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  1. Tks for your help Jaclaz, I will try your code when I come back home. Just a quetion, Can you explain what diffrence between .bat and .cmd. You mean, if I want to create a "batch" file which run from within windows, then I should use .cmd extension, right? And I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused to you, But since you're master of .bat code, can you visit this topic and help me
  2. Hi everyone, I'm sorry for my bad English and I'm sorry again if this box is not right place to create this topic. I'm creating .bat file will mount EFI partition by diskpart. But I'm not sure what partition order in Windows UEFI By default, this order is Par1: WinRE Par2: EFI Par3: Microsoft system reserved Par4: May recovery partition or C: If EFI is always par1 or par2, then I will create .bat like that echo select disk 0 > par.txt echo select partiton 2 >> par.txt echo assign letter = S: >> par.txt diskpart /s par.txt copy abc.efi to S:\EFI\Boot But problem is, I'm not sure that EFI is always par1 or par2 or even par3.... par n. Can anyone have any idea ? How to detect EFI par if user do not use default partition order?? Tks
  3. Tks for your help, gunsmokingman. I want to use .bat file because I just need a .bat to do all task. With this .bat, that say loadiso.bat, I can: - Find and detect path of ISO then set to var1 - Allow user choose a drive letter then set to var2 - Check if var2 is a free drive letter or already in use (by dir %var2%:command), then if user choose a "free" drive letter, run imdisk mount var1 to var2 But I found that, if a drive letter is CDROM with not insert a CD, dir %var% will return that var2 is a free drive letter. So I must check drive letter of CDROM first, set it to var3, then if %var2%==%var3% >> echo can not use this drive letter, it is CDROM .... BUT now, I think that may using .bat to detect if there are more than 1 ISO file from root directory quite difficult, also using .bat to detect CDROM drive letter is quite difficult. So I will give up. I found that this command will show letters which alreary in use. Very simple, very quickly Then if user choose a letter which exist from above list, .bat will echo %var2% is already use. And it always work because I found that any rebuild version of WinPE exist fsutil.exe. But I got another problems. On Mini Windows XP, fsutil fsinfo drives resturn result which C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\ with NUL between them. On Win7/8, it return C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\ with space betwwen them. How can I use for /f command ??? for /f what token and what delims %%i in (A B C D E F G H ... Z) do set list=%%ito output: echo NOTE: ISO file can NOT be mounted to %list%:Tks
  4. Hi everyone! First I'm sorry for my bad English. I'm new with DOS also batch command so I create this topic to get some advices from you. I want to create a .bat file, which using imdisk to mount ISO file to virtual drive. (this .bat run on WinPE) It something like this set /p type=Type a letter:REM now run imdiskimdisk -a -f %isofile% %type%:with %isofile% is ToolsforPE.ISO (put on root of any partition) I got 2 problems 1st: detect if %type% is a CD/DVD drive, because imdisk cannot mount ISO to here. 2nd: detect where %isofile% I try this command to solved 1st problem for %%a in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do (fsutil.exe fsinfo drivetype %%a:|find "CD-ROM">nul&&set cdletter=%%a)echo CD-ROM drive letter is %cdrom%Real CD-ROM drive letter from my desktop is F: But if run it from WinPE with an ISO file already mounted to such as Y:, then above command will return cdrom is Y: What about my F: letter ? I try this command to solved 2nd problem for %%b in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do (dir %%b:\ToolsforPE.ISO >nul 2>nul && (set isofile=%%b:\ToolsforPE.ISOgoto :runimdisk)echo ISO not foundbla ...Still above problem, if we have 2 ISO with same name, put to root of 2 partition, then above command will set isofile to the first found. I want to improve .bat, it will print some text say that there are 2 ISO found, and ask user pick one to mount. Also I need another .bat to detect Microsoft EFI Partition, since EFI par does not have a letter, then I cannot use dir %%a:\efi or some thing like that. And I'm sorry, because I don't want to create another topic just ask for .bat file which can detect EFI par, I think my 3 problems are same and can put to one topic. Thanks. Edit: P/s: I found some hint from internet say using wmic to get CD drive, but I found that, some rebuild versions of WinPE, wmic does not exist, so I try fsutil instead.
  5. congnt92


    What part of the quote below did you fail to understand? OK so, If we choose to build win 8.1 with OS in RAM option so it will be name as SE and build with PE in RAM it will be name as PE? I try to build 2 Win 8.1 with 2 options. But after load them, I cannot see what features we cannot use in PE but can be use on SE. Can you tell me them? And can you help me clearly understand what limited with System account vs Admin Login? Tks.
  6. congnt92


    SE traditionally means "Second Edition", it became popular many years ago with the second release of Windows98, and in the case of Winbuilder it did exist a Win7PE which later was updated and modified becoming Win7PE_SE (project lately lead by ChrisR), when Windows 8 came out, the corresponding project to Win7PE_SE based on Windows 8 files became (still largely authored by ChrisR) Win8PE_SE. Little by little the "SE" lost its original meaning, basically becoming the "distinctive mark" of ChrisR's Winbuilder based projects, and when 8.1 came out, the PE part was simply dropped, leading to Win8.1 SE. Check the "history" parts on the project pages: http://w7pese.cwcodes.net/ http://w8pese.cwcodes.net/ http://win81se.cwcodes.net/ jaclaz Tks for your info, Jaclaz. So SE just simply Second Edition? Just a name? We release a new version of product and then we change name for it ? I think from PE to SE, it must have some changes or differences, such as how it works or something like that. So with Win8PE means just PE. And with Win8.1SE, it like "real" OS? What difference between OS in RAM vs PE in RAM. Tks.
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    ust stupid question: Can anyone show me some differences between PE vs SE? PE is Preinstallation Environment So what is SE? Tks
  8. I'm sorry. The reason why I get delay issue is resources folder was missing on my usb. I created a multi installing windows usb. So some unnecessary folder was removed: support, fonts, en-us, ... (include resourecs folder in boot folder). resources folder contain bootres.dll and because it was removed from my usb so i got delay issue. So now, if I can, I want to ask "How can I keep bootres.dll file same a USB which contain 2 sources of windows 7 and 8 ?". I guess that bootres.dll is load by boot.wim or BCD or something. Such as, if bootres.dll is loaded by Boot.wim, so I want to Boot.wim of windows 7 load bootre1.dll (to solve delay issue windows 7 installing), Boot.wim of windows 8 load bootre2.dll (to solve delay issue win 8 installing). Of coures, missing bootres.dll file will make delay issue, but this error is not affect to the installing windows. Just, It could be better if we can resolved. Thanks
  9. Wow. Can you tell me how to calculate the offsets to change value?
  10. Thanks. I run it under windows 8.1 update 1 and windows 10 technical preview. It work fine on windows 8.1 update 1. It does not support for win 10. And I still have a question. - If we modify bootmgr manally (decompress, hex edit, checksum, recompress), the size of bootmgr (after modified) less original bootmgr about 3kb. - If using your tool, bootmgr after modified is same size with original bootmgr. Could you tell me why? And it would be greater if your tool allow user create modified bootmgr with "ABC" string instead "BC0, BC1, ..." And your tool work fine but I want to learn how to manually modified bootmgr as you guide me at #3 (decompress, hex edit, recompress ...). Can you guide me? And thanks again, JFX.
  11. Did you actually mean "But seriously you don't need a win10, do you?" jaclaz Same question with you! And still wating for the answers
  12. I run this tool under windows 8.1 spring update. Version Bootmgr in windows 8.1 spring update is 6.3.9600.16415 not 6.3.9600.16384. May this is reason why i get that error. As you say, in ver 6.3.9600.16415, We only need to change \Boot\BCD to custom value. What about these Thanks
  13. Thanks for sharing But I don't know why running this tool for modity bootmgr windows 8.1, I get "Unsupported OS, newer ntdll.dll needed!" error With bootmgr windows 8.1 update (6.3.9600.16415). At address 0000065E: is 01 not 0F. Can I change it to 90 ? And now, Windows 10 was came. I can't modify bootmgr windows 10 by this way. Can you update the method to modify bootmgr windows 8.1 update and bootmgr windows 10? Thanks
  14. Thanks for your reply, Jaclaz. I'll try to learn all of your suggestion.
  15. Hi, In order to create USB multiboot that allow install multiple XP (or other OS) from an USB, I found some thread very helpful. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/114543-solved-install-multiple-xpvistape2003-from-usb/ www.msfn.org/board/topic/111406-how-to-install-xp-from-usb/ Or some tools: USB_Multiboot_10, Easy2boot, ... But I still have a stupid question. Can I create USB to install multiple XP by this way?? Root of USB grldr menu.lst XP64 folder (Extract XP 64bits ISO here) XP86 folder (Extract XP 32bits ISO here) menu.lst title Windows XP x86 Setupfind --set-root /XP86/I386/SETUPLDR.BINchainloader /XP86/I386/SETUPLDR.BINtitle Windows XP x64 Setupfind --set-root /XP64/I386/SETUPLDR.BINchainloader /XP64/I386/SETUPLDR.BINThanks
  16. Thank you for your quick reply, Jaclaz Now I understand what differences between tokens=number and tokens=*. Have a nice day
  17. Hi, Jaclaz I have a question. If menu boot contain Whitespace character, How can I edit your command to get some text which I want. i.e Menu boot is "Grub For Dos". I tried IF /I %%B.=="grub for dos". GOTO :outbut It's not working. Thanks
  18. Hi to all. When I run this command bcdedit /enum all /v > C:\List.txt. List.txt ...Windows Memory Tester---------------------identifier {b2721d73-1db4-4c62-bf78-c548a880142d}device partition=C:path \boot\memtest.exedescription Windows Memory Diagnosticlocale en-USinherit {7ea2e1ac-2e61-4728-aaa3-896d9d0a9f0e}badmemoryaccess YesReal-mode Boot Sector---------------------identifier {57b67fd0-dbb6-11e3-9719-9cb70d9fba21}description Grub4DOS...But there are so many information which I need. I just wan to get some lines below Real-mode Boot Sector---------------------identifier {57b67fd0-dbb6-11e3-9719-9cb70d9fba21}description Grub4DOSI want creat batch file to do this. Is it impossible? Can anybody help me? Thanks
  19. Oh, I resolved my issue. Just use "for /f" command.
  20. Hi! I use this command to create a new entry in the boot configuration data store and get ID value to delete entry later when needed by adding it to registry. @echo offfor /f "tokens=3" %%a in ('bcdedit /create /d "NTC Rescue HDD" /application BOOTSECTOR') do set guid=%%a reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Grub4DOS\ID" /v ID /t REG_SZ /d %guid% /fpauseNow I want to delete this entry, I use "bcdedit /delete" and it require ID value. And I use reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Grub4DOS\ID" /V IDto get ID for bcdedit delete command but the result is id REG_SZ {f617cb88-d83a-11e3-9726-009c021e8215}So I just want to get {f617cb88-d83a-11e3-9726-009c021e8215} from the result, how can I get it? What command would be use? Such as Findstr or some thing ?? Please help me.
  21. Hi all I setup office 2013 pro plus and already active it. But I install it on windows 7 so I don't know which tool could help me backup the activation. Please help me

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