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  1. My main Windows machine received the major update today and after startisback wasn't working properly. So I had to reinstall the program. It works again, but it asked me to activate my license again even though I made sure not to click the option to delete configuration and license. I have the bulk 5 startisback license and total of 3 computers with startisback installed. I hope that future major Windows 10 updates won't invalidate startisback licenses and that the reactivation won't count against 5 computer ceiling. I know that we can contact you if we get license issues, but it might become an repeating issue when MS eventually releases its next major update. Edit: I think the issue is that the "update" is for all purposed a new Windows install and that what may be tripping up the license. When the Windows 10 "update" is installed, I assume Startisback checks the computer configuration and finds that it is on a supposedly different Windows install. I think that is the issue because I noticed that my machine now has a newly created Windows.old folder. Also the update process was almost exactly like when you clean install Windows 10 or upgrade from a previous Windows version(7, 8.1). When you the install the "update" yourself, you will know what I mean.
  2. Hello, I am getting duplicate search results. Show up in multiple places. I am not sure why it shows up in "music" and "pictures." I tried to search the forums, but I could only find an old bug back in 2012 for Windows 8 and I am not sure if that particular case was ever resolved. In the past I used, Startisback on Windows 8.1 and I never had this problem before. Currently, using Windows 10, startisback ++ 1.1.2. Example pictures below
  3. I hope not, b/c in the fall Windows 8.2 or whatever they call it will be released.

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