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  1. Hello This is Sergey Tkachenko of Winaero. The file on my website is a genuine file which was available in this thread at the moment of the writing of the above article. Me, or anybody else, didn't modify a single byte of it. However, following the Reddit thread here, it has come to my knowledge that the most recent app version has a variable renamed in the source code. That hadn't been done by me. The site still offers the file I got from this thread by that time. If it is a problem, I can update the archives. However, I am pretty surprised that the Reddit topic starter is accusing me for integrating remote management code into the app. That is total BS, and he didn't provide any proof. Some other guy on Reddit has decompiled both binaries, and found only two differences. One is a removed "using" directive. Another one is a renamed variable (structure -> LUID_AND_bla bla bla) in the TokenPrivilege routine. The version I have on winaero can be downloaded by the link https://winaero.com/how-to-uninstall-and-remove-edge-browser-in-windows-10/ It can be audited by anyone. I am not a Reddit user, but hell, I think I should join it and report the whole thread as a try to ruin my reputation.
  2. Thanks. I am happy that you like my tool My video with this tool:
  3. When green turned to blue, it means that new color (green in this case) is not supported by OS. In your case, OS reject ANY color you choose in tuner. I even have no idea how i can reproduce this behavior. Maybe you installed something I do not have? For example, that recently leaked GA Rollup update for 8.1 RTM?
  4. Well, I have same missing dependecny here It is not a cause of the issue. I have only one idea. Maybe it is related to the fact that personalization settings are disabled till Windows is activated. Maybe this affects API too. When new value is written to registry, the app performs few api calls, probably they kill new value.
  5. Nope. I have not tried it in Audit Mode. Yes, I want PML WinaeroStartScreenHelper.dll is native dll.
  6. hmm, no idea. I use the same OS, it works here.
  7. Hi, I am developer of the tool. Tripredacus, please tell me which OS your use? x86 or x64?
  8. Here is good news for everyone who loved and missed the Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8. Gadgets Revived, yet another alternative (and probably the best one) of Sidebar, is a very cool sidebar gadgets package with ALL original features like control panel items, Windows Search items and gadgets gallery! Very lovely thing, it even brings back "View running gadgets" item via control panel! Things which are "revived": Desktop context menu The show/hide gadgets command: Full Control Panel integration including working links inside the "Appearance and personalization" category and search! See: Start Menu Support (StartIsBack and ClassicShell at least) The gallery contains OVER 900 gadgets which are checked manually to be compatible/working in Windows 8/8.1 Checkit out http://gadgetsrevived.com/
  9. Guys, please update User List Enabler Version 2.0 is available. I recreated this app from scratch. With new engine, i have fixed the following bugs: User list enabler now compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Fixed a bug with user account which is not administrator. Download User List Enabler v2
  10. After I have seen your app I decide to pause the development of Winaeroglass. BTW, I am the person behind Winaero ----------- Tried with clean FF Works properly.
  11. Hmm, this is my first try at MSFN, so do not kill me If you have multiple user accounts in Windows 8 (e.g. one for yourself and another for your family member), you may notice a new annoyance in Windows 8 – it signs in the last user automatically who shut down/rebooted the PC. This tool resolves the issue and brings back the users list for you with one click. You will be able to choose your user account at every startup. As the result of hard research, this tool is completely different from other existing methods, including all methods I have described in Winaero's blog. This is unique and safest tool, because: it does not changes access rights on any registry key it does not break "Run as different user..." Explorer command, it does not break anything. it uses only built-in Windows features and tools Under the hood of User List Enabler for Windows 8 is nothing more than just Group Policy's "Logoff script". It does all dirty job for you. See how it works: User List Enabler for Windows 8 is free, portable tool compatible with Windows 8 x86 and x64. It will request UAC/Administrator's right when they will be required. Use "Reset to defaults" button to rollback changes. Home page for interested persons.
  12. I will try with new clean profile for FF without any plugins and will post results here.
  13. Well, just tried this. Firefox is constantly flickering, I am unable to use it. Windows drawing is VERY slow (like software-based DCE in Longhorn 4066/4074). Sometimes it makes all other windows flickering for a moment. My OS is Win8 x64 Pro Retail. Debug log is attached. debug.7z

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