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  1. Hello, I actually need a "new" antispam tool. I used to use "Spam Terminator", wich suited my needs for years, but, for some reason, now it seems to ignore some of the new criteria I add to its lists. I need a very simple tool, wich works besides the server and Outlook Express, deleting messages wich match my own criteria, but I would like that it would save text of deleted messages, like Spam Terminator does (in .txt files). Any suggestion? Please, forgive my english, it's not my language, as you probably grasped :-)
  2. Yes, you're right, I expressed myself in an unfortunate way. Didn't mean to blame Vopt, I only intended that the defragmentation triggered the arising of that problem, wich probably would have occurred anyway sooner or later.
  3. Well. guys, thank you very much! I tought it was not that simple, cause I tried a .cpl file from a backup and it didn't work... but maybe that backup was already corrupted, cause I extracted the original file from my WinME install disk (thank jaclaz for telling me the correct .cab) and now it works fine. There is also the icon in Control Panel, as it should be. :-) Thanks also to loblo for his suggestions: I checked my hard disks recently, also changed one of them with a brand new one, but was anyway a good tip. I can add that I defragged them with Vopt Millennium Edition and that caused the failure of one disk (the one with Win XP)... maybe it was also the cause of this minor issue... Hope this could be useful to other users too. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for your kind reply. If i run "RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL TIMEDATE.CPL,@0,1" nothing happens. I tried to open timedate.cpl with Dependency Walker (thanks for suggestion) and it say: In an older thread I found the tip of running this command: "regsrv32 C:\Windows\System\TIMEDATE.CPL" bu if I do so, I get the message "Impossible to find regsrv32" (translated from my language). Any ideas?
  5. Hello! First of all, excuse my english. I would have liked to be more present when I signed up, but I didn't, and now I'm here to ask for help with a little issue I'm having right now. A few days ago I found that double clicking on the watch on the system tray doesn't show anymore the "Time and date" control panel. I'm sure it worked until a couple of week earlier, cause I use to open it often for watching the calendar. If I open Windows control panel there is no icon relative to time ad date setting. Obviously, I did a search on the web, but the suggestions I found seem not to apply to my case. In fact, the file "TIMEDATE.CPL" is correctly in the folder Windows\System, but if i double click on it, nothing happens (maybe the hourglass cursor appears for a brief instant). As I use to save ghost images of my system every while, I tried to extract (with GhostExplorer) the TIMEDATE.CPL from a saved image, but it doesn't work anyway, so I'm not sure the problem is in the file itself. Does someone have any idea about this little problem? Thank you in advance. EDIT: I'm talking about Windows ME, sorry for not mentioning it.
  6. I can't believe i found a still active board about Windows 9x/ME! Guys, i really appreciate your work here, and please, forgive me for my poor english. I wish to give my little contribution with a list of software i actually have on my Windows ME machine. Don't know if they are latest working versions or if there are updated releases still compatible. - Graphics 3D Studio Max 5 MasmoBench (OpenGL benchmark) UnFREEz (animated gifs) - Web Development EasyPHP 2.0b1 Allaire Homesite 4.5 Macromedia Flash MX - Audio MP3 Trim 1.86 MP3 Tag Tools 1.2 TS-Midi Editor 1.0 MIDI Eddie Alive MP3 WAV Converter - CD/DVD tools Nero 6 Ultra Edition Daemon Tools 3.46 ISOburner - Image Viewers ACDSee 3.0 - Video tools Gspot 2.1 (codec info tool) AviSynth 2.5 - Search/Edit files tools PC Inspector File Recovery 3.0 SynchronEX (backup and sync) Bulk Rename Utility (powerful renaming tools) Beyond Compare 3.0 (files/folders comparator) Windows Grep 2.3 (advanced file search) CloneMaster 2.19 (duplicate files finder) - System SpeedFan 4.13 (temperature monitor) Vopt Millennium Edition 6.2 (defrag) CacheMan 5.50 RegCleaner 4.3 RegSeeker 1.05 RegShot 1.61d Ghost Explorer ("ghost" images browsers) Process Viewer (task manager) - Archivers WinACE Archiver 2.11 WinZip 8 ArcConvert 0.52 WinUHA 2.0 - Desktop Wallmaster 2.4e Post-It 1.24.42 - Documents editing Adobe Acrobat 5 - Security & privacy Sygate Personal Firewall 5.5 CWShredder 1.57.0 HijackThis! 1.99.1 Cookie Monster Cookies Manager - Time management utilities Crono 2.3 Kalender - Spreadshirts CSVed Spread32
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