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  1. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    Windows 10 leaked build 10056 summary: Windows 10 just keep getting worse with each build. Creating local account is even harder. You can't any longer type wrong Microsoft account and password and expect it to suggest to create local account. Its now burried under creating new Microsoft account and then choosing "connect this PC later". Win32/desktop applications now have ugly gray borders just like universal apps and this can't be changed. Tray clock UI is now mobile/touch style and very ugly compared to Windows 7 style tray clock UI.
  2. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    As far I have tried leaked build 10036: Installation of build is worse than before: Creating local account is even more hidden now. It still work when you put wrong login information to MS account but it no longer say that you are creating local account. It just gives you page where you put account information but without telling you that you will in fact create local account. Thankfully clock in taskbar hasn't been uglified yet at least. Icons in Windows 10 currently are just ugly. They look like icons in Windows did long time ago. Start has indeed transparency but it only has transparency. It doesn't have blur. This is similar to registry weak in Windows 8.1 update 1 which only gives transparency to borders. Transparency is not Aero Glass. Aero Glass is blur + transparency = translucency. in addition to Aero Glass I also want Aero visual style ( elegant buttons, progress bar, Aero icons etc.), Windows 7 style start menu as option and clock need to look like it does currently in taskbar. ( Don't make it ugly in the future to be more simplified / Modern UI style like it is with registry tweak). Windows 10 so far is disappointing and continue being worse with each version so I will continue waiting to next version of Windows unless something changes radically in Windows 10.
  3. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    Yes I noticed them. Another way to make Windows 10 worse.
  4. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    New Start in build 9926 is also even more inferior compared to already bad half-start menu in 9879. Yes I said Start. This can't be called any kind of start menu. Seems like next thing going to lowest common denominator is taskbar clock. New flat, ugly and oversimplifield UI is coming in the future: http://www.winbeta.org/news/how-enable-new-tray-clock-ui-windows-10-build-9926 Currently when more information comes from the Windows 10 and its "progression", the less interesting it becomes.
  5. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    I have now tried build 9926 and I'm not impressed at all. Settings app is still desktop hostile compared to Control Panel , although its little better than Settings app in leaked build. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX] "IsConvergedUpdateStackEnabled"=dword:00000000 this registry tweak does work for now at least. I tried it in build 9926 and it does activate old Windows Update in Control Panel. Calculator application has been unfortunately replaced by Universal Calculator app ( tablet style, very inefficient compared to Calculator application and has horribly huge font). Definitely this build confirms that I will skip Windows 10 and wait for Window 11 or whatever name it will have in 2017 or close to that time. As I have confirmed before I will not switch to Linux. I like way Windows 7 operates (including Control Panel, Aero Glass and other GUI controls).
  6. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    first good news: http://www.pcgamer.com/microsoft-windows-10-will-not-be-sold-as-a-subscription/ then not so good news: Microsoft plans to update the OS with smaller, more regular updates rather than the big, chunky updates of past Service Packs/ this means basically rapid releases that will ruin stability. Basically more updates that might cause huge problems. Also Microsoft has rebranded Modern/Metro apps as Universal apps. These Universal apps are according Microsoft supposed to replace win32/desktop applications across devices. It seems that they are similar to Modern Apps and just as desktop hostile. Whole message of Windows 10 is according Microsoft: Unification across devices/ One Experience. Basically more of what was wrong with Windows 8. Also it seems that control panel is being merged with PC Settings. If UI of this Settings app is like UI that was in leaked build or similar to it then it is not good UI for traditional desktop. I can't make full decision of skipping Windows 10 or not before new build comes in next week. But so far not impressed.
  7. The fallacy with crowd-driven development

    I would rather not discuss about newest leaked build because it would be better that people try build and give feedback but there is important thing that I feel should be mentioned about build 9901: Control panel -> Windows Update there is text that say: This UI is deprecated. To get updates go to Settings. At least rest of control panel works for now at least... I'm speechless... Why Microsoft did this? I specifically send feedback and said that they should keep control panel in traditional desktop instead of replacing it with settings app. Apparently Microsoft hasn't gotten message. Feedback has not been heard. This confirm that if UI isn't restored in next public test build I will indeed skip Windows 10 in favor of Windows 11 or whatever name Microsoft will choose and stay on Windows 7. Amount of money that has been lost during win8+ period has apparently not been enough yet. Gabriel Aul, the head of Windows Insider program as far as I have followed his Twitter feeds, apparently cares about feedback at least on some level but management or marketing has chosen not to listen feedback.
  8. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    Personally to me Windows program availability is only secondary reason why I use Windows. I really like very much Windows itself and its GUI centric approach. Before Windows 8 vision of Windows was going to right way. I want customizable, commercial, elegant, GUI centric and modern looking OS and Windows 7 has been closest to this vision. I will stay on Windows 7 until full Aero theme and Windows 7 style start menu are options. I will not switch to Linux. I personally don't like Linux that much. Linux feel like GUI extension to command line not exactly GUI centric. Linux GUI's are inefficient and not as well designed as Windows 7. ReactOS is based to NT5.0 not to NT 6.0 and is currently not even close to being finished. Somebody should make commercial, customizable, GUI centric Windows 7 like OS.
  9. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    I haven't said anything new about Windows 10 technical preview because there isn't anything interesting to say right now. I will be more active in this forum when there is something interesting to say. This is just second public build anyway so not surprising that most of changes in build 9860 are under hood. I prefer to use control panel instead of PC settings. PC settings is good for touch and mobile not to desktop. I wouldn't even think of upgrading if PC settings would actually replace control panel.
  10. Windows 10 - First Impressions

    Signing up to insider program is not required to use Tech preview but I would encourage to join it as without joining the insider program you can't use the feedback app. The feedback app is very useful: you can give your own feedback in that app or agree with others' feedbacks and if necessary provide more details to specific feedback. You miss a lot of chances to give feedback if you are not an insider. Otherwise you will be asked to give feedback by Microsoft, but you can't offer your own feedback or agree with others' feedbacks: basically you can only give feedback when Microsoft ask you to, if you are not an insider.
  11. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    I would encourage everybody who want to try make Windows better to send lot of feedback and sign in to Insider program. Feedback application really helps to highlight what people want about new Windows releases instead of feedback being scattered to different forums. I don't have much interesting things to tell about Technical Preview. I would encourage people to try it themselves instead and send feedback. Feedback application can help to change things for better and get Microsoft fix what is wrong in Windows 8 and following releases.
  12. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    I'm not impressed so far. Microsoft didn't show any way to use full Windows Aero or use locations instead of live titles. If this would be what they release I wouldn't upgrade. I will test this in virtual machine when iso is downloadable. And is this some kind of joke? Verge: 10:50:04 AM PDTQ: When it comes to your enterprise customers about Windows 10. How big has the push back been to get Windows away from Live Tiles, back to Windows 7 stuff? 10:50:19 AM PDTA: We don't hear pushback that we don't like Live Tiles. We hear pushback about too much training. Seriously how they could not hear this. They must have had ear plugs on their ears. I will definately send them feedback trough Windows Insider preview program about possibility to use full Windows Aero theme and possibility to use locations (right side colum) with start menu.
  13. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    Yes I have seen already before in that video that you can unpin live titles but what I want to know is there possibility to use right column (locations) like in Windows 7 as replacement to live titles and like I already said before, I also want to know about possibility to use full Windows Aero theme instead of flat ugly theme in desktop.
  14. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    These screenshots are just ugly indeed. Also according leaked video start menu appears to be half start menu, unless under customize right column (locations) can be used instead of ugly titles. Also flat ugly style appears to still be there, actually file explorer icon has been changed to fit that style. According all leaked information so far: Windows 9 is actually Windows 8.2 rebranded. If there isn't possibility to use full Windows Aero under themes in control panel and option to use right column then I won't bother to upgrade. I will of course try this in virtual machine as soon as iso will leak, so I can confirm what exactly can be customized. In the best case only defaults will be bad.
  15. Windows 8 - Deeper Impressions

    It appears that at least half start menu is returning. Now I would like to know following things: it is possible disable titles in start menu and it is possible to set locations ( computer, control panel etc.) to side of start menu? Locations fit there so they don't clutter my desktop in Windows 7 so I would like to continue putting them there. Also I don't want them clutter taskbar either. Locations fit best to start menu to my usage anyway. So yeah I want that there would be possibility to use locations with start menu. Also bring back full Windows Aero. Flat UI to desktop PC is just outdated. I have no intention to upgrade without full Windows Aero and possibility to use locations on side of start menu.