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  1. Any chance of adding the dark plain8 theme to previous Windows 10 builds? Or is the new dark explorer Windows code needed for this?
  2. Can this thread be added to the support tab here? http://www.startisback.com/#support-tab Only old legacy versions are still linked
  3. Not getting any update notification from SiB at all, checking "About" says version 2.0.6 with no new versions advertised, but when I check manually on the site I see there have been 3 updates since then
  4. +1 I was about to post the same thing, I am used to right click > then hit the last "Properties" option, that new "Display as menu" option is off-putting, please either give an option to disable it (Not really needed anyway tbh) or move it higher up Properties is always the last option on right click context menus in Windows, changing it is not great
  5. 1.1.8 fixed Win-X - thanks for the super fast update
  6. I only use the modded theme that allows coloured titlebars, nothing else This is the theme http://www.windowscentral.com/replace-those-white-title-bars-windows-10-colors-theme I hope this is not the cause, because white titlebars are horrendous, and not getting TH2 means this is the only way to have them coloured SiB 1.1.6 does not have this problem, even with the modded theme, it has only been introduced with 1.1.7
  7. Win-X broken on latest update, for Win 10 Enterprise LTSB 2015 (Build 10240) this edition does not get the TH2 update
  8. Could you make it match the taskbar colour if blur and transparency is disabled? I use neither, and have to manually try to match the menu and taskbar colours whenever I change them
  9. Um, right click it > run as Admin
  10. The slider for that option controls the opacity, you can set it to be fully opaque or fully transparent or anywhere in between, I think the options are perfect just a they are. If I want Windows to control the colour scheme, NOT SiB, then I can't use that slider and can not control transparency unless I want SiB controlling the colour scheme too Separate options for colour and transparency are needed IMO
  11. Could you make start menu and taskbar transparency, a separate option to custom coloured too please? If I want Windows to control the colouring, I have no choice but to have everything transparent because SiB overrides the transparent option in windows settings Thanks
  12. Sure, very pleased to see SiB working on 10 now, I was getting worried I would be stuck with that hideous thing they call a menu Will it be a free update to SiB+ owners?
  13. Every reboot, the top of the screen becomes active again meaning I can grab and close the desktop as if it was native 8.1 Fresh Windows install does nothing to fix it, I have settings set to disable all active corners but have to enable and disable them every reboot
  14. Yup, hoping for an update, can't stand the new start menu/screen cr4p in Windows 10, it's got as much useful functionality as a potato, and with RTM looking like a June release, we need a real start menu again

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