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  1. Just in case the attached link, and the master server when you try to download a notorious issue 403 error. http://1drv.ms/1J7DFGH
  2. It works on Windows 8.1 with Update 1 and this month updates. There no need for bigmuscle to update it. He will only update it if microsoft releases updates that would disable the aeroglassThat is, there is no need to download the debug symbols - a tool by Bigmuscle works out of the box?
  3. Good day! Still going to move to Windows 8.1 with the help of the store, but, of course, the installation program prompts me with version Update 1. So I want to ask, what can I do, because I feel that the project is no longer being developed, and the version AeroGlass 1.2.5 will fail .
  4. Only partial compatibility is in old Aero Glass version. Settings will probably apply correctly but you won't see live preview and you will need to restart DWM process to apply the changes.How can upgrade Aero Glass on Windows 8 RTM to the final version? You can put it over the old one?
  5. Right here in this very thread (post 1656). It's Big Muscle's own beta version of his GUI configurator tool. -Noel This utility is compatible with Aero Glass 1.0 RTM for Windows 8.0 or want to upgrade Aero Glass?
  6. Noel, and where you can download this utility which is in the screenshot in the center of the screen (AeroGlass for Win8.x)?
  7. Good day! Many of you may remember an article from the Chinese forum pcbeta about the installation of modern applications leaked version of Windows Blue (Calculator, Alarm Clock, Sound Recorder, etc.). http://bbs.pcbeta.com/viewthread-1307808-1-1.html Unfortunately, the method only works for the Chinese version of the application, it does not say how to put the installer from its localization (in my case - Russian). Tell me how to do it? Please do not write me things like "is upgraded to Windows 8.1" - for some reason it does not fit me, and no particular desire.

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