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  1. thanks for help and the extra info. indeed 5 updates are enough to make it work my best,, eveafterdark
  2. Hello Steven, new to this thread, and thus my question may be stupid (?): In what order should I install the updates ? By KB numbers or any other way ? I am creating a Win 7 x64 SP1 disc (it's a clean SP1 disc, it has got no updates/fixes but SP1 and KB976902.) Now I used WAIK and dism (command line) to do some customizing and to get rid of some packages that I don't want in my image. I also would like to try integrate IE11 - I manually got the 9 updates which IE11 downloads automatically before it actually installs itself - and I know the order in which they should be installed. Altough, at first time I integrated them regardless the order, and after windows 7 had been installed, I installed IE11 offline and it worked fine - so probably here the order of installing those 9 does not matter. but let's forget integrating IE11, that's not for this thread. So now I have the clean x64 SP1 image installed on my notebook, with only IE11 added after installation (IE8 was removed with dism). And I have the .iso image which is exactly the same as the system installed, only IE11 is not integrated. I would like to integrate updates/hotfixes to this image - preferably using dism (cmd) - I'll make a simple batch file as I did for package removing. I have updates which I downloaded using "Windows Update Downloader 2.50" - the list "Windows 7 SP1 x64 ENU (2013-12-10)". I have "check for updates but let me choose..." option enabled in Windows Update, and it gives me a list of updates that MS suggests installing. Well, I can even run and compare the two lists. I just don't know in what order the updates should be installed ? by KB number? Should there be a separate order for security updates/non-security/optional/net framework ? The other thing that came to my mind while writing to you ? the WUD list I dowloaded and used offers sp1 which I already have. Are the security updates/non-security/optional/net framework offered from that list all post SP1 ? And if any updates had got superseded by others are they excluded from your list ? Cheers, eveafterdark great work, keep it up mate; Happy New Year! (to everybody on msfn)
  3. hey guys, very usefull thread, indeed. I used install_wim_tweak on a mounted image and unhid the packages. I ran the "get-packages" dism command and saved the list to a ms word file (the list of packages is like 30 pages and it's only the names like "Microsoft-Media-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6.1.7600.16385"). my image is win7 sp1 x86. the problem is that when I try to run " /get-packageinfo /packagename: ... " dism command, most of the time I get an error message saiyng: "the specified package is not valid Windows package". For instance it shows such an error for the package I mentioned above. So is it that despite tweaking the image with install_wim_tweak, dism still will not be able to get and display the info, the content of the package ? the feauters? If so, is there any documentations describing these packages ? otherwise, how am I supposed to know what I am removing ? cheers, eveafterdark PS just to be more specific: the 30 pages list is created when running install_wim_tweak with /l, no idea why there's so many of them ... running dism get-packages creates shorter list with some info like this: Release Type : Language Pack

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