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  1. Same bugs happen on a fresh 1903 Update.... Rerun setup over and everything goes OK...
  2. I just installed Windows 10 Pro (x64) and there are problem, with both monitors... Icon showed in strange mode (if I use a rounded icon is ok) and the space for icon is small... Look this screen, monitor 1 and 2: (On monitor 1, the Edge icon is UNDER the activities, not showed but there is a little space and when I clicked there the Edge open, on monitor 2, ACTIVITIES is under START Button)
  3. Hi. I have a problem activating StartisBack. I have one program on my laptop and one on my PC, which was formated and installed Windows 8.1 First, it was with Windows 8 ans Start is Back activated. Now, the same PC but I can’t use the software, when I try to activate, I see the message: ERROR: ALL ACTIVATION USED What can I do ?

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