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  1. I just tried your switch and it didnt work fom me either, if you want to test nlaom succesfully I made a Diskeeper 10 addon, but it took trial and error, for example the switch starts with /S in caps instead of the diskeeper 7 (" /s /v""/qn REBOOT=Suppress") one from nlaom,here is the diskeeper 10 switch: /S /v/qb took me bout a thousand tries to find it, and yes! nlaom is suposed to make a silent switch installer. Which the program that you are making?
  2. some installations possess commands special that occult the installation. Thus making an installation not attended. this type of instalção occult the windows. some installation if you to type setup.exe/? it appears the commands that this installation supports TD I understood we go to see if it is possible to make something for next version It would be thus?
  3. I understood More svcpack could remove these programs not to create problems alem not to remove it also does not erase the removed programs of the list of hotfix of the folder. would be interesting the nlite to make this what it finds? since nowadays this part is used very to add add-ons programs.
  4. in nlite svcpack.in_ [setupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\SVCACK" this change would have that to be manual not? [setupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\SERVICE"
  5. When it removes the programs addons of the list of hotfix and updates the nlite does not remove of the archive svcpack.in_ continues adding more programs. My list add-ons Programs ( 9 programs ) My svcpack.in_ ( 25 programs ) Programs that had been removed still are in the archive. sorry my english ir poor
  6. I see what you are going on about but why would you even want to do that. It seems a bit pointless I execute a few progs via addon maker svcpack.inf btw I get an error, you know "access is denied, make sure the disk is not write protected or in use" etc. I asked ppl and they suggested changing the svcpack dir and it works at service. we go to make tests to see if it is possible without harming the normal way.
  7. Switchs is internally in the archive .exe not in .ini thx,I've fixed it. And report another bug. Nlite Addon Maker 1.2.4 do not support chinese well, I mean when u put a file in a directory contained chinese characters or a path to the directory contains chinese characters, I got an error just like this. that's it. and this software is wonderful, thx for ur work. send me your chinese language to test. virtualltek@yahoo.com.br it tries to modify the font in the language file
  8. Nero 7 Lite v b will not have versions in other languages?
  9. Thankz a lot T y for u help carnificina I have fix it, i've made separate folders to all cab files, and now its OK. T y again carnificina, hope u can read this ?.
  10. You must be placing a program for folder more than he only places 1 program for folder if you to select a folder with many programs go to compact all the archives.
  11. Available korean language in this link if the author to be able to send me would be grateful to add in the next version http://qaos.com/viewtopic.php?topic=8336&forum=14
  12. Download Nlite Add-on Maker http://virtualltek.mgbr.net/inicial.php?page=down08
  13. News: Nlite Add-on Maker 1.23 New Features: Hide 100% windows extract setup files from 7-zip compression Update 7-zip 4.42 More speedy in create cab files New languages. Level compression system. thankz a lot
  14. don't open site: http://nerolite.lieblingsbesuch.de/
  15. Add-ons makes its easily Nlite Add-on Maker 1.22 http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=73008
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