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  1. Hey guys I have build myself a Gaming computer (with xbox controller set to my TV) with XBMC and all stuff, and its really great.. But.. Whenever I watch a movie or play games the little white mouse curser keeps showing up after a few mins. I can then remove it by moving the mouse, but after a few mins its back. I have tried with different hardware all with same result, so its not a hardware related issue, but software. I tried closing all open programs including the tray but that did not solve it. Now i'm pretty much out of my normal options, so I ask you Anyone have some idea what could be going on? I btw. did some google searched with no luck.
  2. Base for Windows 8

    Found this on DA and using it right now. Its awesome, thank you!
  3. So here is my problem: I just installed Windows 8 like 24 hours ago. And after install all was fine. Now all of sudden the network "manager" don't work (network share that it, NOT network as in internet / WIFI) I can't even type \\server\share (tried both IP and name) My Windows 7 laptop can see all shares on the network just fine, so thats not the problem. Both are connected via WIFI. Here is a screenshot of the button I mean: Like I said, its just impossible to to press on it, nothing happens. Its just "dead" (right click works fine, but still won't open anything) I had this problem before i formatted also, so I'm guessing its one of my programs or somthing? I just don't work where to start searching. Last time i spend hours on ##windows with many people trying to help. No luck. Hope you guys have some ideas! Thank you very much! EDIT: Have btw. tried all THIS
  4. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    StartIsBack supports both .png and .bmp formats (and always did). To add them, press 'Add...' under orb preview list. Not sure if its just me, but I've just tried like 20 .pngs and none of them work :/ Cant it use the same as start8?
  5. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Thank you very much for 2.0.. I have a question though, I just came from start8 and there seems to be alot more start orbs in .png format and .bmp format. I use a small top taskbar so its pretty hard to find good start orbs because of that, that was not an issue with start8 :/ Will this feature come later, or is there a reason you dont support that format?
  6. Okay so I found the error (finally after like 3 months) it was Logitech Setpoint software - http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Mice-and-Pointing-Devices/high-cpu-dwm-exe-due-to-setpoint-in-win-8/m-p/926338#M44003 After using process exporer (that I found it the guide) I found it was the dwm.exe file, so I used Google, and found that link.. removing that software solved it. Now the blame is to logitech! Thanks anyway!
  7. Hello First of all, I have a "old" MSI GT740 (upgraded win7 to win8) Upgraded HDD to SSD and RAM to 8GB. Second, here is my problem: Whenever I close the lid or it goes idle, CPU goes from 1(2) to maybe 20% and the FAN is going crazy. When it leaves idle it goes back to 1-2% in no time. Here is a screenshot (I had to open the lid, and REALLY fast press the screenshot button, so it was probably a little higher maybe.. As you can see its the desktop "app" thats causing it, for some strange reason. Anyone have some ideas? Its not a BIG DEAL, but a little strange, so I would like it solved, if possible. I really tryed to google, ask on ##windows (freenode IRC network), MSI forum etc... so this is really my last option.