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  1. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Works very well. Few suggestions : you should remove the warning windows (use at your own risk) and put this message in a readme for example. Is it possible to run the programme in background in order to have no longer its presence in the taskbar or put it with the hidden icons ? Each time I plug a usb device, the console (i always reduce) pop up. Is it normal ?
  2. Hi, Aero glass works without AGT. I disabled HIDECMD and used the old dialog skipping method : it works. No problems. If I enabled the HideCMD, I have the problems of log off whereas my account has administrator's rights and i don't have password (i never configure any password on my computer) It stills doesn't start with windows. I think it is because the key is not in the good place in registry, I am under x64 and startup keys are in Wow6432Node (of HKLM or HKCU)
  3. Hello, I just subscribe for feedback. AGT doesn't work for me. It crashes and I have many difficulties to remove the pop up of Aero Glass whic says we use this software at own risk (I click on Ok again and again and again... to finally have Win7 interface or nothing, just a PC who lose half of functionalities because they have been shutted down, normally ten about applications are in taskbar, after AGT, 2 remains). Ex7ForW8 crashed too : I can only unlog but not rebbot or stop the computer. Finally, it dosn't start with Windows (I bypass Metro and go directly to the desktop) I joined the crash and debug logs taken from DWM folder if it can help... crash.log.txt debug.log.txt