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  1. I noticed this issue randomly happens after a long use here (generally after several days without rebooting or sometimes after doing many operations in the File Explorer in a short time), happened since the earlier versions of OldNewExplorer. Restarting the explorer.exe process usually fix that problem. Both Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 are concerned.
  2. Not alone about the centered caption text, I admit I really liked this small detail in Windows 8 too (probably the only thing I enjoyed from default Win8 theme). I wonder if Big Muscle know if it will be technically possible to change the caption text position in a future release of its Aero Glass, I miss those centered windows titles. ^^
  3. As far as I tested, I noticed the following issues when using OldNewExplorer with Windows 10 build 10240: • enabling "Use libraries; hide folders from This PC" does not hide folders in This PC • Choosing Silver cream as command bar theme (when ribbon is disabled) cause visual glitches with the left panel in File Explorer as shown below
  4. At first look I can notice that the "up" button has been replaced by the Consumer Preview version (also does this button can found in the .msstyle or in a system .dll? Until now I never found any mention anywhere about how to remove or replace this specific button...) and the glyphs in the address and search bars are changed too.
  5. Looks very interesting, I admit the only - and only - detail which keep me away from Windows 8 is the new flat theme, myself missing a lot the old look and feel of the Aero Glass theme from Windows Vista and 7. My biggest annoyance is that Microsoft doesn't even changed most of the graphics used in the desktop part of Windows (like the old glossy buttons or toolbars in the pictures viewer, Windows Media Player, system icons...) and almost all of the existing third-party softwares looks a bit too out of place with the new theme. Very good to see projects such as Aero Glass by bigmuscle and these visual styles inspired by the glassy version of Aero. Thank you all! I just have few little question about your themes, first do you plan to make a rounded version of your theme (like in Windows 7), and second does any customizers out there know if it is possible to change or remove the "up to parent folder" arrow from the Explorer navigation bar?

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