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  1. The messages are not consistant. Now I can boot to Safe Mode and no Explorer messages or blue screen. I did manage to run the DUN14-95 file, rebooted 'protection error' msg again. I'm a bit rusty on windows, usually use *nix, but does it matter if I warm boot or cold boot on restarts ? Also, the computer I'm using has a number of drives in it, as I use it to multi-boot. But win95 won't worry about that, I think, it will just see it as a HDD. Peter
  2. I would use the full version, if the patch gave me (normal) Windows, but all I can get is safe Mode. I can still get into Safe Mode, and I tried to run DUN14-95, but even Safe Mode now gives an Explorer msg, and then the blue screen. Have attached BOOTLOG.TXT Thanks, Peter BOOTLOG.TXT
  3. Have uninstalled the " RLoew's RAM Limitation patch", and try to boot into safe mode and get a msg "Insufficient memory". Is there any way around that, or do I have to place the HDD back into the old machine ? The ram is 2 Gb and the CPU is 3.0 Ghz in the newer computer, that doesn't like win95b. Peter
  4. I have been able to boot into Windows 'Safe mode' on the newer computer, the one with 2 Gb ram. Have removed everything I could from the Device Manager, restarted and still get the same message. I can boot into Safe Mode though. But it hangs after about 10 mins, how do I uninstall " RLoew's RAM Limitation patch" ? Peter
  5. I do have the original diskettes, by now I'd dount I would be able to read them, with errors. I may use WINE ; have tested running Ms Works under it, seems to run okay. I think the only way to get 95b to run again, is to transfer the HDD back to the old computer ( a 350 mHz cpu I think). Thanks for your help, Peter
  6. The patch didn't work either, so now back to square one, as they say.
  7. Have placed the VCACHE.VXD in the path WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32 , rebooted, same message. Looks like I might have to try RLoew's RAM Limitation patch Thanks for your help, Peter
  8. I have now run FIX95CPU, all went okay, used the ISO on a CD and booted to that, restarted and got the usual "Windows protection error" message. How do I do that ? Is it running EXTRACT.EXE on Q194827.EXE ? Thanks, I might have to try the demo. Peter
  9. Have logged to BOOTLOG.TXT, and the lines with 'fail' are .. There aere 6 lines that refence VCACHE .. If I try to boot to Win safemode, it very quickly just goes to DOS. Hmm, I might try running SETUP. Ah, I can't run that in DOS either. Btw, the file FIXCPU.ISO only conatins one file - DUN14-95.EXE , is that okay ? Seems weird for an image of a boot disk. Peter
  10. When I booted to DOS, and did a recursive 'dir' to search for VCACHE.VXD, it did not find the file, inside the c:\windows path. I downloaded the Q194827.EXE file, booted to DOS again, and got a "This program cannot be run in DOS mode". This mobo has a 3.0 GHz CPU also. Peter
  11. Thanks, I tried that, but still got the "Windows protection error" message. Will try the next suggestion, although I couldn't find VCACHE.VXD. I wonder what path it is in > Peter
  12. Thanks, jaclaz for those links.
  13. After I posted here , I realised there is a forum just for Win 95 (this one), so please excuse the extra post. Peter
  14. Have moved Win95b HDD to another computer, and then got a message "Insufficient memory to initialize Windows" message. Then I changed the appropriate line in system.ini as Add the following line in the [386Enh] section of the file MaxPhysPage=30000 and that got rid of the error message. But now it has an error message "Windows protection error" when I try to boot to Win95b Here is CONFIG.SYS DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE [COMMON] SHELL=C:\COMMAND.COM C:\ /E:4096 /P files=125 LASTDRIVE=Z and here is AUTOEXEC.BAT C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\doskey set path=c:\windows;c:\windows\command win The computer has 2 Gb RAM. What causes the "Windows protection error" message ? Peter
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