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  1. Noel--oh, yes, I know. I used to use custom visual styles with Windows XP because I hated the Luna theme. Always annoyed when MS broke custom themes with unrelated updates. Thankfully, I had a long reprieve with Vista and 7 Aero, since I actually liked that theme. And now I am back to custom themes...
  2. Shae, I had no idea the .theme files were just a text file--I'll try opening one up in Vim and give it a shot. Thanks for this information. -Dan P.S. Yes, I agree--it would be nice if MS provided an easier pathway to adjust the interface.
  3. Yes, this kind of bit me. I was using a custom .msstyle, and the update reverted it back to the original. The only thing I had edited in the default was the aero.msstyle was the glow around the title text. Anyways, when I noticed the glow was missing, I tried re-editing the file without repatching. That ended up really breaking my system upon reboot--ended up having to refresh my Surface and reinstall all of my software, as I was just staring at a black screen when Windows rebooted. Anyone have any advice on what I can do differently to utilize a custom .msstyle to prevent this in the future? I would like to leave the default windows theme intact, but use a secondary theme that uses a modified aero.msstyle, just in case something breaks with a future Windows update. Any thoughts on how to create a new .theme file and pair it with the modified .msstyle?
  4. Hi Big Muscle, Fantastic work--I am happy to be a donor! I am currently testing your AeroGlass for 8.1, and it's working great. Just a slightly off topic question--what Start menu program are you using in this screenshot on your website: http://glass8.berlios.de/screen2.png? I am a fan of the blur behind the menu. Thanks! -Dan
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