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    Windows 8

    the reasons I like it are because it is an upgrade. take the ability to pause file transfers for example. it also has a lot of security improvements that windows 7 lacks. but not if someone is objectively speaking. how can one possibly argue that (for example) the new file transfer features are a disadvantage over what was previously offered, when they have more functionality? see above. if the features are better than their predecessors, then yes it means something. there can be no (honest) denial that it has improved features over windows 7, even if one doesn't like the os as a whole. take windows vista for example. almost nobody liked it when it launched (?) but there can be no denying that it was a improvement over windows xp.
  2. JJerome

    Windows 8

    no DVD playback decreases the cost for consumers. how many people do you know that still use DVDs? if you require it, download something like media player classic. That's exaggerated beyond belief. See http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/08/windows-8-privacy-complaint-misses-the-forest-for-the-trees/ even if it were an accurate portrayal of the feature, it's not like you can't turn smart screen off! it's been working very nicely for me. seems like there are two categories: one group says it sucks with a mouse, yet another says it works fine. "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ...clunky? smaller footprint than windows 7. how is it less efficient? thats bullhocky! explain how it isn't desktop friendly? because of the gestures like start screen, etc? newsflash: if you use windows 7, you no doubt use gestures all of the time! there are several improvements over the windows 7 desktop. for example, file transfer information now has graphs and heat maps to indicate file transfer speed. information is now presented in one window, instead of multiple confusing windows. you can now pause file transfers. just a few more, from wikipedia: what can the start menu do that the start screen can't?? the start screen still has instant search, pinning, and also live tiles, better screen estate, item grouping, etc. just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that it's a "downgrade". in order to be a viable reference, you must separate yourself from bias (be objective), otherwise, your evaluations aren't worth crap!
  3. Will do. And I have no interest in legal persecution. I merely stated that it isn't (to my knowledge) legal. Please, I don't wish for you to misunderstand me. I've only come here to prevent another Windows from being panned. Your patch is to my objective...how do I put it delicately? A fly in the ointment. Now on the surface, this appears to be a contradiction, since people may actually want to use Windows 8 due to your patch. However, sometimes a product becomes such a convenient whipping boy that we lose sight of what it really is... Windows 8 is maligned in the same way, and by the same crowd of clueless tech bloggers. Your patch gives the impression that the start menu is absolutely necessary for the operating system to be usable, not to mention throwing out Microsoft's hard work.
  4. The user of your patch doesn't modify any Windows files, but someone else does for you. ...Isn't that a loophole? Oh contraire. I wonder how Microsoft would feel about such an endeavor? Perhaps we should ask to make sure that it's O.K? ...One post is trolling? That's new.
  5. isn't this in violation of the EULA? oh yes it is! "- You may NOT repackage, translate, adapt, vary, modify, alter, create derivative works based upon, or integrate any other computer programs with, the Product in whole or in part." "- You may NOT decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Product except to the extent that you may be expressly permitted to reverse engineer or decompile under applicable law." Microsoft is not forcing anything on anyone, if you want to use a Start Menu, use Windows 7 or earlier. Or use a third-party program. I personally love the Start Screen. They (rightly) decided to move forward in Windows 8. Much like Windows 3.1 - > Windows 95. Nevermind that the Start Screen still has instant search, pinning, and also live tiles, better screen estate, item grouping, etc. If we had your way, we'd still be using the Program Manager. They kept the new Start Menu until Windows 7. That gave it a good life of 8 years. Now we're on to bigger, better things. When Windows 7 was in beta, adherents of the Classic Start Menu were told "it's time to move on", yet the same people who rebuked these adherents don't want to lose their Windows 7 Start Menu. Irony at its finest. Oh and as for the people complaining about it being "hard to shutdown", do yourself a favor and press Alt+F4 while you're on the desktop. If memory serves, you can create a shortcut in Windows 8 to shutdown or restart your computer. Place it on the desktop, taskbar, or pin it to the Start Screen. To shutdown, Shutdown.exe -s -t 00 To restart, Shutdown.exe -r -t 00 Problem solved.

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