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  1. This is what I use on my GuiRunOnce.cmd ECHO ******************************************* ECHO Starting some nice background music while you wait start mplayerc %systemdrive%\install\music\*.mp3 /play /minimized ECHO ******************************************* ECHO. This will open Media Player Classic minimized and play all the MP3s contained in %systemdrive%\install\music, allowing for a playlist of your choice. If you dont put mplayerc.exe in you $$\System32 folder you have to edit your app path accordingly. Oh, and of course I have a start /wait taskkill /f /im mplayerc.exe >nul before the install folders are deleted
  2. Hiya Heres my first attempt, hope you like it Setup Screenshot
  3. Try this from a batchfile assoc .dcx=FaxFiles ftype FaxFiles="%ProgramFiles%\path\to\app\program.exe" %1

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