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  1. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    If you're using Start8 or something like that, you have to "disable translucency" in order to have the same blur on all taskbars. I had a similar issue in Start8 where the main taskbar would not have blur but the other would. Disabling translucency made it look right on both taskbars. Yea thanks that worked
  2. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    When using the 'Show Taskbars on all monitors' button in windows, the 'other' taskbars dont have blur (only the 'main' taskbar). Also cant wait and keep up the good work
  3. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    As posted before in this thread try this theme if you want it to look more like windows 7: Windows 7 Theme
  4. in the latest ver (1.2, with 0.7 beta1) the blure feature isnt working for me. ive tried, 0,5,200,255, all yielding the same ammount of blur. the only to get another value (through the program atleast) is to 'use direct 2d instead of 3d', which im guessing is because its unsupported by v 0.7 beta1, which results in no blur
  5. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    On my secondary monitor the window blur works fine in v0.7, however the secondary windows taskbar has no blur, and changing color intensity has no effect (except at the lowest possible value).
  6. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    new ver isnt crashing with the win7 theme, but i am getting a visual bug
  7. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Will you be releasing the source code soon? ^^I doubt I can be of any help at all, but I'd love to read it (I'm fascinated by DLL injections and Windows behaviour modifications). this theme may be similar to what your looking for: http://gsw953onda.deviantart.com/art/Chameleon-for-8-v1-352577762
  8. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    @ text glow not causing the crash; well if thats the case not sure what is, but when i install 1 version of that custom theme the crash isnt there, and another ver it is; i figured that text glow was a setting that enabled code; not just a transparent/opaque image that was loaded between the titlebar and the titlebar text; so i guess its something else then
  9. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    DWMLoader crashes for me : w8pro x64 Im pretty sure its related to "text glow" via this theme http://xxinightxx.deviantart.com/art/Windows-7-Vs-REV-D-350491112?offset=0#comments How to reproduce: install linked theme, run DWMLoader everything should work fine, UNLESS you try to look at a windows preview (rest your mouse over an icon in the taskbar) also im noticing no transparency for windows created b4 DWMLoader is ran untill there moved, with the above theme (which it didnt do b4 i believe)
  10. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    there will always be negativity, and its true there is POTENTIAL for the user to take screenshots... but processing whats on screen is required for the task at hand... many programs require access that could potentially be used to compromise the system..., its all on trust