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  1. Reformatting

    Tip: Don't export the file to the same drive/partition that you will be reformatting--else it too will be deleted.
  2. nlite - RyanVM Integrator

    Is Ryan's DirectX and WGA addon no longer available? "Service Temporarily Unavailable"
  3. nLite 1.0.1 won't integrate RyanVM 2.1.0

    I got the same error.
  4. You don't have the correct USER access RIGHTS for the corresponding folder/directory. Thus, you get the error message. In other words, you may have access to A but not to B (even though B is on the same computer as A).
  5. Nero Released

    How come it's still at Nero's website?
  6. Hp Pavilion - Accessing "hidden" Partition

    Thank you! I will try that and see if this will help my uncle.
  7. Hp Pavilion - Accessing "hidden" Partition

    Thanks for the info. That's very strange that HP is saying two things (or so it seems to me): 1. You don't need a CD (from my quote) 2. You do need a Recovery Tools CD (from bart of borg's quote) Is HP confused? Or am I? Well, how do I get into that partition? Is there a special key combination that will let me get there? Of course, this is assuming no CD is needed.
  8. Some HP computers doesn't come with a Recovery CD. Instead, HP creates a partition and probably stores all the info about the PC there. Here is a quote from the HP site: "NOTE: HP Pavilions that ship with Windows XP do not always come with recovery CDs. Instead, they use a hidden space (partition) on the hard drive to store the recovery information. Using a hidden partition provides a convenient, more stable recovery process." Link here... I'm trying to help my uncle restore his PC. The kids have made the PC gone haywire. If the PC had came with an XP CD, I wouldn't be asking this. But because it didn't, I'm asking if any of you have had experiences with HP and their systems that are set up this way. Thanks in advance. Model: Pavilion 542x OS: XP Home
  9. how do i run DEFRAG in Scheduled tasks?

    What if you want to defrag multiple drives (partitions) using the same Scheduled Task?
  10. Intel AHCI drivers... help please... no fdd...

    I don't know if this method will help, but it's a shot--works for me.