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  1. Yeah, that's a bug Fixed, re-download RC via same link. OK,u r so fast
  2. 1.3rc1 bug the right-click menu shows diffient the line has turned to the characters right now like
  3. 对我个人而言,每次运行cfg.exe时检查有无新版本已经足够了 实在没有必要弄一个让人讨厌的大的提醒,而且这样也需要额外的进程和服务,实在是没必要 最好的就是维持现状 For me personally, the check for a new version of each run cfg.exe enough It is not necessary to get a big reminder annoying, and so also require additional processes and services, it is not necessary The best is to maintain the status quo
  4. Use a scheduled task? no matter how to notify,I do not like any more extra services and processes running Maybe ,the now notification is enough , Updating is not a usual feature
  5. Only when you run configurator. I may introduce checking in explorer as well, but i don't like obtrusive notifications (nobody does). Do you have an idea how to notify about new version if configurator is not running? no matter how to notify,I do not like any more extra services and processes running
  6. It *IS* given at first installation and as well in FAQ. I may add a control panel item or start menu shortcut as well, but i hope it's not necessary. Not necessary at all
  7. Nice work, 1.1RC , the right-click menu suits my system language now http://p13.freep.cn/p.aspx?u=v20_p13_photo_1211160922067112_0.png
  8. Less is more! I think the best is totally like native win7 Start menu,enough the more features, the more complex
  9. yeh,this had mentioned many times before
  10. It's same way in Windows 7 start menu, the color in the search box is not black. That's not true, only the "Search programs and files" is in gray, but typed text is black. That‘s true
  11. And installer of course! Note that StartIsBack is installed for user only - into \Users\<User>\AppData\Local\StartIsBack Installer is a bit lame for now, but installing per-machine won't likely be implemented for v1.0 personal edition. Spread the word about this version, it's meant to be heard of, i hope there are no bugs . Icon is probably temporary, shamrock will stay probably. Everybody loves shamrock? Cool!
  12. 谢谢,非常好用,祝早日发布正式版。
  13. C the introduction in first page "No extra services running, no extra processes running, no files patched, no admin rights required, fully translated into your language."
  14. Good,pls share the orb logo tool,download link?
  15. Hoo~hoo~, Angry birds SiB is coming bigger & bigger.......
  16. My thinkpad T400 has no right win-key at all。
  17. Is necessary to invoke Start(Apps) Screen? OK,ctrl+win
  18. Me too! The same happen to mine
  19. It seem very good. I have just registered today,not allow to upload pictures。 Here are some pictures link followed
  20. your instll path is wrong copy the “Startisback” to C:\

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