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  1. Hi everyone First, I'm sorry because I don't know this post was be post on right area. I have a question, I have some lines in royale.theme file [Theme] ; My Computer [CLSID\{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\DefaultIcon] DefaultValue=C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe,0 ; My Documents [CLSID\{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103}\DefaultIcon] DefaultValue=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\mydocs.dll,0 ; My Network Places [CLSID\{208D2C60-3AEA-1069-A2D7-08002B30309D}\DefaultIcon] DefaultValue=C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll,17 ; Recycle Bin [CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}\DefaultIcon] full=C:\WINDOWS\System32\shell32.dll,32 empty=C:\WINDOWS\System32\shell32.dll,31 So, my question is: If I install in other partition with other drive letter, royable.theme file will be true? Or it must be change C to D, E or %windir% for general case. And if can be change to %windir% so what diffence betweens these lines empty=%windir%System32\shell32.dll,31 and empty=%windir%\System32\shell32.dll,31 Please help me. Thanks And sorry for my poor English
  2. Thanks jaclaz.Maybe there only one the way is edit mysetup.cmd to enable repair option.
  3. Thanks Jaclaz. And I added some lines in mysetup.cmd If exist X:\sources\recovery\startrep.exe then run startrep.exe and I was successful. But still I want to creat a modified boot.wim file and it can booting look like start windows 7 to enable repair option. Can I do it? It's impossible ?
  4. Thanks jaclaz #43 is very helpful but I want to resolved my problem when trying #2. Booting boot.wim file in original DVD setup Windows 7 look like windows 7 startup. But booting boot.wim file after modify at #2 look like booting windows PE. Maybe that cause repair option not enable?
  5. Hi everyone I followed this link to created a USB can be use to setup many OS: Windows 7, windows 8, vista.... But I was not getting repair windows option when setup windows 7. It must be look like this if we setup windows 7 from DVD So can you tell me why and what should I do to enable this repair windows option when setup windows 7. Thanks
  6. thanks JFX. Now, I think I should be content with what I already have because the error does not affect the installation process. Thanks again, JFX.
  7. Thanks all. Here my bootmgr after modify. I don't know what did I do wrong ? Bootmgr.rar
  8. I'm sure. Because if I use bootmgr original, no matter what happend. You can send me your bootmgr file after modified?
  9. thanks JFX. I hex edit successed. God bless you :angel But after modified bootmgr, when I boot setup windows 8, prompt stopped about 5 seconds. Then the installation can be continue. How do I fix it ?
  10. Hi all I want to modify bootmgr windows 8 where value bcd change to bc1, bc2... How can I do it?
  11. That's true. Thanks MagicAndre1981. And still I have a question. I creat USB multiboot to setup multi windows 8. And I modified BCD to BC1 to load boot1.wim, BC2 load boot2.wim, .... Boot1.wim >>>>W832\install.wim, boot2.wim >>>>W864\install.wim. But if I only put install.wim file in W832 folder, the ei.cfg can not be configured. How to fix it?
  12. Your resolution can help me setup windows 8 without type produckey needed. And you can help me more? I want to choose edtiton when setup windows 8. If I use PID.txt with special produckey, the key decided edition to install and I have not any other choice. Please
  13. Thanks for your reply, MagicAndre1981. But install.wim file in windows8.ISO content 2 edition. If I use UNATTEND.XML or PID.txt, the product key was typed in UNATTEND.XML or PID.txt decided Windows edition to install, So I can not choose any edition.
  14. So, I want to disable "Windows is loading files" status bar when setup windows 8. Where can I post? My problem is: the circle cover "Windows is loading files" status bar. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Please excuse me If I'm wrong when post here
  15. Hi everybody. When I setup windows 8, windows 8 pro I must type produckey to continuting setup. In order to bypass Producy key I created UNATTEND.XML file. But I get a problem when use UNATTEND.XML. The installation is not allowed choose edition to setup. There is a method to bypass produckey without UNATTEND.XML needed. It's put EI.CFG file to sources folder on the ISO and I did succeeded when setup from DVD. But when I setup windows 8 from usb with custom installation media and I put EI.CFG file to there, seem EI.CFG file wasn't configured, I must type product key to setup windows 8. Quote from http://technet.microsoft.com Edition Configuration File (EI.cfg) The edition configuration file (EI.cfg) determines what edition of Windows to install and what license to use during Windows Setup. If you are using an answer file to configure an unattended setup, use the ProductKey or MetaData components to automate the edition selection screen of Windows Setup. For more information, see Work with Product Keys and Activation. The EI.cfg file replaces PID.txt and is located on the product media under the \sources folder. If you are creating custom installation media—for example, recovery media—make sure the settings in your EI.cfg file match the installation sources How to settings in my EI.cfg file match the installation sources, if my custom installation media named "W832"? Please :)
  16. I know but I want to start new thread with only one small question Can I ask a question from here ?
  17. Here my unattend.xml file. But It's not working. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend"> <settings pass="specialize"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <ProductKey>xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx</ProductKey> </component> </settings> <cpi:offlineImage cpi:source="wim:D:/W864/install.wim#Windows 8 Pro" xmlns:cpi="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:cpi" /> </unattend> Please help me edit to the correct one.
  18. @cdob: I using laptop and it's hasn't floppy drive. How can I creat a floppy image with specified sectors. Can I using UltraISO ?
  19. thanks wimb but I want to creat usb setup both of windows 8 and windows 7. And I want to moditfy bootmgr >> BCD >> boot1.wim >> W732bit\Install.wim. I hexedit bootmgr windows 7 successful. But bootmgr windows 8 seem difference. Can I hex edit bootmgr windows 8, too ?
  20. Ah, I'm will read now. And I want to hexedit bootmgr windows 8. It's similar to in hexedit bootmgr windows 7 ? So, I must change value on offset 0x54696,... That's right?
  21. I'm sorry but seem you don't understand my problem. My problem in here As you see, if we don't type the product key, the installation can't continuting. So, how do fix it?

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