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  1. Thanks that you liked it, and... nope, there isn't. I can hide it once it pops up but that will just flash the window for a few millisecond before hiding it, so it's no use. just the same as now. But if someone can enhance my AutoIt3 script you're welcome But looking at the option window, doing all the check box custom settings all by itself and automatically closing all windows afterwards... I find it cute
  2. I have written a small tool to select the Visual Effects Performance Options from the "System Options" control panel through command line. Written with AutoIt3. The .au3 source code provided. I'm talking about the visual effects settings which can be set by: My Computer --> Right click, Properties --> System Options --> Advanced --> Visual Effects Settings. There you can choose from: "Let Windows choose what's best" "Adjust for best appearance" "Adjust for best performance" "Custom" The advantage of this is that it applies all settings right away without the need of rebooting first and the most important: no stupid .reg files with hundreds of lines spread all over registry in HKCU or HKLM or wherever and nobody really knows if it's working or not!! So here it is: XP Command Line Visual Effects Usage: visualeffects.exe <choice> [/titles="Title1";"Title2"] [/silent[=##]] Choices: /auto select "Let Windows choose what's best" /appearance select "Adjust for best appearance" /performance select "Adjust for best performance" /custom=######### select "Custom" (where # is 0 or 1 for each option, max 16 options) Other Parameters: /titles="Title1";"Title2" Specify the title of "System Properties" and "Performance Options" of your language's Windows. /silent[=##] Don't ask, just autodetect. [Optional: timeout in seconds before continuing (default = 1)]. Note: German or English windows will be detected automatically. All other languages must specify the title of "System Properties" and "Performance Options" of their language's Windows otherwise the script will try to autodetect the right windows' titles and ask for confirmation. Optionally you can provide /silent so no confirmation will be asked. Examples: visualeffects.exe /custom=000101001 --> select "Custom" with specified options (the rest of options will be asumed 0) visualeffects.exe /appearance /titles="Systemeigenschaften";"Leistungsoptionen" --> example for providing titles, in this case for German windows visualeffects.exe /performance /silent --> select "best performance" for any language's Windows without confirming (hopefully) Have fun with it. Hope it really works on every language Windows. Never tested it. I recommend starting it with WIHU at RunOnceEx. Works perfectly for me. Note: This is another similar tool I found in this forum "VisualEffectsChangerXP" by smc1979. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=30078&st=0 My personal opinion: don't like that it needs an .ini file and basically just sets some registry and hence must reboot afterwards to take effect. But interesting to read. StormLogiX © 1977 XPCommandLineVisualEffects.zip
  3. The little tool that smc1979 has created "VisualEffectsChangerXP" is great but after you apply the settings with his tool, you have to reboot for the settings to take effect. Whereas the click on "Adjust for best performance" and then "OK" doesn't require a reboot. That's why I made this script with AutoIt. On the other hand: with my script you don't have any choices to choose from - only "Adjust for best performance". But I think that already suits my only needs. p.s. I compiled the script into an .exe for anyone who doesn't have AutoIt yet. Warning! No confirmation or whatsoever. Adjust_for_best_performance.exe
  4. Thanks for the registry settings although I'm kinda not sattisfied with that. I have done some research in that direction myself but its not, eh, "clean", somehow . I like the "Adjust for best performance" more. Now I have experimented a bit with AutoIt v3. A tool I just have discovered in this Forum. Here's the result "Adjust for best performance.au3": Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) ;Opens the System Properties window and chooses the 3rd tab ;same as right click --> properties from My Computer. Run("control sysdm.cpl,,3") ;click on the Performance Options "Settings" button WinWaitActive("classname=#32770") $handle = WinGetHandle("active") ControlClick("","","Button2") ;click on "Adjust for best performance" WinWaitActive("classname=#32770") ControlClick("","","Button3") ;click on "OK" button ControlClick("","","Button5") ;click on "OK" button WinWaitActive("handle="&$handle) ControlClick("","","Button9") Works perfect for me. I had to use the "classname=" feature because if I had used the window title or button title it will only work with German Windows Btw. I haven't tested it on any other Windows than my German Windows XP Pro SP2. Can somebody test it on other language Windows XP and report if its working or not?
  5. err... i see the first problem: $OEM$\$$\system32\ntoskrnl.exe bootcfg /RAW /A /Kernel=oemkrnl.exe /ID 1
  6. I have thought of a workaround so you must not maintain several $OEM$ folders and synchronize them everytime you make a change in one of them. In the root of my CD i put the "$OEM$" folder with everything that belongs to it (Install, Drivers, etc.). Then I put a file "cmdlines.cmd" in it with following code: \$OEM$\cmdlines.cmd @echo off if exist \$OEM$\$1 xcopy \$OEM$\$1 "%systemdrive%"\ /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist \$OEM$\$$ xcopy \$OEM$\$$ "%systemroot%"\ /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist \$OEM$\$Docs xcopy \$OEM$\$Docs "%allusersprofile%"\ /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul if exist \$OEM$\$Progs xcopy \$OEM$\$Progs "%programfiles%"\ /e/h/r/y/z/c >nul [...your install code be here...] Then in every windows version on my CD, I put an $OEM$ folder with only one file and only one command in it: cmdlines.txt [COMMANDS] "\$OEM$\cmdlines.cmd" Copy this to every windows version on your CD. So when cmdlines.txt of the local $OEM$ is called, it will delegate it to the one root $OEM$ and copy everything just as a normal $OEM$ folder would do and after that you can put your normal installation code there as used. I tested it. Works perfect. p.s. What i'm not really sure of: how to put $Docs in the right folder ("C:\Documents and Settings\"). Currently i just copy it in %allusersprofile% so it will get copied to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users"
  7. Anybody knows how to silent install AntiVir PE Verson 6.x?
  8. Have you seen the project WIHU (Windows Installation Helper Utility)? It does exactly what you want with a nice GUI and is ini-file customizable.
  9. Hello, I have a question: My computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Settings -> "Adjust for best performance" ...is it possible setting this through command line? I found this with google: rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL sysdm.cpl,,3 but it is only showing the "Advanced" tab of "System Properties" panel and sets nothing
  10. Actually the RunOnceExec is running after installation is finished and first logon with Administrator account has occured... so everything should be working normal with this method. But thanks that you mentioned the "Secondary Logon" service. I had actually removed it with NLite. That was the culprit. I just tested it with "Secondary Logon" service enabled and then everything works like a charm. Thanks
  11. Hello, i'm starting WIHU directly from CD-Rom using the RunOnceEx from CD (http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/runonceex_cd.htm) method: my "\OEM$\cmdlines.txt" contains: [COMMANDS] "\WIHU\runonce.cmd" my "\WIHU\runonce.cmd" contains: @echo off SET CDROM=%CD:~0,2% SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Customization..." /f REG ADD %KEY%\001 /VE /D "WIHU..." /f REG ADD %KEY%\001 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\WIHU\wihu.exe" /f Works perfectly. What i still don't understand is: Why is the "new user" and "password" input disabled? And "new user has admin rights" is disabled?? And the "use logged in user" is selected by default???
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