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  1. Some things can stay, some things must be removed, some things are redetected leaving unneeded Registry entries. Determining which requires testing of every possible driver. This is not practical for a general purpose package. It is much simpler to remove all of them cleanly. Special situations, such as USB only Keyboard and Mouse, may require different handling, but that would not be part of a standard SP. At least not yet. Thank you rloew for explaining it. I couldn't have done it better. Thank you too, rloew, for your explanation. I will make sure I do it proper on any future re-installs. PROBLEMCHYLD:At first I thought you were beatin' me up a little bit with your reply, but I guess not, after reading all. I'm still a little new/nervous with posting to this topic. Wish I had the skills you folks possess, to contribute more but I do greatly appreciate all of your(s) work (I hope this quote works like it should. Still learning the ropes) You folks are GREAT, & I'm luvin' my New & Improved 98 !!!
  2. Hi, Me again (USB Keyboard/Mouse not responding when installing SP3.xx) MOBO on that PC died. Got a new 98 compatible MOBO as I have to keep using Win98. - AsRock 775i65G R3.0 - New build, by myself - So far, so good. I'm pretty impressed/happy ! Just have 1 question and and my personal installation findings/comments. Q: Why is it mandatory to remove all USB stuff in Safe Mode after installing usbstack.exe (just personal curiosity) Installation findings/comments: All installs were on a fresh formatted test 8 Gb partition. Win98SE and all factory drivers installed. No conflicts or unknown devices in Device Manager noted. Installed main updates only & restarted. Then I installed usbstack.exe and rebooted. Quite by accident, F8 key did not bring up boot menu to boot to safe mode so I just decided to let it proceed to see what would happen. New hardware was detected and installed. It was all USB stuff but I didn't write it/them down. When asked if I wanted to keep newer versions of files to replace, I always chose keep newer file. PS/2 mouse was still needed after a certain point. When I rebooted, the only device not recognized or installed was HID mouse. I was able to update driver (in device manager) with a file in Windows/Inf folder. After reboot, SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS !!! Device manager was free of conflicts and everything appears to work & FAST !. I'm still testing and have been using for many hours with no problem/issues so far. All my USB sticks are recognized & usable. Haven't tried any other USB devices yet. I DO NOT recommend that anyone follow these/my procedures, they just my personal experiences. This same procedure also seemed to work on another PC of mine. ABIT NF7 w/AMD Anthlon CPU. If you would like me to test any specific thing or make notes of a fresh install when updating to SP3 & usbstack, I'll see what I can do. The only thing I happened to notice was the Win Key doesn't pop up the start menu. Win+E, Win+F, Win+R, etc. all work. This is no big deal & I don't know what the issue is. Just an FYI. I think your about 99.9 % there. 1000 thank yous to you, PROBLEMCHYLD, & all your happy helpers/contributors ! YOU GUYS, (and or GALS) ARE THE BEST !!! Rek67
  3. Greetings to all I am pleased to report a successful install of SP 3.7 on my system. (See very 1st post for details) Both USB keyboard & mouse remained attached during install, which was: Fresh install of Win98 SE, all necessary drivers ( for no Device Manager Issues), IE 5.5, Direct-x 9.0c. Installed SP 3.7 Main Updates only. Shut down & rebooted to Safe Mode to remove all USB stuff in Device Manager following info from usbman.com's order of removal. http://www.usbman.com/Guides/Cleanup%20Device%20Manager%20Safe%20Mode.htm Delete USB peripheral devices (Scanners, Printers, Cameras etc.) Delete HID and/or Composite USB (Human Interface Devices) Delete USB Root Hub(s) (Universal Host Controllers) Delete USB Host Controller(s) (Universal Host Controllers) Upon reboot & installation of SP 3.7 files, after the Standard Open HCI Controllers finish screen appeared, both the KB & mouse were lost/frozen/locked up again. To proceed, I rebooted with a old PS/2 mouse attached also. This allowed all later finished screens to be clicked OK/finish. USB keyboard was then detected & installed along with USB mouse & USB contollers, etc. PS/2 was removed after all was complete & shut down. Hip-Hip-Hooray !!! All works so far, so good, & no conflicts in device manager. Many thanks to you, PROBLEMCHYLD & all others for your hard work and dedication to SP 3.x and all the other GOOD STUFF in the Win 98 projects area. I'll keep you posted as more system usage & program installs occur. Will try not to open anymore Can 'O Worms ! Thanks again, ReK67
  4. Thank you ALL for your advice & replies ! I was just made aware of this new topic via an email from rloew (personal conversation) I kept watching the SP 3.6 topic for response and saw none. I will read all, carefully, and reply as soon as I can with my progress. I just wanted to reply quickly, to let all know that I am not ignoring your attempts for solutions. Thanks again for making me feel welcome and for your help. ReK67
  5. OMG ! Welcome to the forum, I hope. My 1st post/comments. I hope I don't fuel the (usb) fire any more, but here goes. Has anyone else had an install problem with 98 SE SP 3.x, when your system has both a USB keyboard & mouse ? Mine is: Viewsonic KBM-KU-306 & MS Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 MB=Asus A7N8X - nVidia nForce2 controllers - AMD Anthalon 1300 CPU - 512 Mb Ram Did a fresh clean install Win 98 SE. Installed all necessary drivers to eliminate any unknown devices in the System /Device Manager section, including (nVidia ?) usb20_98me.exe Ver 2.0.8 (that removed a PCI Universal Serial Bus-unknown ? device) Installed IE 5.5 & Dirextx 9.0c. Did a MS Backup of my C: drive All worked fine to this point Now I installed SP 3.6 main updates only. When install was finished, I shut down. Then I would reboot to Safe Mode, to remove any and all USB stuff in the device manager. (As to your usb 2.0 notice/instructions) KB & Mouse had to remain attached or PC won't boot up. Hope that was correct procedure to follow. Upon S/D & Reboot: detection of Standard Open HCI Usb Host Controller started. Was seeking files usb.inf & then Sp3.cab. When finished installing software your hardware requires dialog message popped up, both the mouse & keyboard locked up/no response. SD & reboot again to add new H.W. wizard window looking to install Standard Open HCI Usb Host Controller again, and again no response from mouse or KB. This continues to reoccur on every reboot, No KB or mouse. Tried at least 6 times with no success. Booted to safe mode to restore my previously backed up system (replace all files & restore Registry & H.W. settings) Interesting note after System restore is all my Usb storage devices were recognized and usable. About 6 different ones. Could do fast removal also. PROBLEMCHYLD: This is not a complaint or gripe, just a report, and if I did something stupid/didn't read something, I apologize for wasting your time. I've been following this and many other topics in the 98 area for quite a few years and appreciate all the hard work & time you skilled folks put into these projects & improvements. If you would like anymore info, I'll do my best to respond, as soon as I figure out how to reply to a specific post. Thanks for listening & I hope this goes where it's supposed to. (PS: There are a lot of rookies, newbies, P.-Time Hackers, guests etc., out there lookin' at this GREAT STUFF) ReK
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