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  1. Sorry glnz but I didn't get to time the process properly. I started downloading just after midnight. That was the easy bit. However the installation took so long that I just left it and went to bed. When I got up early morning, the laptop appeared to have gone into hibernation so I woke it up and it continued installing. Then late morning I realised I still had some more downloads to do (I had initially unticked some of them due to worries about exceeding my data usage limit). To cut a long story short, I had successfully installed about 79 updates by just after lunch - probably 12 to 14 hours in total. It could possibly have been done a lot quicker had I checked the laptop's power settings. By the way, it is an ancient 2004 laptop by the now defunct Time (UK) with model number 755S14, made in China. No working battery, USB ports no longer functioning and every time you reconnect the power after having unplugged it, you have to press F1 and re-enter the date and time afresh otherwise it won't start up! It originally belonged to my late brother in law and his family. Heaven knows why I have continued updating it all these years!
  2. Thanks, Bersaglio. I just turned on my Windows XP laptop and was very surprised to find that the Install Shield was notifying me of almost 80 updates! Only then did I read your reply. I have Office 2003 installed and one of the two Office updates you mentioned was installed a few days ago. I have just installed the other (KB3203427), or at least I think it's installed. I have also just manually installed the IE8 update (KB4021558). I am now going to start downloading some of the updates. What about Microsoft .Net versions? I seem to have versions 2.0 (SP2), 3.0 (SP2) and 3.5 (SP1) already installed. Should I download 4.0 and do the earlier versions still remain on the system? Bear in mind that this laptop is 13 years old, with a 2.4GHz processor and only 992Mb of RAM.
  3. I have just added the POSReady registry hack to a very old laptop of mine running Windows XP, with the hope of also adding it to a 2nd PC soon. However, when I went to the Windows Update page and scanned for fresh updates since 2014, the scan never completed. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to solve this please? I also read page 1 of this thread and noticed the comment about all SP4 users having to delete a certain registry key as of 8th March 2016 in order to continue receiving automatic updates from Microsoft. Could you just confirm that there is no need to delete this key if you have only added the POSReady registry hack but not the SP4 pack? I haven't deleted that key. I have Windows Update turned on but set to notify me of updates to download and install - could that be the problem?
  4. BWC, Can you provide a link to your latest available Java 6 update for Windows 2000 as I cannot easily find the links on your blog site. The latest one I could find was JRE 6 update 45...
  5. Apparently the last patch for Java 6 will be released on 19th February, so I am presuming that there might be one more patch still to follow after update 39? http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9234900/Oracle_to_stop_patching_Java_6_in_February_2013?taxonomyId=208&pageNumber=1
  6. Thanks Yffffonz. I followed your link and have now managed to install BWC's January 2013 version of Flash It is the first time in many months that I have had Flash working on my Win 2000 PC so I'm very happy, even though I've got the old picture stutter problem (it seems a lot of people have the same problem). The only thing I would add is that it took me two attempts to get it installed properly. The second time I read the ReadMe file, but I have to admit that I found the ReadMe instructions a bit confusing. However, I realise that BWC doesn't have to do these things for us, so thanks anyway to BWC!
  7. Yes I managed to instal it without a problem, thanks. Wish I could say the same for Flash Player. Last year I had it working through something called the w2k wrapper but now the newer versions just won't instal with the wrapper. I just get the procedure entry point not found error message. So I have to switch over to my newer Windows 7 latop for most video content.
  8. Thanks. I installed KB2722913 for IE6 SP1 from your website. However, I noticed these notes about it on bristols website: I have noticed that I have KB982381 already installed on my PC. Do I need to unistall that old one or doesn't it matter? By the way, when reviewing my installed updates on Microsoft Update, it only shows me the old updates- not the new installation of KB2722913.
  9. Which version of the Kernel Ex is safe to download as there are lots of links on the above page and it is not altogether clear. I am running an original 12-year old Intel Pentium III desktop, 866 Mhz processor, 256 MB RAM, all official Windows 2000 security updates installed until support ended in June 2010, plus the new update from this month (KB2722913) after reading about that. I also use Office 2000 and Outlook Express on this PC. I have newer laptops running Windows XP and Windows 7 but there is one good reason why I still use the old Win 2k machine a lot: because for many months my wifi adaptor can pick up a strong unencrypted wifi signal from a neighbouring property when used on the Win 2k PC, even though the signal is invisible when you scan for it (it connects automatically when I switch on my PC). However, despite many attempts, I cannot detect nor connect to this same free wifi signal using the same adaptor in exactly the same location on either of my laptops. Therefore my old Win 2k PC is saving me a lot of money each month in broadband fees which I would otherwise have to start paying again. For this reason, I would like to keep using it for as long as possible. I can only presume that the reason I can connect to this wifi on my old PC whereas on my other computers I can't must be something to do with the Windows 2000 operating system itself. I would also like to see any relevant instructions on how to download Kernel Ex, or is it just a case of downloading it and then running it? Which folder do you put it in and do you have to remove any other installed security updates first?
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