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  1. i'm currently reinstalling, there're some differences between what MS Update offers me & the UL here're some of what WUD offers but not MS Update (< means 'is superseded by'): [security updates] 2476490 < 2564958 2503658 < 2544893 2524375 < 2607712/2616676 < 2641690 < 2718704* 2525694 < 2555917 < 2778344 2556532 < 2709715 < 2799494 2719985 < 2757638 [non-security update] <many> here're some of what MS Update offers but not WUD: [security update] 2532531, bluetooth stack 2706045, JScript & VBScript 2797052, cumulative security update for ie8/9 [non-security update] 2718704*, unauthorized certificates 2574819, add support for DTLS 2592687, RDP 8.0 update 2598845, compatibility view list for ie 8 2670838, platform update (D2D, D3D, DirectWrite, WIC, WARP, WAM, XPS, H.264, JPEG)
  2. i think WUD shows 3.5.1 (ie. 2.0 sp2, 3.0 sp2, 3.5 sp1) updates but not 4.5 because of 2 reasons: 1. 3.5.1 is already included in 7 RTM, so with the UL for 7 saying 'post-sp1', it's expected to show post-sp1 3.5.1 updates, unless 3.5.1 is disabled / even remove. while 4.5 isn't out-of-box in 7 sp1 2. i haven't use .net framework in programming yet so i'm not sure about this one, but i remember a friend said that 4.5 is supposed to be a complete replacement for 4 (aside from the frequent breaks of 4.0 apps that use 4.5) (i guess 4 & 4.5 can't even be installed in the same sys), but 4.5 isn't intended to be a complete replacement for 3.5.1, so you should install & update 4.5 & 3.5.1 just to be prepared for needing apps however, i agree that 7sp1 UL should include 4.5 updates, because 4.5 is getting common for 7 so i think most apps currently developed are targeted to it & 4.0 apps are being converted to it HTH
  3. right, the folder named 'xp' in the achi path was what convinced me one last thing fernando, i'm interested in your opinion on this issue of amd ahci driver being inferior to vista & later driver in term of performance i know it's off-topic, i won't prolong it thx
  4. ouch, that's what 'svr' means i've tested your files, it works. thx btw, i figured amd ahci drivers are included in raid drivers, maybe just because raid does use ahci but why amd doesn't include txtsetup.oem for sb6xx & sb7xx, only for sb8xx? and how did you figure out the hardware id in your txtsetup.oem? thx
  5. hello the latest amd chipset driver pkg v12.8 has amd_sata.sys instead of ahcix86.sys is that the correct file to integrate with nlite? the os is xp32 sp3 vlk i've tested on on VirtualBox only to find an err during text mode setup, saying amd_sata.sys couldn't be found i checked in the xp source for the files, all sata driver files from the amd chipset driver pkg (from folder SB7xx/AHCI_svr/XP) do exist so what's the problem? thx

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