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  1. Local account, please find attached both new xmls, one for normal startup and the other the fast startup and please find both ctl files as follows: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17526301/fastStartup_BASE%2BCSWITCH%2BDRIVERS%2BPOWER_1.etl https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17526301/boot_BASE%2BCSWITCH%2BDRIVERS%2BPOWER_1_normal_startup.etl summary_Boot_fast_startup.xml summary_boot_normal_startup.xml
  2. Ok, so after disabling the lockscreen and no boot GUI..I managed to have only 7 seconds to show the login page... Still hunting down those 14-16 seconds of login time... Its worth mentioning there is a noticeable pause after logging in when loading the system tray icons, it goes like that: The task bar shows, then the clock, then the sound icon, then the network icon, then the nvidia icon, then it pauses for like 3-4 seconds, then start resuming dumeter icon, the dropbox icon...disabling all as well doesn't fix it...it must be something hidden in the background...
  3. Hi, That WAS in bootexecutelist: autocheck autochk * Not anymore So what to do about InitializeRegistry? and can you please explain what is a fastboot etl trace? also what about the duration of Time to Login? That takes a lot of time as well...
  4. I managed to have my SMSSInit time to be: -<interval endTime="5894" startTime="1567" name="SMSSInit" duration="4326"> by editing regedit the value of Bootexecute, I deleted what was there... But still, 26 seconds now... 12-14 Time to login and 15-18 Logon to Desktop still need to find out whats causing that delay... I just won't accept moving to a slower OS whatsoever...Windows 7 used to boot in 13 seconds in total...thats a shame for windows 8 or their manufacture drivers' really... and I really like windows 8 so far, don't wanna move back...thanks for your support once again
  5. Here is the new summary file and here is the link for the ETL file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17526301/boot_BASE%2BCSWITCH%2BDRIVERS%2BPOWER_1.etl Thanks a lot for your efforts! summary_boot.xml
  6. I think it has to do with a driver related to the mother board and the default ones too because I tried to remove all attached USB and all other hard drives..same delays.. I also updated all drivers for everything..same results I'd appreciate if someone help me with the log/report..
  7. Fast boot is slower than windows7 wothout a fast boot! and I need to find out why..I tried even 4 different intel rst drivers..same performance..so it's nothing to do with the ssd or controller drivers
  8. Hi, My Windows 7 takes 13 seconds of a cold boot (Shutdown to Desktop, No hibernation enabled) I am once again giving Windows 8 another shot after some time...And unfortunately..No enhancement, Boot time is the same as it was when i last uninstalled it... My Windows 8 Restart (Forget about the hybrid/fast boot) from windows logo to desktop in 27 seconds! that is 14 more seconds than Windows 7! I am really bothered with that issue, I really don't know what is causing that delay from the time Windows logo start to desktop... This is a fresh UEFI / GPT install of x64 Windows Pro on a SSD drive using Intel RAID / AHCI driver, Latest BIOS, latest sound drivers... My mobo is an Asus Rampage IV Formula Bios 4004, GTX 690, 8 GB RAM. Here is the summary_boot.xml file..BTW my .ETL file is 148MB...not sure if that's normal or not... I hope somebody help me find out what is causing all this delay... Thanks in advance! summary_boot.xml

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