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  1. I tried this software and i removed games, tablet support and voice recognition (or something like that). All work great but my OS is 15GB on C:, is too much, or not?
  2. Cheers and Regards Hi, i have problem with vlite and windows 7 sp1, where i can find a official iso of windows 7 without sp1? I have only my official iso and it have SP1 included...
  3. Hi all. I have a big problem. Sure that my Win7-lite will be work i tried to install it and now the 3 error that i have are: I'm now without my PC... I only installed VLite 1.1, then 1.2 and i followed a simple guide on a italian blog. Removed Speech support and little else. When VLite created iso file, i had one problem with "microsoft windows 7 usb/dvd tool" because the iso was no more bootable. So i solved with a tool created by an italian guy. http://www.megalab.it/2953/rendere-nuovamente-bootabile-il-dvd-di-windows-vista-o-windows-7 The installer of Windows 7 start normally, the installation works and is silent and automated, but when all is done, and system restarts the problem of three screenshots above come to me like a rocket in my a**... Why you don't talk about the problem with bootable iso? I'm doing something wrong? I'm using X17-59215.iso Please help P.S. I've read post #105 and all topic

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