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  1. Maybe there is a language issue. jaclaz That's true. Please excuse me for my poor English. When I setup windows 8, I need a key to continue the installation. If I don't enter the key, "next" buton is hided and I can't press Next buton. So how do pass step enter key to setup windows 8. I tried to pass this step by Ei.cfg file but I didn't not success.
  2. thanks wimb. I use try all method to improve my knowledge :thumbup
  3. I'm sorry for my big mistake. Maybe it's not CD key. But I must be type the key to continuing the installation.
  4. Ok. Thanks for your help, jaclaz. I'll try setup Win xp by loading ISO file to RAM :sneaky:
  5. Many thanks to Cdob and jaclaz. I used hexedit bootmgr successful. And still I have a question. I using method on this tut http://www.rmprepusb.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-usb-drive-that-will-install-vista-win7-and-server-2008 But I must type CD key when setup Windows 8. I put Ei.cfg on W864 folder to fix it. But I didn't success. So, how do i fix it? P/s: Here my ei.cfg [EditionID] Enterprise [Channel] Volume [VL] 1
  6. Thanks for your reply, cdob. But still it not work. I creat $WIN_NT$.~BT. Next I add winnt.sif in to this folder then drop this folder to empty XP.ima was opened by UltraISO and click save. Finally I edit the menu.lst title First part of Windows XP Professional setup map --mem /XP.ima (fd0) map --hook root (fd0) chainloader (fd0)/SETUPLDR.BIN title Second part of Windows XP Professional setup root (hd0,0) chainloader (hd0,0)/NTLDR But if I boot the first menu in menu.lst, the monitor display FAT32 BPB found with 0XEB (jump) leading the bootsector probed C/H/S = 51/8/36, probed total sectors = 14598 And then the computer reboot. You can tell me why?
  7. @cdob. I want to load multi Wim file by bootmgr. And I want modify bootmgr to reference BCD file. Grub4dos >> chainloader /bootmgr1. bootmgr1>>>>BC1 and BC1 >>>>Boot1.Wim ..... To do this, I used zbootmgr, but zbootmgr.exe make bootmgr file required the name of BCD file is BC1, BC2 or BC3, .... I want to rename BC1 >> BPE (Boot win 7 PE) and rename BC2 >> BEA (Boot EASEUSPartitionMaster.Wim). However if I rename BC1, BC2 >> BPE, BEA, the wim file cann't be load. So I want to hexedit or modify bootmgr by another software to reference BCD with any name I want (of course it has 3 characters). Please help me. Thanks
  8. Hi Everybody I attached some files, the one is BCD File and the one is Bootmgr was modified to reference BCD file. But the size of BCD file very small, only 12kb. And as I know, if we need modify bootmgr, We need Zbootmgr.exe, but Zbootmgr.exe creat bootmgr file only reference to a file with name BC0, BC1. But the name of BCD file which I attach is: BPE ( to Boot Win7PE.WIM). So I think this Bootmgr which I attach was modified by another software. But I don't know the name of the software and I hope somebody will help me Thanks so much :thumbup Attachments.rar
  9. I using UltraISO to creat XP.ima. I drag the files which $WIN_NT$.~BT Folder content and drop into UltraISO and save with .IMA format. So size XP.IMA aproximatelly size of $WIN_NT$.~BT Folder. I map mem XP.ima whole $WIN_NT$.~LS folder on the USB root. The difference of directory make this error. That's right?
  10. @jaclaz, please help me. I copy files in $WIN_NT$.~BT folder and creat XP.ima with these files. I put it in USB root and use grub4dos to boot. Here my menu.lst title First part of Windows XP Professional setup map --mem /XP.ima (fd0) map --hook root (fd0) chainloader /SETUPLDR.BIN title Second part of Windows XP Professional setup root (hd0,0) chainloader (hd0,0)/NTLDR But I get a error message, please insert the disk labeled Windows XP Pro sp3 Setup Disk #5 into Drive A:. Press Enter when ready. So you can help me edit menu.lst ? p/s: my usb root XP.ima grldr menu.lst boot.ini $WIN_NT$.~LS NTDETECT.COM ntldr txtsetup.sif
  11. You may not know it but you helped me a lot. Thankyou, jaclaz :thumbup
  12. @jaclaz @bphlpt: I want to move NTDETECT and txtsetup.sif on USB Root to a folder in order to have a Clean Root.
  13. So, We can rename $WIN_NT$.~BT to any string which enough 12 characters and edit setupldr.bin to reference but we can't rename $WIN_NT$.~BT to a tree directory (AAA\BBB\CCCC). That's right? And still I have some problems. You can tell me how to move NTDETECT.COM to a folder. Edit NTLDR, edit setupldr.bin or edit setupdd.sys?
  14. @jaclaz. I renamed $WIN_NT$.~BT to WXPBootFiles (12 character) and hexedited setupldr.bin too. And I don't get error message when I setup Windows. But if I rename and hexedit $WIN_NT$.~BT to AAA\BBB\CCCC (enough 12 character too) when I setup Windows, I get message error. So I think, winnt.sif can't be put in sub folder?
  15. @wimb, I still have a question. I'm sorry about this. I don't want to start new topic with a small problem. I hexedited setupldr.bin and change string $WIN_NT$.~BT .by AAA\BBB\CCCC (enough 12 characters) but I get a error message "the disk labeled windows xp service pack 3 cd into A drive.....press enter when ready." It seems like the /i386/setupldr.bin finds the winnt.sif in the root of the stick and loads it, thus starting installation. And when the directory of winnt.sif file was changed, error message popup. You can tell me how to hexedit setupldr.bin correctly Thanks :thumbup
  16. Great. I did succeed. MANY THANKS for your help, wimb. Two lines: SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS and SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION make the difference. :yes:
  17. Hi everyone. Usbmuitiboot_10 is good but I want to edit USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd file to a small batch file, only use to copy xp sources and making $WIN_NT$.~BT Folder. I use this code to making $WIN_NT$.~BT Folder ( I copied from USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd file) @echo off SET cpyflag=0 FOR /F "tokens=1,2,3* delims=, " %%G IN (H:\I386\DOSNET.INF) DO ( SET FTAG=%%G SET FTAG=!FTAG:~0,13! IF "!FTAG!"=="[FloppyFiles." ( SET cpyflag=1 IF "%%G"=="[FloppyFiles.x]" SET cpyflag=0 ) ELSE ( SET FTAG=!FTAG:~0,1! IF "!FTAG!"=="[" SET cpyflag=0 IF "!cpyflag!"=="1" ( SET btfile=%%H IF "%%I"=="" ( SET btfile=!btfile:~0,-1!* xcopy H:\I386\!btfile! usb_xpbt\$WIN_NT$.~BT /i /k /r /y /h ) ELSE ( copy /y H:\I386\%%H usb_xpbt\$WIN_NT$.~BT\%%I ) ) ) ) pause>nul ( H:\ is xp source). But I didn't succeed. So you can help me edit this code to be a right code Great thanks :thumbup
  18. okay! thanks for your detailed reply :thumbup
  19. "* Click “Build Date” to sort Oldest-To-Newest – IGNORE ADD-ON CAB DATES!" as you say, We only choose .exe files ?
  20. :thumbup Many thanks to jaclaz, wimb, submix8c. I'll try to learn more. :yes:
  21. please help me creat a correct $WIN_NT$.~BT folder manually that refers to any XP source
  22. Thanks for your enthusiasm, jaclaz, cdob. I have learned many things from you. But I till exsit some questions @jaclaz: you can tell me why $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~BT be deleted after install windows xp? that's file "presetup.cmd" or "migrate.inf". I don't edit anything on ntldr, txtsetup, setupldr.bin,... I only restore $WIN_NT$.~BT folder that i backuped the before, I manually creat $WIN_NT$.~LS then copy I386 from original source to USB\$WIN_NT$.~LS and I don't forget add 4 files: tempunat.inf,..... But after install Windows, $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~BT be deleted and I don't know what I did wrong. @cdob: "That's a bad idea, there are more changes" you can tell me what difference between them. I checked the "date modified", "file size" but i can see no more change except 4 files: tempunat.inf, setuporg.exe, presetup.cmd, binifix5.cmd "Why don't you backup all files from winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 and restore all files?" because i want to use any source that i have. if i backup all files from winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 and restore all files, when i use another source, I need to use winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 again.
  23. I don't want to use mixed mode. i only use winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 to get some files in $WIN_NT$.~BT folder and 4 files: presetup.cmd, tempunat.inf... after i get these files, i'll backup them on the HDD and i can creat usb setup windows xp manually everywhen i want without needed winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 (make dir $WIN_NT$.~BT $WIN_NT$.~LS and copy files from original source, add 4 files: presetup.cmd by myself)
  24. thanks for your reply, jaclaz I'm using winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 and i want to make manualy these steps -using winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 to get $WIN_NT$.~BT folder and 4 files: presetup.cmd, binifix5.cmd, setuporg.exe and tempunat.inf for later manual using insted using winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 -creat $WIN_NT$.~LS on USB Disk and copy i386 folder from original source to this folder. then copy 4 files presetup.cmd, binifix5.cmd, setuporg.exe and tempunat.inf that i get them by using winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 to $WIN_NT$.~LS \i386 -copy $WIN_NT$.~BT folder that i get it by using winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 to USB Disk -copy boot.ini, txtsetup.sif, ntdetect, menu.lst, ... to USB disk -finally setup grub for USB Disk. i boot from usb and completed the installation windows xp. but i get some error as i post

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