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  1. Well, looks like someone didn't install the Intel Chipset driver.
  2. The last script also works without a hitch. Thanks for the improvement script i'm sure this will help me in the future with other VBScripts.
  3. Well after google'ing for [GetExtensionName Namespace(FONTS)] i could assemble a working VBScript from 2 VBScript. Set sho = CreateObject("Shell.Application")Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")Const FONTS = &H14&Set fontNamespace = sho.Namespace(FONTS)Set folder = fso.getfolder(".")Set extensions = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")extensions.CompareMode = 1 'Make lookups case-insensitive.extensions.Add "fon", Trueextensions.Add "otf", Trueextensions.Add "pfm", Trueextensions.Add "ttf", TrueFor Each file In folder.Files If extensions.Exists(fso.GetExtensionName(file)) Then fontNamespace.CopyHere folder & "\" & fso.GetFileName(file) End IfNextWScript.Quit
  4. @jaclaz Unfortunately a Batch Script doesn't register the Fonts. I Tried 4 of them before moving to VBScript. @bphlpt I know this regfont tool but i will use this VBScript on 2 different scenarios one to automatically install Windows XP Theme Fonts and second to include the Script into some Custom Theme Font folder so that a User can easily install the Fonts if needed.
  5. Subfolders are not needed it's only an example i posted. If i'm not wrong then this "GetExtensionName" command should solve the problem with the different Windows Languages and the Right to Left text format. I only don't know how to do this Font Script with the "GetExtensionName" from the example scripts i posted. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/x0fxha2a%28v=VS.85%29.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396 Script example 1: For Each objFile in colFiles If UCase(objFSO.GetExtensionName(objFile.name)) = "PDF" Then Wscript.Echo objFile.Name End IfNextScript example 2: Set extensions = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")extensions.CompareMode = 1 ' make lookups case-insensitiveextensions.Add "jpg", Trueextensions.Add "png", Trueextensions.Add "gif", TrueFor Each ObjFile In ObjFiles If extensions.Exists(fso.GetExtensionName(ObjFile)) Then ObjOutFile.WriteLine(ObjFile.Path) End IfNext
  6. Well i think with this one we will get a Windows Language conflict. Would this be helpful to make it work? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4200028/vbscript-list-all-pdf-files-in-folder-and-subfolders http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12235993/scan-folder-and-list-only-image-files-with-vbscript
  7. This one also works without a problem. But what i noticed is, could the script not run into a conflict when using it on a Windows where the text is displayed from "Right to Left" instead of "Left to Right"?
  8. Well i found a workaround for it, i completely forgot about the Batch START command /D which can set the Working Directory. This Batch code is wokring: IF EXIST "New folder\Fonts Installer.vbs" START "" /D "New folder" /WAIT "New folder\Fonts Installer.vbs"
  9. I really didn't change much at all. The script simply won't work when executing it via a Batch file which is located in another folder. And i tested it on Win7 x64 and WinXP x86. Batch: IF EXIST "New folder\Fonts Installer.vbs" START "" /WAIT "New folder\Fonts Installer.vbs"VBScript: Dim Fso :Set Fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")'-> Start Folder Where Script Is Located And List All Files For Each i In Fso.GetFolder(".").Files'-> Filter Out The Files Change To Suit Your Needs If LCase(Right(i.Name,3)) = "fon" Then FontCopy(i.Path) End If If LCase(Right(i.Name,3)) = "otf" Then FontCopy(i.Path) End If If LCase(Right(i.Name,3)) = "pfm" Then FontCopy(i.Path) End If If LCase(Right(i.Name,3)) = "ttf" Then FontCopy(i.Path) End If Next'-> Copy The File To The Font Folder Function FontCopy(F) Const FONTS = &H14& Dim Shl :Set Shl = CreateObject("Shell.Application") Dim Obj :Set Obj = Shl.Namespace(FONTS) Obj.CopyHere F End FunctionWScript.Quit
  10. I also run it on Windows XP with an Admin account and it didnt work with the Batch script.
  11. The script works when i manually execute it but when it is being executed with a Batch file which is not located in the same folder as the VBScript then the VBScript won't work.
  12. The naming of the font files will have all kinds of names. The script should scan the folder where it was executed for the Font file extensions .fon, .pfm, .ttc, .ttf, .otf and then install this Fonts like the script above with "objFolder.CopyHere".
  13. HI, Would it be possible to modify this VBScript so that it would automatically install all Fonts located in the same folder as the VBScript with the Font file extensions .fon, .pfm, .ttc, .ttf, .otf? Const FONTS = &H14&Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(FONTS)objFolder.CopyHere "C:\Scripts\HandelGotD1.ttf"objFolder.CopyHere "C:\Scripts\HandelGotD2.fon"
  14. Yes the shell style is present in the Theme folder. What i also noticed is if you copy some files and then move a window over the copy progress bar then the progress bar will jumps up. In my opinion there is some kind of progress bar bug in this Theme.
  15. I only get this bug with this Theme and not with ohter custom Themes.
  16. There is a conflict with this Theme in FireFox, for some reason the download progress bar is not displayed. Let's hope a Windwos XP geek can fix this Theme bug because in my opinion this is the best Theme for Windows XP. http://oddbasket.deviantart.com/art/Royale-Remixed-44294818
  17. The funny thing is that nLite had this already included but it was done with "00" instead with "\" but then it was completely removed. And ElTorqiro removed his tool that checked the nLite WinXP source directory and added an "\" behind the file names path in the sfcfiles.dll file if a file name was not found in the nLite WinXP source directory.
  18. Thanks this is now worked without a problem. Only sad that nLite has abandon this and only disabled the SFC/WFP when remove some components.
  19. If i would like to remove this lines below listed in the bintext.exe tool from the sfcfiles.dll file how would you do this? 000000097EE8 000066798CE8 0 %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft FrontPage\version3.0\bin\fp98sadm.exe000000097F80 000066798D80 0 %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft FrontPage\version3.0\bin\fp98swin.exe000000002600 000066703400 0 %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft FrontPage\version3.0\bin\fp98sadm.exeI also find this lines with the XVI32 (Hex Editor) but i'm not sure if i should remove them or replace them with "00", and if that's also all i have to do. I'm not a pro in this kind of stuff more like a baby in diapers.
  20. Interesting. Do you also know a free tool to modify this "sfcfiles.dll" file? I google around but i didn't found a tool that opened this .dll file with readable text.
  21. Not quite, the 'xerox' and 'microsoft frontpage' are empty folders and if they get deleting then SFC/WFP will create this empty folders again. To delete a protected file you only have to remove the file name from the layout.inf file but that doesn't for the protected folders.
  22. HI, I'm trying to remive the ussles folders 'xerox' and 'microsoft frontpage' from the 'C.\Program Files' folder. Disabling the SFC/WFP and removeing this folders works but as soon as i enable SFC/WFP again the folders are being new created by SFC/WFP. Does anyone know what to modify to stop SFC/WFP from creating this folders?
  23. WoW nice batch script again Wise Owl. you must be from the MS-DOS Era. And thank you guys for all your help.
  24. MHz, The A-Z driver search script was my old script but i had to look for something else because it can't be used with drivers like with a Floppy Disk Drive. And using a fixed path is out of my control. jaclaz ,Your last script looks like it's faster. Now i have to see how to incuded it into the script from Yzöwl.
  25. This is the results i get on a Hard Disk that has a lot of files on it: 22:32:10,3122:41:35,44 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:41:35,4422:41:50,71 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:41:50,7122:42:05,87 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:42:05,8722:42:21,01 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:42:21,0122:42:35,93 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:42:35,93Press any key to continue . . .[EDIT] I'm having the feeling that this is not really faster because if i look at the "DIR" command then it will always start scanning all the directories from A to Z. The first "DIR" scan on an Hard Disk will be always the slowest if i run it a second time then i get a different result. 22:52:35,6822:52:56,26 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:52:56,2622:53:12,12 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:53:12,1222:53:28,04 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:53:28,0422:53:44,40 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:53:44,4022:54:00,89 FOUND F:\xfolder1\OEM\RunOnceEx\newtest.cmd22:54:00,89Press any key to continue . . .
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