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  1. You're all welcome - I just played with these things until I discovered a working solution for the glass while using the battery.
  2. not working You may need these 2 fixes to enable Glass on battery and you need to restart the DWM.exe process fix-current-user.reg fix-local-machine.reg
  3. If speaking out an honest and personal opinion (which does not offend or call names on anyone) is frowned upon here, then there's no need to insult me. I won't even bother to post here again. I expected more from MrGrim as I have seen his involvement on many Windows interface enhancements projects, like themes and start buttons.
  4. WOW, lol @ the defensive attitude. I just posted my thoughts. I do not use a "cracked" or "fixed" version as there is nothing to fix or crack. I wouldn't know how to do that and for what purpose. I just didn't see the popups until the 1.2.2 version was released for some reason. I don't know why.
  5. I haven't seen the pop-up too often - but I also use a heavy firewall. My thoughts on this issue: The thing is either make a paid app and give support to your customers or make it freeware without any warranty. A nag screen on some demo-ware is not really cool, especially if you don't give people a chance to buy the app or do something to stop the nagging.
  6. OK, 1.2.2 is working now with the 07 beta 1 dll - with transparecy + blur effect. On the 0.8 beta 2 I can only get complete glass without blur, or complete blur without glass.
  7. Ok, thank you! I'll stick with 1.2.1 - because I tried using the 0.7 dlls with 1.2.2 - and there is still the glass without blur. Many thanks for your great work. Microsoft should hire you!
  8. For some reason, the glass is very blurred or 100% transparent - I do not know how to set it somewhat in the middle to reproduce the Windows 7 glass effect - I'll get back to 1.2.1.
  9. Super-Thanks for your contribution to the restoring of the Windows 7 Aero Experience! Could you fix the same issue for the Windows with one red-close button?
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