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  1. I had this problem I fixed it by installing Aero Glass final and letting it install custom swatches, then I had double of each color, when I uninstalled it, it when back to normal.
  2. The theme I have has shiny corners already, I don't think it's the same as the stripes. But the stripes don't move around the same way they do in Windows 7.
  3. The free final version has donation pop ups, not demo message boxes.
  4. The theme has to have window shadows. The default theme has really small ones on active windows.
  5. The free version is not done for any profit, but the paid version is.
  6. Thank You for releasing this AND for making it free. Oh I noticed there is a donation pop up box, I don't mind. Wait I don't understand, when I donate will the pop up go away? Wow, installing this fixed the "there was a problem loading pre-set color" error I had.
  7. Well in that case, you should upgrade to RC4, why did you install the old version?
  8. - You can't have the final until BM finally releases it, it's only available to people who have donated in the past. - I don't think WindowFX is supported. - I want glass back on the bar too like it appears in Internet Explorer 10.
  9. No need for a trial period, BigMuscle said that this software will be free. He is just giving donators an advance on the final version, but that doesn't mean it's not freeware. When did he say that?
  10. Your installer breaks desktop touch functionality permanently for me please fix it.
  11. I actually reset to factory install, and it still wasn't working, it has been confirmed already that there is a problem.
  12. Both of you, make sure there is internet connectivity when you log-in, RC4 will automatically download debug symbols for the appropriate files and the Aero Glass should start eventually. Oh good, I thought it was just my computer.
  13. I did a System Restore and this stopped working, I even tried to re-install it with an installer but nothing happens.

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