dll, rpcrt4.dll and user32 to original w2k DEU. No effect, the error remains (and more errors come up, as expected). I could not change kernel32 to original -> BSOD. So most suspicious is kernel32.dll. Could you have a look on it? Greetings Joe PS: Thank you for giving new advice for localizing kernel32 in 2019!
  6. @blackwingcat: Unfortunally, I found out that exkernel v30e slipstreamed into dvd 2017 will NOT install some kb´s in hfextracted without proper CAT files. For example, "additional" kb will not install. I tried also to install "additional kb" manually. Message "access denied" - but registry shows the proper user rights and I CAN change the registry values with regedit. Log file attached, can you have a look on it? Greetings Joe Additional.log
  7. I solved the problems with Exkernel v30e in HFSLIP DVD. Most buggy was Net 1.0, it has to be pached and rewritten with qfcwin to 2k compatible. Then it installs very slow, but OK. I learned: If a program-cmd-installation "stucks" with msiexec, no further installation will proceed without reboot - and messages "dll error" or "access error"!! Also, Exkernel v30e doesn't like too many silent installs so I removed some of the swichtes "/passive" in hfguirunonce\additional.cmd. In the next days, I will test stability. Greetings from Austria, Joe @blackwingcat: Thank you for your great work to keep k2k alive!
  8. There is a problem with winsxs and "nosxs" made in former releases of exkernel (msvcr90 is now located in winsxs). Furthermore, the admin user is not able to access registry, because it seems to be hardened with the new exkernel files. If I slip v30eExkernel into DVD2017, i even cannot install any .inf - file, message "access denied". Also "additional" update will not work. Net* in HFGUIRUNONCE will not install. I don't know if just the v30e kernel release is buggy with installations (regression) or other circumstances ... It works fine if I only copy the files of v30e over an existing installation (without installations of new programs). We need help from @blackwingcat ... Greetings from Austria, Joe
  9. @ blackwingcat: I found now Exkernel 30e CAN be slipstreamed, but DVD has to be changed according to DVD2017. Only few access right problems have to be solved with hfguirunonce, e.g. shockwave player will not install. Greetings Joe
  10. Yes it means Extended kernel DVD kit in 2016 Version. I also tried to put exkernel 30e into hfslip package DVD. Setup hangs in the beginning of the gui setup "Please wait". Is it possible to slipstream this version? If no: Which is the last version of exkernel which will work?
  11. I installed w2k-dvd 2016 (localized DEU) with previous version extended kernel. Folder WINNT\winsxs is missing. BTW: Would you be so kind to sign lsasrv.dll localized DEU version with PFW Certificate? (attached) lsasrv.zip
  12. @ blackwingcat In former versions of exkernel or w2k-dvd winsxs (fusion) was disabled and the folder sxs deleted. How to activate it again without risking serious problems? Could you provide instructions? @all There is a bug in Outlook 2003 that prevents Emails form being sent with TLS in extended kernel environment. Emails can be received and test email CAN be sent. Which office files could be replaced to get it working? Greetings from Austria, Joe
  13. Ahcix86 3.3.1540.29, as suggested by blackwingcat, can break PAE compatibility in W2K extended kernel (on my system - M5AF99FX PRO R2.0 it does). It seems this driver was written without care of https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/dn613975(v=vs.85).aspx Perhaps it would be better not to use too many XPSP3 files with w2k exkernel, they seem to be buggy with "real" PAE in native environment ... Workaround: if you experience i/o problems (I had strange read/write to/from disc problems) with 3.3.1540.29 and /PAE mode, simply replace ahcix86.sys with v3.2.1540.75 WHQL Server2003. It will resolve this (also AMD Raid console will be installed). The system seems to be faster, too, without /PAE. Now I can use 32GB in W2k Exkernel!!! Greetings from Austria!
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