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  1. Duffy98, you can find WMP 6.4 in the Program Files\Windows Media Player directory. Its filename is "mplayer2.exe". If you install FFDShow it will work with many common video formats. However, if you like WMP 6.4, you should definitely look into Media Player Classic (freeware), which looks nearly identical to WMP 6.4 (it even has a similar icon), but will open pretty much anything (including .MP4, .MKV., .FLV, and so on) and has far more "tweaking" type features. I haven't found a browser I really like. I use IE8 and Firefox, but I miss the days of IE6 when it was new, had ~90% or whatever mar
  2. The first thing I do is disable the "themes" service, which completely prevents Luna from ever rearing its ugly head, even during startup/shutdown. This alone makes XP resemble 2K at a glance. Additionally, I disable "Fast User Switching" and "Use the Welcome Screen", which gives you a real 2K-style logon box during startup. Doing this also gives you the "Windows Security" box (which has 5 useful options, including "Lock Computer") when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del (just as 2K does by default) rather than merely bringing up the Task Manager (like XP does by default). Also, I disable "Use simple fi
  3. The first thing I do after installing XP is to disable the fluff, making it much more like 2K. Also, I'd be perfectly happy to use 2K these days if it was still well-supported.
  4. I got my first PC in July of 2001, when new PCs were still coming with Windows Me. I didn't know the first thing about PCs at the time. I had been using the internet at the local library to play chess online, and I wanted to be able to do that at home. So I went to Best Buy and bought the cheapest thing I could find, which was an eMachines with a 733 MHz Celeron, 64 MB of PC100 RAM, and a 20 GB, 5400 RPM, Seagate HDD. It worked for the most part. I assumed that having to reboot a couple of times per hour because of freezes and other malfunctions was just the way things were in the Windows wor
  5. I hate them all. Firefox is slow, and as far as I know, you can't get rid of tabs (I hate "tabbed browsing" with a passion). Chrome is fast, but ugly (no option to just use a normal Windows skin on it), and it natively lacks simple history and favorites/bookmarks dropdown menus. This is a deal killer for me, and I don't think you can exorcise tabs in it either. I don't like Opera either, it just isn't what I want. What I want is IE6 (or 5.5, or 5, or 4); fix/update it under the hood but give me the same interface. I reluctantly get by these days with IE8, and Firefox for the ever-increasing
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