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  1. Nice job, madboy. hint: mayby you could ad in a rescan of the vgacard as they often are installed with the microsoft drivers, and probably beter drivers are in the drivers dir.
  2. Can I add more hotfixes (not yet included in my languagepack) in PREPACK.BAT after the commandfor RyanVM's integrator? Or should I better do it elswhere? and keep on the good work Hoppy
  3. Is there an update comming in which one can user languagepack2 as well? Looks strange when one part is native language and other part english. Never the less, very nice job
  4. Hello, I've got a annoying with my latest ua winxp install. The ua itself works perfectly but now a friend on which pc I installed xp for him gets promted to give the XPcd because SFC needs it. Windows wil neither except his cd nor the one I used to install it. I don't disable SFC as I don't want any old files to be installed as he install an older program. After a bit of experimenting I think the problem is in the multiboot section which I use. Is it possible that XP check the boot from the cd to recognize it? Or which is the better multiboot tool? Thanks for your help guys
  5. Gouki, do you renew the drivers of each unknown devices manually or have you made a bat file or so that does this for you?
  6. First of all for your work and time you put into your driverpacks. Just out of curiosity, why don't you put more drivers in one folder? For example for Via graphics drivers they all use almost the same files, you could save space and time copying them to the harddrive. Is it for the cat files or for updating them later on?
  7. hoppy

    SFC problem

    Thanks horsecharles for your help, but sorry to say didn't find the solution there either. Sourcepaths in the reg are right and my drive is properly found. Even did a clean install with the cd on another machine wich worked without a failure but running SFC right away gave the same problem "wrong cd" Not to worry will find it later probably when I'm looking for something els.
  8. hoppy

    SFC problem

    After making an unattended XP cd (with lots of extra drivers and tools) which works perfectly, windows doesn't seem recognize my cd anymore when I run SFC /scannow. Not the original one or the unattended one. Does anyone know what SFC looks for on the CD ??
  9. Hey, need a little help from you guy's. I've got a good working unattended XP installation cd. Now in order to create more space for more drivers and progs I removed some stuff. Now the problem is that if I run sfc /scannow it doesn't recognize my XPcd, not the original one and not the unattended. It keeps prompting for the right cd. Any ideas for what file its looking for? win51 tags and so are on the root.
  10. use the quote button or @name sorry, will do next time.
  11. Sixpack this was a reply on a question of hp38quser not on your's
  12. Version: 66.93 (Got rid of the setup exe en stuff but kept other dll's) I myself don't need the extra's as I know you don't need them, but the biggest isue is the language (dutch) isn't selected. It's for the people I install windows for.
  13. Nice tool. I made a unattended cd with lots and lots of drivers on it (many friends ask me to install and configure their pc) but I can't use it for all of them. example if used on nvidia drivers it installs only in english and some functions aren't available (the pre-settings for most common games etc ) But an inf install during setup from the full map does it right. There are no diffrences in the inf so why ???? I realy don't know. Never the less awsome tool
  14. I've got the files I needed, it was rather simple . Just started the setup(s) and looked in the temp map. Thanks for your help
  15. Hey, Im looking for a why to extract the exe's you donwload for Intel VGA drivers. The chipset drivers I did with " setup.exe -A -S -P D:\intel " But I'm having trouble with the VGA drivers exe. Any ideas??
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