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  1. Slightly OT, but relevant if you want to add the cryptographic protocol TLS 1.2 for any XP reason such as mentioned above: > On 9/3/2018 at 3:56 PM, cc333 said: > .. all forms of TLS less than 1.2 were taken offline June 30, ... unless ... MS decides to release a patch that fixes the problem (... POSReady 2009 might get one) > On 9/5/2018 at 11:01 AM, Mathwiz said: > They did; actually there are two: ... I found the TLS 1.2 procedure posted in 2 parts on MSFN, plus a related TLS 1.0 security update reply post by Mathwiz. It wasn't non-techie friendly, and was a ted
  2. > On June 19, 2018 Cyber Axe said: > I have created a Batch script that will download and update the Root Certificates... Not urgent (yet), but I'm still hoping to download this elegant fix. This seems to be a potentially serious need. Certificates not updated causes me to have a lot of website connection failures per old browser on Android and Java phone devices, as well as Win98. I haven't figured out how to fix them.
  3. Reportedly on or about April 12th, my Skype stopped being able to log in, but I didn't notice. I was using Hibernate state (S4) suspend-to-disk, so my Skype login session lasted for about two more weeks. Trying to reuse the Skype login in my hiberfil.sys, that file self-deleted by an attempt to copy it, probably due to XP security. For further investigation, I made folder copies of: 1) C:\[D&S]\Settings\HP_Administrator\Application Data\Skype 2) C:\Program Files\Skype ,renamed the original Application Data folder to: "Skype (archived original 7.36 data aft
  4. > On 1/6/2018 at 6:36 PM, roytam1 said: > Skype seems dropping out v7 support. I hex-edited Russian's unpacked skype.exe 6.16 and changed version to 8.34 and it is able to login again. I've read similar reports from early 2018. Apparently Skype managers are determined to kill Skype 7, and collaterally, all use of Windows XP for Skype. Technically, they may urgently plan to decommission the current (more costly?) telephony server architecture. Chat and photo files are cheap, so Skype 7 chat, photo, and better interface controls may be a collateral victim of rushed cost-cut
  5. Original January 4, 2019 post title was "Update IE8 to TLS1.2 for (nearly) Last Skype on Windows XP". Update title changed May 1, 2019. Readers wanting Skype-specific info should page or find down to the ORIGINAL INTRODUCTION. UPDATE INTRODUCTION: This compiled procedure, Instructions To Add TLS1.2 To Windows XP OS & IE8, turns out to be useful for non-Skype purposes, and may now be obsolete for the intended purpose of running Windows XP Skype (see posts below). For convenience of other readers, I've reorganized the original post so that the procedure step
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