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  1. yogalD

    Beta channel

    Had the same issue but after resetting then re-enabling the taskbar/start menu colour settings the issue goes away. Just wanted to add an issue that appeared after upgrading Windows 10 to version 1803 when using "Use StartIsBack taskbar jumplist", you can't open the jumplist by dragging the taskbar icon upwards (you have to right click). It seems to be related to the issue described here https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-start-win_taskbar/white-border-when-activating-jump-list/af196f25-ad07-4df3-a696-7ff2d22383d0 (useless Microsoft forum answers as usual) - I don't know if it can be fixed in SIB or if it's a Windows bug that can only be fixed by Microsoft
  2. yogalD

    Beta channel

    Latest patch fixed it, nice work!
  3. yogalD

    Beta channel

    Considering it's faster than right clicking, and also that dragging would be the preferred method for touchscreen/tablet users, I'm going to assume you're wrong on this.
  4. yogalD

    Beta channel

    Works fine for me too One bug I'd like to point out with the new jumplists is the same one I mentioned previously. I recorded a video now though so you can see more clearly https://streamable.com/swcxt
  5. yogalD

    Beta channel

    This is amazing, but is it possible to make the Windows 10 style just as fast and responsive as the W7/8 style jumplists? With the Windows 10 style there is a delay in opening the jumplist. Just a couple of bugs to report (these only occur when opening the jumplist by dragging the button upwards, not by right clicking): when opening the jumplist on the Windows7/8 style, sometimes the preview thumbnail for the leftmost taskbar icon appears. Also sometimes the jumplist background is empty and blurred for a split second.
  6. Strange, you have neither "Pin to Start" nor "Pin to Start Menu". No idea how to fix that unfortunately.
  7. Pin to Start = pin to the Windows 10 metro style start menu (or start screen if that's what you have it set to) Pin to Start Menu = pin to the StartIsBack start menu
  8. Like seriously, am I the only person who actually cares about the start menu MRU list items not updating properly on W10 Anniversary Edition? Not even Tihiy cares, I emailed him and was told it isn't an issue...
  9. Is Tihiy aware at all of the bug with W10 Anniversary Edition where "removed" items never return except at random times?
  10. @Tihiy Is an update in the works to fix this? Also it seems that the last two programs I installed have blank white icons in the start menu, not sure if this is a bug or anything but I don't know.
  11. I don't know when this bug started to occur, but if I right click a recently used program in the start menu (left column) and choose "remove from this list", that item will never appear in the start menu most-frequently-used list ever again. The only way to fix it is to reset the entire list. (Windows 10 anniversary edition)
  12. Good stuff but I'm curious as to why the update broke the old version of StartIsBack. Why are Microsoft making such huge changes (huge and yet they don't meaningfully affect the actual user experience) to the OS that it keeps breaking software that worked just fine previously?
  13. You have to re-login or reapply StartIsBack configuration. Yeah, I did and it's still the same. Oh well I don't really care. Anyway I installed the new Windows 10 update and I had to reinstall StartIsBack. Now the start menu items don't have jump lists.
  14. create DWORD key "FadeUserFrame" = 1 in HKCU\Software\StartIsBack Doesn't seem to do anything for me

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