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  1. After applied AeroGlass 1.4.1 to Windows 10, the windows border looks bad and inconsistent that is much thicker than the original windows border size. See below pictures: Also inconsistent colors of the titlebar and the thicker border: Also, the thicker inconsistent glass border of Start Menu: The original border looks like this:
  2. There is currenly no symbols for 10532. But besides the error prompt after logon to Windows, it looks good for the Aero Glass effect. On Windows 10 10240 RTM, after using Aero Glass 1.4, the windows border will be thicker than the original boarder (see the pic above, that's the very thin original windows boarder), also there is a thick glass boarder around the Start menu (originally no such boarder) and the pop-up Notification area on the taskbar; also the 3 icons on the right corner of the windows titlebar are changed. It's not looking good. May Aero Glass persist the original windows boarder thickness and icons on the titlebar.
  3. Hopefully we would get the debug version of AeroGlass for Windows 10 build 10240 RTM very soon..
  4. If 2 monitors (connected to 1 video card) have different refrsh rate (like one 50Hz, one 100Hz), when a DXVA2 video window span between the 2 monitors, the DWM will hog lots of CPU when using Aeroglass 1.2.5. No such CPU hogging without Aeroglass, please check.
  5. There is no glow effect even there is glow.bmp in folder with the DLL. I'm using Beta4 and the AeroGlass folder is on O:\ instead of C:\.
  6. Thanks for the analysis, I don't know much about threads, processes, etc.. But I did further trials, that the issue occurs when the 2 monitors have different refresh rates. i.e. main monitor has 100Hz and the 2nd monitor has 50Hz. If I set both to 50Hz, the DWM hogging issue is gone. Also, if the video is not using DxVA acceleration (pure software decoding), no such issue neither. Do these give you more clue to the root cause?
  7. @bigmuscle and @MagicAndre1981 I caught the DWMTrace.etl and uploaded to below site: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eOHPU Please click , then to get the trace file. During the 60s tracing period, the first 20s is the video window completely within the main monitor, second 20s, the video window across the 2 monitors, last 20s, the video window go back in to the main monitor. Thanks much!
  8. @bigmuscle When the video window (by using DxVA2 acceleration) is across 2 monitors boundary (please see pic below), the dwm.exe process will eat 12% CPU of the Intel 2600k quad core. When the video window is within the main monitor, the dwm.exe only uses 1% CPU. Please check. I'm using AMD 7750 GPU with latest 13.11b Catalyst on 64-bit Win 8.1 RTM. And AeroGlass beta3. PS. This will also cause above issue when the video is in fullscreen mode, which consumes 25w more power..
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