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  1. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Then this should not be called a problem or a bug at all. [/quote} I made no comment about it being "a problem" or "a bug" - I merely confirmed what a couple of other users had reported as the way SiB was handling a paricular scenario. I don't think this is related to the trial expiration. Tihiy said the applications had their own icons since version 2.0. I just read back some pages and found out the first version of SIB I installed is 2.0.2. After installing it I entered the key at once. And a few days later when I looked through folder Start Apps, all the icons were blank. I didn't say it was or wasn't "related to the trial expiration" - I was just asking the poster to clarify because his post was rather ambiguous and pointed to known solutions to some of the possible interpretations.
  2. It doesn't detract from ORelio's work to say that you've come up with some good ideas there. Besides, ORelio's been very open to feedback and suggestions since starting this and we've all benefited from that. Even the big, commercial software producers have people who aren't necessarily programmers but are imaginative and very good at saying "wouldn't it be great if..." - then leaving the poor old programmers to work out how to make it happen.
  3. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    I can confirm that the menu remains in its "last used state" when re-opened - so if the last use had it scrolled to the bottom, it reopens already scrolled to the same place. Aloha.. I'm with you in not having sufficient entries in the start menu to even see the scollbar - but temporarily reducing the number of "recent programs" let me see what happens (makes the menu-window that much smaller). And thanks for explaining it clearly - I was struggling to understand until your post number 1821
  4. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Do you mean that you have icons but they are plain, white squares - or do you mean that there are no icons showing at all? If you have no icons, do you have the text naming the programs or is the program list itself completely empty? If that's the case, have you registered your copy of SIS - if not and the free trial has expired, it will remain blank unless you register and pay the (very reasonable) fee.
  5. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    If you right-click on the folder in the start-menu, it will give you the option to open the folder in explorer BUT I can't say if it's "safe" to simply delete the icons from there.
  6. I'm not sure that the "generate inactive colour" setting is needed (or works) anymore. Inactive, transparent window borders should "tinted" with the active window glow colour rather than having an independant colour (which I believe only worked anyway when transparency was disabled) Apart from that, I like the additions/changes you've made - it make AGT more of an all-in-one "appearence tweaker". Hopefully, Orelio and yourself can expand on that - a font changer would be useful, for example (it can be done as there stand-alone apps to do it). In essence, you could end-up with a replacement for the old-style personalisation settings tool that was removed with W8.
  7. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Thanks for the update - and I have to say that it's amazing that each update genuinely improves what was already an excellent app. (I actually tried using W8 without SIB a couple of days ago - I'd forgotten how bad it is ) Am I right to say that if you are installing 2.1 as an update, your existing orbs are not deleted or affected in any way (that's certainly how it worked for me)?
  8. There is nothing about it that needs to be installed - just unzip it and double-click the exe.
  9. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Sontawila... It's a bit difficult to diagnose a problem you used to have when you say things like "I currently have everything on default value..." That implies that you had non-default "things" when you had SiB installed and were having the crashes. Did you have patches, hacks, themes, betas or non-default settings or applications in use at the time you had the crashes - not just relating to SiB but anywhere on your computer? It is entirely possible for a perfectly good, stable application to be "involved in" crashing a pc - if another, unsafe application reacts with it. In that case, removing the safe application can stop the crashes occuring but the real cause would still remain. Without at least that basic information, it will be completely impossible for anyone to even start to help you or decide what caused your reported crashes. All anyone can say for now is that this app is very popular and there is no widespread reporting of faults such as you are reporting - which suggests that there is something specific to your pc that is involved - if not actually the real cause. The one thing I would say - and it also relates to your "I currently have everything on default value" comment... If you have now re-installed SiB and everything else on your pc is completely standard - no hacks, betas - but that wasn't previously the case, you need to just leave it running a while and see if the problem has disappeared. If it has, you can retry any other patches etc that you were previously using until you find the one that actually caused the crashes.
  10. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Sontawila... Was there anything "personalised" about your installation of StartIsBack - such as a third-party skin or image for the start button orb - or were you perhaps using a non-Windows standard image for your Windows user-account picture - or were you using any sort of non-standard theme for Windows in general? Also, were you using any other patches or hacks - such as aeroglass or similar?
  11. Dakotahnorth... Try going into the standard Windows "personalisation" settings and lowering the "colour intenstity" setting to about halfway - see if that helps.
  12. It's a bloody BETA version and you are running a thread asking for BETA TESTERS. Telling me to "read the effing manual" is ridiculous - because that information should be ON THIS FORUM and because the "read me" actually says NOTHING. What's the point of telling us what "d2d1.pbb" DOESN'T do - why don't you tell us what it DOES do? It's perfectly reasonable for a person to question why a file with D2D in it's name is present in an app that - according to you - does use D2D.
  13. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    I'm out too. I think BM needs to play with this in his bedroom for a while yet cos what we're seeing between versions is not developments, it's completely different applications. We've had entirely different HIVES used within the registry and never so much as a hint at what can or cant be deleted, no indication of what the DWM registry keys can or can't be used for and the result so far is not even remotely close to useable. Worse than that though - I'm fed-up of having to trawl backwards and forwards through hundreds of posts to try and find what BM has changed this time. He's been asked to do the usual thing and provide all links and update info in the first post but he's ignored that. And if anyone asks any serious questions, they are either met with defensive and dismissive insults or brushed aside with jargon-filled gobbledygook and snide responses about then not knowing about the registry or "read the 'read me'". Sorry but if all I wanted to do was "read the read me", why would I need to bother using this forum AND PROVIDING YOU WITH FEEDBACK? The reality is that you plan on making money out of this and there are people here who are willing to help you for free - and your arrogant tone is annoying, Telling beta-tester to RTFM is pathetic and all it says is that you are incapable of providing clarity in your own thread because you actually don't know what you are doing.
  14. That was my understanding and it begs the question - which values is AGT actually adjusting and by what range? Also, whilst I understand that opacity is (probably best) set by adjusting "Colour Intensity" via Windows, that only affects "active" windows - inactive ones are not affected by the W8 Windows app. Certainly don't mean to offend anyone but I can't help but think that the plot's been lost here - AG is not getting "better" - just "more clever" for the sake of it - and the constant changes to which hives and keys are being used coupled with the fact that BM still won't add update info to the first post in his thread (try finding anything amongst the 1,000+ posts - ain't easy) are making it impossible to carry-on testing AG. AGT was a big help but even that's gone gaga with BM forever fiddling about with what can and can't be set and how those settings can and cant be made - no-one seems to know what's happening anymore and any questions asked about HOW to do anything are met with a barrage of geekspeak that doesn't actually answer simple questions like "how do you adjust transparency when "glasstransparency" is no longer supported?" Seriously - BM is saying that D2D is no longer supported - at all - but his own download for beta 2 includes a file called "d2d1.pdb" - could that be anymore confusing? Shame really.
  15. Getting very odd results from 1.2.2... Regardless of whether using Native Blur or not, "Opacity" makes no difference to opactity but randomly (about once for every three attempts to adjust it) logs me out of Windows. "Blur" adjusts opacity upto about half-way - higher "blur" actually results in greater transparency but with what appears to be greater "colouring" of the blured items. After about halfway, borders are just a glaring, white blob. (Using W8x64 - all standard, no hacks, patches or non-standard themes etc)