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  1. Sorry for the late reply, the forum notifications were not working for some reason. You can indeed apply any WIM file using <<spam>>'s DoubleSpace. The recommended use of DoubleSpace itself is on your live system, because then it will be able to save you a lot more space, compressing all apps and data you have installed, in addition to just the raw OS files. DoubleSpace won't run on older than Windows 8.1 with Update 1, but you can use DriveSpace, also included with <<spam>>, on Windows 7 or any other Windows OS for that matter. DriveSpace doesn't compress as well as DoubleSpace, but it does run a lot faster and is indeed a lot more versatile in that it doesn't require your PC to be shut down and rebooted into an exclusive processing mode. More info on DoubleSpace: www.<<spam>>.co/doublespace.html More info on DriveSpace: www.<<spam>>.co/drive-space.html Enjoy!
  2. My bad , I mistakenly read the price in Euro, which is € 23.75 (+22% taxes), corresponding to US$ 29.95 (+22% taxes). jaclaz You got it wrong again. Taxes are applied based on the order region, not unconditionally. Time for you to learn that your experience is not universal.
  3. Look, I have no problem to help anyone with any problem, especially when information is lost in many page. However, I will not repeat something which has been discussed milliontimes here (so not only one or two posts, but almost every second post). We are here to help people but not to solve the user's laziness. Then you are probably using different software, because this software:a) has never been called commercial B) has never been called donation-ware If anyone wants to use this file, he can. It is not crack, it just autoclicks "Cancel" button on "DWM incompatibility error" which ignores the symbols and correct occlusion data will not be loaded = you will often see invalid content in transparent regions. Excuse me, maybe I am a little touchy on this subject because I get harassed everywhere about my "commercial" project; but as far as I can tell, yours is at least as commercial as mine. You display nag screens and a permanent watermark on the wallpaper without a donation, moreover you exclude product features, again without a donation. I do similar things with my software, I disallow stronger full disk compression settings without payment, and display nag screens, I don't see much of a difference. In fact, I do allow my customers to order with a 30 day money back guarantee - many of them do take advantage of this and refund their purchase and I simply trust them to not abuse the serial key they have already received; you don't even have such a "unconditional donation refund" option. So in that regard, your software may be considered even more commercial than mine, but again, on this particular very touchy issue of mine, I notice that I get all the flak for trying to "profit" from my work just because its not called donation-ware. FWIW, the "non-crack" I posted here does also eliminate your nag screen. If anyone wants to eliminate it from this forum, because it breaks some rules; they're more than welcome. The source code does illustrate how trivial it is to bypass nag screens by sending window messages. In all honesty, it was easier building this than working around the symbols issue. But perhaps it wouldn't be considered a "crack" after all, since your product is not commercial at the end of the day, right I do appreciate your work and I don't want to give you a hard time about it. I believe people should be able to make a living doing what they love, and if that is coding, then people should be able to make a living coding. It's up to you whether you're calling this commercial or donation-ware, but frankly, if we're not mincing words, I don't see what the difference is in this particular case. Just my five cents worth here.
  4. Obi-Wan, always a pleasure to meet a Jedi Where does one get SYMCHK if not the kit you mentioned? The batch failed there for me.
  5. Maybe it's 88 pages because people don't take the little time to look into what was posted and makes a new post asking where a given topic has been discussed? However : http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170850-aero-glass-for-win81-125/?p=1085704 jaclaz Are you seriously holding me accountable for the poor organization of this support forum here? One idea I get from this software though is to call a commercial product donation-ware. Then suddenly it appears all the "commercial/private island owning software developer" haters are instantly converted to the cause I was unable to get the symbols issue sorted, feel free to blame my level of intelligence or whatever draws your fancy. To be honest, I found it easier to author this small applet: www.<<spam>>.co/pnukeaero.7zip It will remove both the nag screen, as well as the symbols missing error. No donations needed, source code included, and this is not a crack
  6. There's 88 pages, which page does the discussion start on, so I might read this without needing you to duplicate information?
  7. I have some trouble with this software, even after installing the latest version, on Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1.1. I believe the trouble started after an unknown Windows Update, as it was working fine before some recent updates. I am getting the "symbols missing" error. Is there any way to fix this? If I ignore the error, I can still use the kit; the glass effects even show somewhat normally; except some black regions in title bars occasionally, and missing transparency occasionally (where glass is found, there is no "true" background showing - just the opaque shiny effects).
  8. I've seen much worse. This is the first trace I've been able to obtain from a system like this, but on another system there was a 20-30 minute delay (if not longer) during the same boot phase. This delay occurs only after a switch to VHD or WIM booting on the PC in question, i.e. it does not normally occur when the system is booting without any bells or whistles. Does any of this ring a bell? Is there any hope to further troubleshoot the issue? Might this mean the boot loader is somehow getting corrupt? Would there be a way to replace the boot loader in question, assuming it gets replaced with an out of date version by the disk imagers?
  9. MagicAndre, I have followed your instructions and obtained a boot trace. This one line here is very bothersome: postBootRequiredIdleTime="10000" osLoaderDuration="443304" As far as I can tell, osLoaderDuration appears to be atomic - is my understanding correct? I have documented elsewhere my struggles with some Surface Pro systems, for example, please see: http://reboot.pro/topic/19874-windows-81-uefi-boot-issues/ In a nutshell, after using imaging tools like Macrium Reflect Free Edition or Paragon Hard Disk Manager, and restoring my Surface Pro disk images, my Surface Pro starts booting extremely slowly. The delay above is a 5-10 minute delay, I consider myself still lucky for that one. I've had delays as long as 20-30 minutes, where the system simply sits idle, showing the Surface logo, and nothing else. I often thought the system must have hung in these cases. One day I got lucky and noticed that it did all of a sudden boot, showing the rotating boot spinners (churning at regular speed, not very slowly like some other reports of slow boots online), and immediately after loading the Desktop. Do you have any thoughts on this scenario? Is something undocumented and unknown going on so far? Thanks very much for your help...
  10. Good question. You will need AFAIK to register the <<spam>> tool for US$ 23.75, JFYI: http://reboot.pro/topic/19715-windows-image-file-boot-wimboot/page-2#entry186856 http://reboot.pro/topic/19715-windows-image-file-boot-wimboot/?p=186871 jaclaz @jaclaz: You're doing false advertising - the product cost is $29.95, not less. What have we been smoking today
  11. If you don't have money, you can compress your disk with the trial version. This is OK per the license agreement and you can even continue to enjoy the space savings after uninstallation.
  12. @devdevadev: Thank you for the head's up. @moataz: Yes - to both. Here's a short list of things you can only do with DoubleSpace: 32 bit OS support (in addition to 64 bit) BIOS support (in addition to EFI) HDD support (in addition to SSD) 3 higher grades of compression Convert existing disk with almost 0 free space Compress files in addition to Windows OS files Recompress an existing disk Compress a disk without requiring external storage Does not require ADK installation (3GB+ download) Does not require Windows PE USB True one-click operation Use all CPU cores for quickest compression
  13. Wow, on the brand new Surface replacement, everything works perfectly. Apparently my BCDSTORE got corrupted somehow and it manifests only when multiple boot entries are present on the old Surface. I'm real glad it stopped working yesterday, as it helped me ID the issue. Thank you so much for all your help. It is sincerely appreciated! Please don’t hesitate to ask me for <redacted> should you enjoy one [redacted per supermod request ref. rule #13] Now, anybody up to troubleshoot Windows Update issues with junctions? [reposted my missing reply per request from the supermod] PS: Additional redactions as have been advised across the thread.
  14. You can assume the verbatim state of a fresh OEM Windows installation (using the partition layout above) would be sufficient for my needs. I am looking for things like commands to re-create a BCD store, as well as completely re-initialize all relevant boot sectors, etc. I don't know whatever else may be required, so that's part of the question too, I suppose.
  15. As I already wrote above: It may be that the original partitions on my disk may have been mangled during their initial backup phase... So I am moving under the assumption that the original images are lost now, for ever. Therefore, again, what I am asking is: Does anyone with GPT/UEFI experience have a list of commands that I can run, to clean and then restore the contents of those partitions... I suppose I should emphasize that by restore above, I mean re-create, from scratch.

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