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  1. PartitionMagic in Server 2003?

    I have this same problem. I still haven't been able to solve it. I am hardly about to fork out AU ~$100 just to be able to resize a partition once and then never use it again..
  2. If you have spaces in the path, you have to surround it with quotes: ECHO RD /S /Q "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Accessibility" ECHO. EXIT
  3. Difference Between Copy And Xcopy?

    Compare "copy /?" and "xcopy /?" to see for yourself.
  4. Microsoft Virtual Machine

    Keep in mind, MS Java Virtual Machine development has been discontinued, and as far as I know Microsoft no longer provide the software from their website. Future Java runtime and development platforms are now developed by Sun, and you can find the various Java packages available at http://www.java.com/
  5. Office XP on 2 computers?

    I highly doubt that the license included inthe retail boxed version of Office allows more than one copy to be installed on multiple computers at the same time. I think you're allowed to make a "backup" of any CD, provided that both CD's are not in use at the same time. But I could be wrong about that
  6. Slow Boot

    If you only have one or two IDE drives in your computer, try disabling the unused IDE ports on each of your channels. To do this, you'll need to go into Device Manager, click the plus sign next to "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers", then right click on one of your IDE channels and select Properties. Go to the Advanced Settings tab at the top, where you'll be shown the device type and transfer mode of each IDE port. Where the ports aren't being used and the transfer mode shows "Not Applicable", you can change the device type to "None". This should prevent Windows XP probing for drives on bootup and attempting to configure transfer modes for those that don't exist, and it cuts a considerable amount of time off my bootup Cheers, Dan.
  7. Extra Preamp for low-volume file playback

    I use SimpleDivX to rip DVD's. It uses AC3 Filter, and it has an option in the interface to Normalize volume in "midnight mode". I assume this is just a switch for one of the filters that it calls ... it may be in Besweet though, and not AC3 Filter. I would just use SimpleDivX, its much easier
  8. random system reboot

    In Control Panel, go to System properties, then to the Advanced tab. Under Startup and Recovery, click the Settings button. Remove the check in the box that says "Automatically restart", then OK, and you're done. You may want to check your Event Log to see what the specific problem is. That may tell you a bit more info about the problem.
  9. Internet Responsiveness (and lack of)

    You're right about the MTU config, but its more technical than simply services running. I am saying that NT is better, not worse, and im not talking about just a web browser. From what I gather, i am assuming that network support in Windows NT platforms is obviously better written than for other platforms, so thats why it seems faster.
  10. Firewall for Windows XP

    Kerio WinRoute Pro is a nice simple software replacement for a hardware router. Supports UPnP, HTTP transparent proxies, domain integration ... just to name a few features. Costs money tho http://www.kerio.com/kwf_home.html
  11. Whenever I have used my dial-up connection with Linux or Windows 98, its frustrates me how unresponsive connections are when compared with Win2k or XP, which generally makes the internet seem 'slower'. I know heaps of people that have said this, but I can't find an article on it anywhere on the internet. Has anyone else experienced this, and can someone offer a technical explanation of why its a common remark that on Windows NT-based OS's, dial-up internet seems more responsive than other platforms ?
  12. DU Meter

    You'd still have to export the stats manually though right. I would prefer it completely automated. I think I'd have more chance of getting MRTG working on my dial-up connection though, which is cooler anyway.
  13. DU Meter

    I thought I might write an app which grabbed the data and made it into HTML automatically, so I did some regmonning and filemonning ... but erm ... DU Meter doesn't appear to be doing what it looks like. So I couldn't figure out where it was storing the stats.
  14. DU Meter

    Is it possible to automatically export DU Meter stats to HTML, or does it have to be done manually? Hmmm ... just wondering. --Dan.