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  1. Windows 8 Consumer Preview Ribbon Patcher [Download] Have a nice day guys...
  2. Another Aero Glass for Win8 Donation Info Box Preventer (AGHooker) [Download] I include the source code too, so you can modify it freely.| Have a nice day guys Edited: 1) Removed Old Methods To Hidding Donation Info Box, It Will Show Up Again with Bravely when The UAC Dialog Show Up 2) Added BringToTop & OnTop Function To Make it AutoFocus and In Always On Top From Other Window
  3. oh my.... i think the message box is exactly dosen't appear when there are some application run in fullscreen mode, it's happened to me when i use the RC2 version So it's not annoying message box for me. Sorry for my bad english, again..... ._.v
  4. I'll wait until the final release version ready, and pack it back. and i also waiting for the newest version of AGTweaker, and The Custom Resource Themes to be intergrated with the final release version of Aero Glass for Windows 8. thank's for all people that want to work, that make this "little project" (that was the BigMuscle said #peace ._.v) more better and great
  5. This happened to me when i test it , it comes like that because there is some updated windows files that forcing to load the AppInit DLL Files, i'am sure that you not delete the registry value of AppInit. There is no solution for me , so i just re -install my windows / reset / referesh it, as it was my own risk to install this software So, like big muscle say. Use this software at your own risk, this still RC (Recandidate) version, not a final release version
  6. Oke thank's i'll make it included in RC2 installer version. By the way can you send me the Updated AGTwekaer modification to be included in the installer version
  7. Did you know, how to add it? it's that via the registry? I'll make the AGTwekaer added to the control panel, if you would to tell me how By the way, does ORelio still develope the AGTwekaer? Or waiting for the final release of Aero Glass for DWM first?
  8. What installation version that you use? the isntaller version or the manual installtion script?
  9. Here is the Aero Glass for Windows 8 (How to Manual) and Some tweaks step from me to make the Aero Glass looks like Windows 7 or Windows 8 RP Download How To Manual and Tweaks Step
  10. you can use windows 8 release preview themes in the personalize menu from the installer version to get white blur under the title. Then go to the aero glass tweaker then load custom resource themes and select AeroRP.png under the resources folder. Then apply it.
  11. Aero Glass for Windows 8 RC1 (Updated Package) + Added Windows Aero Release Preview Themes + Added Manual Script Installation + Added AGTweaker (ORelio) (Mod Tusticles) + Added AGTwekaer Custom Resource Themes File + Added AGTweaker Shortcut to Start Menu + Added What's New text file Download Here NB : Uninstall the old version first, and use at your own risk. This is beta version, for testing only
  12. I can't get this to work strangely, I'm using Windows8 64 bit. Nothing changed at all. EDIT: oh nvm I have uefi secure boot on. EDIT2: Looks great! Big thanks to TC. Yeah there are some registry writing problem for 64-bit isntaller (sorry for that one), use the standard version to make it works
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