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  1. What classified a Newbie ?

    Will do .... Thank you
  2. Hi ... I notice my Avatar has been removed and I'm classified as a newbie but yet I probably been a member longer than most . So what gives, thx
  3. Any reason to "up"grade? Not seeing any.

    The control panel isn't gone, it still there
  4. Any reason to "up"grade? Not seeing any.

    Any reason why? It would be because it's a free copy of an OS and once you tweak windows 10 to your own liken you might just like it like I do .... Thanks you Microsoft for my free copy . And all those that don't like it? Nobody is forcing you to use it, go find what does make you happy . Microsoft will always have their die hard Windows users and those that don't like MS ... You can't make everyone happy
  5. Themes background changing often

    I'm just using the ones that you can add under Theme Setting , Get more themes online . The background would randomly change often driving me nuts . So I search around for an answer and found what I listed . Yes, if you use just picture like you say it wouldn't change but once you load 3rd party ones you need to place it on Slideshow . I don't get MS at times . There was nothing wrong in how it was settled up before . Its like the old saying, if it ain't broken, don't touch it Also you can right click the desktop and select personalize
  6. Themes background changing often

    So this is the path then .... Start , Settings , Personalization , Background ( Slideshow ) , Choose an albums for your Slideshow , Change picture every >>> ?
  7. Hi ... Does anyone know how to stop the background theme from changing randomly . Every time I close a program or even the browser the theme gets changed . It would be nice if it wouldn't change often . Any idea what to do ? Thanks
  8. IE and Google News as homepage problem

    Well it seem Google is aware of the problem , this below is from Google rep Thank you for taking the time to report this problem. We're aware of this bug, and our engineering team is working to find a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to resolve this issue in the near future.
  9. Hi ... I use Google News as my homepage and I notice now when it loads under IE 7 its much larger than its normally is . Anyone else notice this with Google News under IE ? BTW this is the same problem on 3 of my computers and they are not network together ....
  10. I like MSFN

    How so ? Can you give us more details ? Thanks
  11. What's the deal with SP3 ?

    I doubt if its going to make that much of a difference in speed . Also I had this xp since Oct 2001 and I have never had any problems with stability
  12. What's the deal with SP3 ?

    I don't understand what the big rush to have this service pack . Isn't your computer working good ? Even still if you update to the latest on Microsoft update site you should have everything any ways , maybe beside a couple of things not yet there . Ok ! Big deal about got to slipstream it . The most important thing is your computer is working ok now . You will get to slipstream it sooner or later . So just have patience
  13. Best spyware blocker

    Hi ... My choices are the following ... NOD32 Ewido free AdAware SE/Personal Spybot S&D Spyware Blaster spyblocker pro
  14. Confused As Helllll

    Hi ... Have a view at this link and see as to whether it can provide any help http://michaelstevenstech.com/
  15. Hi .... Here is a terrific presentation that does a great job of explaining what all the different nasties are and what they do... Its from Trendmicro , Just click the link below and have a look http://media.trendmicro.com/product/general/malware.html