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  1. Ascii2, as the other forum members have noted, Inno Setup provides the ability to encrypt installers using the optional encryption module found here: http://www.innosetup.com/isdl.php#crypt In order to decrypt the installer (necessary for extraction), the proper password must be specified. By default, as you've obviously noticed, innounp can't support encrypted installers. However, the post that you linked to looks like it may provide a way to work around it. I'd be interested in investigating it for the next version of UniExtract. I recommend adding your suggestion to the feature request thread to make sure I don't forget about it.
  2. Thanks for the extremely quick reply. :-) I can't replicate this. What version of Windows are you using, and what theme? Maybe it's a font size problem. Any chance you could provide a screenshot? I don't really disagree with you, but when people use the term "portable" today they're usually referring to running apps off of some type of portable solid state device. Since these devices have a finite number of write cycles, I thought it better to write the debug files out to the %temp% directory on the main hard drive. Perhaps a better approach would be to make debug files themselves optional? Eg., if running in portable mode, just don't create any debug files at all. Excellent, and thanks again.
  3. What version of Windows and what version of UniExtract are you running?
  4. By itself, this isn't very useful. It's only a frontend to FAR plugins. Are there any particular FAR plugins that either add support new or improve support for existing formats? I'm already using cmdTotal for a few plugins - is there anything in particular that couldn't be handled by that, either? How does this related to the innounp project at http://innounp.sourceforge.net/? I'm a bit hesitant to use unofficial forks of projects. I use 7-zip to support gzip files. It seems to have really solid support for that format. Is there any particular reason to include a standalone gzip binary? I'd love to, but I haven't been able to find any freely redistributable utilities that support SITX archives. Do you know of any? Do you have a link to "console_unstuff"? Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. Please post any feature requests in this thread. Feature requests can include support for new formats, suggestions on ways to improve UniExtract functionality or the user interface, etc. Before submitting a feature request, please first search through this subforum, as well as reviewing the UniExtract ChangeLog and ToDo files to see if the feature has already been discussed. There are a number of features that have been brought up in the past, but for various reasons cannot be supported; repeatedly bringing up these same topics without offering any new information or suggestions only wastes time. Please especially check the Features that Cannot Be Supported thread and do not post any requests from that list. Any general questions, support requests, or other UniExtract discussion should be posted to other topics in this forum.
  6. Please report any bugs that you find in this thread. When filing a bug report, please be sure to include the UniExtract version, Windows version, a detailed description of the problem (or screenshot), and download links to sample files when appropriate. In general, you should only file bug reports for the latest stable and/or beta versions of Universal Extractor. If you find a bug in an older version, please first upgrade to the current version to see if it's already been resolved. I also strongly suggest searching through this subforum, as well as reviewing the UniExtract ChangeLog and ToDo files to see if the problem has already been discussed. Any general questions, support requests, or other UniExtract discussion should be posted to other topics in this forum.
  7. Sorry I've been away for so long - other things keep coming up, and I haven't been able to spend any time on Universal Extractor. However, like all of you, I'm also tired of waiting for the 1.6 release. :-) I just uploaded a release candidate for version 1.6. Please download, test, and report back what you find out. If everything looks good, then I'll repackage with the proper artwork, update the main page for the final release, and call it done. If you find any problems, please report them here (or in the separate "bugs" thread that I'm going to create) and I'll try to knock them out ASAP. At this point I have two goals - find/fix any bugs, release final version. That's it. No new features, no new formats, etc. I really need to get the final version of 1.6 out as-is, and everything else can added in the next version. I'd greatly appreciate any and all help in testing this. I haven't messed with this too much myself lately, so having some other eyes on it is essential at this point. Please test the following, in particular: installer - does everything work as it should, including the new 1.6 options? vista support - the installer should fully support Vistal w/ admin privileges; non-admins should use the noinst version noinst archive - this should be preconfigured to work in a "portable" environment general extraction - this should be pretty obvious, but as I said, it's been a while since I've used it. Please test with a number of different (supported) filetypes and make sure it behaves like it should. Aside from miscellaneous bug fixes or tweaks, here are the changes from the 1.6 beta release: Added support for DiscJuggler CDI CD-ROM images via cdirip.exe Added support for LZX compressed files via unlzx Added support for RoboForm installers Added Croatian, Dutch, and Taiwanese translations Fixed bug in InstallShield CAB file support; now properly extracts files with spaces in the filename Fixed support for (non-tar) gzip files Updated Inno Setup support for increased detection reliability Updated Inno Setup support to extract all files, including renamed duplicates Updated UHARC support to detect and extract SFX files Updated installer to require Windows NT-based systems; 9x will not work Updated 7-Zip to 4.57 Updated AutoIt to Updated innounp to 0.20 Updated Inno Setup to 5.2.2 Updated UnRAR to 3.80 Updated UPX to 3.03 Updated bin2iso to 1.95 And finally, download links: Installer: http://uniextract.c1pher.com/uniextract16rc.exe Standalone: http://uniextract.c1pher.com/uniextract16rc_noinst.rar Please let me know how it works for you.
  8. This is an issue with Vista. You can try installing the 1.6 beta version, which should greatly improve Vista compatibility: http://www.legroom.net/2007/08/09/universa...-beta-available
  9. A new stable version of Innounp has finally been released, and supposedly supports up to Inno Setup 5.2.3. Try replacing the innounp.exe binary with the new version available from http://innounp.sourceforge.net/. Note: I have not tried this myself. Please post back whether or not it works so others can benefit as well.
  10. I'll look into it. I need test .daa files to work with, though. Any place I can download a couple of them?
  11. I'm planning on releasing an RC version of some sort. Want to make sure I didn't overlook or just plain forget about anything in the long periods of time between work on this. I've thought about doing exactly this before. I probably add this kind of support at some point, but it's not a priority for me for this release. TrID has a problem with InstallShield false positives. I've worked around this in 1.6. It's very modified. I'd recommend against replacing it with a newer version from the TrID website.
  12. I hate to give such a cliché answer, but "when it's done." For the most part, it is done. I just haven't had time to put together the final package, test, and release. I'm hoping to get to it sooner rather than later, though.
  13. Oh, you're trying to recompile the installer after unpacking it with innounp? Yeah, that's not going to work at all. I provide the source code and all necessary support files on the website. Download that, along with the binary archive, extract all of it to the same directly, then try making your changes and compiling a new installer.
  14. Never mind, got it figured out now. :-)
  15. jbm - hope you don't mind, but I split off your post from the end of the other thread. Since we have our own subforum now, I figure it'd be easier to take the "one thread per general topic" approach rather than starting another crazy-long 800 post thread. :-) As for your problem, I really can't think of what would cause that. LangRead is a custom function that I wrote, but it's included in the uniextract15.iss file (or uniextract16.iss). Assuming that's what you're trying to compile, and the file didn't get corrupt or truncated or anything, it should just work.
  16. This is a common question, so I"m setting this as a sticky. If you are unable to extract current Inno Setup installers, this should be the first thing to try. However, check here first for an official update: http://innounp.sourceforge.net/ If there is no official update (0.19 is the current stable version at the time of this post), then go ahead and download the latest test version that mushu13 referenced.
  17. Sweet. Now I know I've truly hit the big time. :-) I've never been an admin of this particular bulletin board system. Is there some reference guide or something available on common admin tasks, such as setting a thread sticky, locking threads, etc.? IIsi 50MHz, thanks for the detailed post. Hopefully it help some others that are still using Windows 9x. However, I should let you know that as of 1.6 Windows 9x moves from "unsupported" to "won't work" status. Due to some changes in AutoIt, Universal Extractor will literally fail to run going forward. Version 1.5 will continue to be around, of course, but that's the last release that will work, well, semi-work, under 9x. Additional details can be found by searching this thread.
  18. Freely available and freely redistributable are two very different things. Think about the various tools and utilities you can download from Microsoft, such as the sysinternals tools (filemon, regmon, etc.). Those are freely available, but absolutely not freely redistributable. I'm pretty sure the same applies here, but like I said, I'll look into it.
  19. Forgot to include this in my last big reply. This file works fine under v1.6. It's an Inno Setup installer, but it's falsely identified as a InstallShield installer; 1.6 includes an option to bypass that method.
  20. What do you mean by this? I don't understand what you're suggesting. I'd love to do this, and I do exactly that in a couple of cases where it's possible (some InstallShield and MHT archives, I believe), but for the most part this isn't possible. Most extraction is handled by included command-line applications, and the only status I can really get from them are "not done" (.exe is still running) or "done" (.exe has finished). That's why I have the CMD window displayed during extraction - that's the only way i CAN display the progress. I haven't forgotten about it; just haven't had much time to deal with it. I really, really want to get v1.6 final out for everyone, probably as much as you want to start using it. :-) I can't determine the type of installer this is using. Can you explain this a bit more? Not sure I understand what you're asking. I add support for installers/archives/files that are: technically possible - eg., there must be some way to do it; otherwise, there isn't anything I can add to UniExtract identifiable - I have to be able to programmatically identify the filetype in order to reliable extract it; this is often harder than it seems, which is why I have a lot of hacks in the code to blindly guess at some filetypes legally possible - this precludes some filetypes, such as InstallShield v12 installers or StuffIt .sitx archives; while I can code support for them, I cannot legally redistribute the necessary utilities to extract them within my capabilities - I'm not a professional developer; I do this as a hobby because I (mostly) enjoy it and because I want to help others. I'm always trying to improve the program wherever I can, but there are some things that I just can't do So yes, I'm trying to "enhance" it to support everything that's requested on this forum, but sometimes this are either beyond my control or abilities. You can see my really long TODO file for many examples of that. As for the name, it's true that it may not be "universal", but I'm personally rather pleased with the amount of formats I've been able to support. The name was originally chosen because I was trying to support all different kinds of file types (.exe, .msi, .rar, .zip, etc.), not necessarily every possible file format that has ever been conceived. Much of the support in the current version has come as a direct result from suggestions on this forum. If you want to help improve the software, provide samples and details for any format that you want supported. You mentioned several in your post, but didn't include links to any of them. While I can probably search the internet to find them, I really don't have the time to do so. Simply posting an item that says "I can't extract file X, from program Y, using installer Z (or whatever). Here's the link: ..." is a huge help, as I can download the file and immediately know what I'm working with. I'm sure you didn't mean any insult with your post, and rest assured that it takes much more than that to get under my skin, but I have seen quite a few similar thoughts expressed both on this board and elsewhere. I wanted to take the time to clear this up a bit and hopefully help people understand that UniExtract will never truly support every single file type/format available, as it's just not possible from both a technical and practical standpoint. This is in the InstallShield v12 format. I cannot support this due to the lack of a freely redistributable unpacker. This works fine in the dev version. It's probably an Inno Setup issue. Try downloading the test 0.20 version of innounp and replacing the innounp.exe binary in your existing install then extracting again.
  21. horsecharles, have you had any luck resolving this? I don't have access to a Vista system, so I'm pretty limited in what I can do to troubleshoot here. However, if you did find a solution, I think it'd be nice to post it here so that anyone having a similar issue can benefit. Would be happy to look into it. Can you please post an example CHM file that does not work? I just ran through all the helper apps and updated as appropriate. Wanted to respond to these two, though. ARJ32 3.14a - I use the Open-source ARJ binaries available from http://arj.sourceforge.net/. These are freely redistributable, while the "official" version is not. It doesn't appear that a corresponding release has been made for the open source version, so I'll have to stick with 3.10 for now. StuffIt Expander - Once upon a time, StuffIt Expander used to be freely redistributable on Windows. That changed after v6.0, which is why I include such an old version in UniExtract. I'll check out the new version, but I can't imagine that they would've all of a sudden decided to make it freely redistributable again after all this time. These are some good ideas. I'll add to my todo file for investigation during the next release. This isn't a good idea. While I agree that it's ugly, it serves two very important purposes: progress indicator - since most of the extraction is done through CLI binaries, this let's you know whether or not something is actually happening input - more importantly, some operations will require user input, such as entering a password for an encrypted Zip file or confirming whether or not you want to overwrite existing files; without the CMD window, this input could not be provided
  22. I can't duplicate this problem. I just compiled a new version of the UniExtract i nstaller using Inno Setup 5.2.2, and I was able to extract it just fine using UniExtract. I also just upgraded to a newer version of innounp, so perhaps it was more of an issue with innounp that PEiD? If you can send me a file that demonstrates the problem I'll investigate further; otherwise, I have to assume that it's fixed in the current dev version.
  23. I just realized that this was reported for v1.6. The InstallShield issue is due to the TrID signature detection - it has a very high false positive rate for InstallShield executables, and I haven't been able to find any way to tune that down. To workaround it, I added an option to the 1.6 InstallShield dialog that allows you to specify "this is not an InstallShield installer". After selecting that and clicking OK, it will continue trying various other methods, and will then successfully extract this file. Ugly, but it works. :-) I thought it did do this. Are you using 1.5 or the 1.6 beta?
  24. Thanks, will check it out. Shouldn't be too hard. Will look into it. Cool, thanks for the detailed report. I'll definitely check it out.

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