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  1. Are you sure you are running as admin? The titlebar of the cmd window doesn't mention that (also i don't get that when i run it nor do i have DGB tools installed).

    Also make sure that C:\AeroGlass is the default folder.

    Deleted symbols folder, AG redownloaded them, the incompatibility warning is there. I guess it's normal, as 19H2 (aka1909) isn't hardcoded yet into AG as safe.

  2. @Cris_ : press Cancel, wait 2-3 seconds, cmd window should appear and will download symbols.
    @bigmuscle : yes, we know it's up to 17134, but we like to try to see if it works. Again, if you need debug/input or tests from us, we'll gladly help.

  3. Updated to 1809, but i've got a problem. It works, but whole top border is transparent 100%. And i can't change that :(

    LE : uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, folder removed, same thing happens. Any ideas please?


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