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  1. Sorry, but I never did find an answer to this. Is this occurring with the 1.6 beta as well?
  2. As BigRandalo suggested, this can be done easily yourself. Just download the new innounp and overwrite the older innounp.exe in the UniExtract bin\ directory. I don't plan on adding any automatic support for this, as new versions may behave differently and as a result break UniExtract if it's not properly tested.
  3. Will check it out. Can you please post a link to an example file? Weird. I'll have to investigate. Thanks for reporting it. Try running the installer with '/?'. It'll show you a list of all supported command line switches and parameters. Specifically, look for available tasks. I think that should answer your question. If not, please post back. Will check it out. Can you please post a link to an example file?
  4. Request: Slovak Translation Update for UniExtract 1.6 I'm trying to get in touch with Peter Ž., aka zilabo. If you're reading this, please contact me regarding your Slovak translation. I tried e-mailing you a couple of times, but it appears that the e-mail address I have for you is no longer valid. Also, if anyone else is able (and willing) to provide a Slovak translation, feel free to contact me as well. If I don't hear back from zilabo, I'll have to drop the translation going forward unless someone else is willing to maintain it. Thanks.
  5. That's just the way it works. Most console apps that I'm familiar with behave that way, for better or worse.
  6. Confirmed. This appears to be due to a regression from innounp 0.18 to 0.19, which I just reported it on the innounp forum. The innounp author is currently working on a newer version to add compatibility for the latest versions of Inno Setup (which, as pointed out previously, already works quite well); hopefully he'll be able to address this issue as well. Ok, this one's my bad. The author added a '-a' switch to version 0.19, which instructs innounp to extract all duplicate files as well. min,1.bmp and min,2.bmp are the exact same file, so only the first one is extracted by default. I added -a to the command calling innounp and now both are extracted. This should already be possible. When the console window opens to display the current unrar process, it should prompt you to enter a password to extract the RAR file. Does this not happen for you? I just checked out TUGZip. While it's license does appear to permit redistribution (which is necessary for UniExtract), it'll increase the size of UniExtract significantly and I'm not sure that we'll get much of a gain from it. Just based on the list you provided, the only formats that I know are not currently supported are SQX and C2D. Additionally there's A, BH, GCA, TAZ, and TZ1, but I don't even know what those are. I'll probably look into this a bit more to be sure, but my initial feeling is that the increased overhead and complexity outweighs the limited benefit of integrating this. I can't use this. It's a commercial application.
  7. Confirmed. This appears to be due to a regression from innounp 0.18 to 0.19, which I just reported it on the innounp forum. The innounp author is currently working on a newer version to add compatibility for the latest versions of Inno Setup (which, as pointed out previously, already works quite well); hopefully he'll be able to address this issue as well.
  8. This was a bug in my parsing logic. I've corrected it for future versions. Thanks for reporting this. Please let me know if you encounter any similar behavior in the final version once it's released.
  9. Yes, Windows 9x does not function correctly with Universal Extractor. Beginning with v1.6, UniExtract will no longer work at all under 9x due to a combination of changes in AutoIt and the continued difficulties involved in trying to make it work under the older and unsupported OS. If you need to use it under 9x, please look through the last few pages of this thread. I exchanged posts with another 9x user, and he did some testing of various UniExtract versions to see which worked best. You may want to give that a try. This will be done beginning with v1.6. In the past, although I didn't officially support 9x, I tried to at least make it mostly functional. That obviously failed. :-) Along with AutoIt's change to Unicode, it just won't run under 9x at all anymore. I'll check out the installer when I get some time. Probably over the weekend.
  10. Which version of Windows are you using?
  11. Here are my results: AI RoboForm v6.9.6 - custom installer; support added AutoRun Pro Enterprise - Inno Setup - fixed; improperly identified as a Zip file by TrID, but I was able to add a workaround Blubster - Wise Installer - this actually is supported, but you need to disable the "Remove temporary files" preference and use the WUN method; not sure why, but the actual filenames cannot be resolved CompuPic Pro v6.23.1364 - not fixed; this is some kind of SFX installer, but I can't figure out any way to just rip out the files FilePipe v2.7R (p2p).exe - SetUp Factory - Setup Factory 7.0 files cannot be supported; only older 6.0 files Internet Download Manager - not fixed; this is some kind of SFX installer (again), but I can't figure out any way to just rip out the files NetstatLive v2.11 - not fixed; I've messed with AnalogX installers in the past and have never been able to get them to work; I can't even figure out what it's using; I think it may be some unique (to AnalogX) installer format DropIt v5 and DropIt Pro v5 - not fixed; can't figure these out Drive Snapshot - Nullsoft Installer - this works fine for me; it's extracted with cmdTotal + InstallExplorer; what error are you seeing? Hard Drive Visulization - Inno Installer Zero Assumption Recovery - Inno Installer - fixed; same issue that caused the problem with AutoRun Pro Enterprise
  12. Will check them out. Yeah, I can use most Total Commander plugins (thanks to cmdTotal), but I still need formats to test with. I need to verify that TrID can properly detect the formats, know which labels it uses for the formats, know what extensions the files use, and then figure out the proper syntax for the extraction tools, including any special workarounds that I may have to add. I can't do any of that without test files. I currently have about 3 GB worth of test files that I use to make sure UniExtract bahaves properly, but not one Amiga format file is included. If you could get me, say, two examples of each format that you want supported, that'd be a huge help. I'll look into adding virus scanning support, but it almost certainly won't be this complex. Probably the best I could do would be to add the option to scan the file as a whole before extraction begins, and/or scan all of the extracted files after extraction is complete. Even that is a big maybe at this point, as I don't use A/V software myself and only have experience with just a couple of engines. I'll see what I can do, but don't get your hopes up too high. :-)
  13. There should definitely be GUI conversion options available for Shorten. Try a few of the links on this search: http://www.google.com/search?q=convert%20shorten%20shn (specifically, http://etree.org/mkw.html And while there are no hardware players that I'm aware of, there are plenty of software players that support the format (Winamp being the biggest and obvious choice). If the above link doesn't give you any luck, try installing Foobar2000. It should support SHN files (though you may need to add a plugin to do so), and it includes transcoding functionality so you can pretty easily convert to any other format. As a final alternative, you can simply download the CLI decoder and associate it with .SHN files through Windows Explorer. That's not as pretty as a transcoding application, but it'll certainly get the job done. Someone had actually posted a request for Amiga formats on my forum. I'd be happy to add support, but in order to do so I need two things: a utility to decode/extract the files sample files to test I think I've already found something to do the extracting, but I have no sample files to work with. If you can make some available, I'll test this out and see if I can get it included in the 1.6 final release. That's a very interesting idea. I won't be able to do that for v1.6, but I'll certainly keep it in mind for a future version. Dreamhost (the hosting provider for c1pher.com) has been having network issues over the last couple of days. Unfortunately, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. Just try again in a few hours. I've looked at CDmage in the past, but it's not suited to my needs very well. It doesn't support CLI arguments for source file and destination directory. The other programs you suggested sound interesting. I've tried a couple of them already and ran into issues, but some of them are new. I'll check them out.
  14. Awesome. I'll add this to the list of supported formats. Thanks for the heads up. I don't follow you here. What are xfd and xad? Are they similar programs to UniExtract? Different formats that you'd like to see supported? Not sure how to respond to this... Can you link to any specific installers that behave this way? I've seen this behavior before, but all of my test Inno and NSIS installers behave properly with the beta. As someone stated below, this is basically a generic detection signature. If this signature is returned, UniExtract will try to extract the file using a few generic methods, but for the most part it's blindly guessing. There is no "proper" technique for these types of files, because they are not one single filetype. I'll check out the example you posted, though, and see if I can do anything with it. It appears that Inno Setup >= 5.1.13 installers are not currently supported by innounp. A few others have reported this as well. UniExtract relies on innounp to extract Inno Setup installers, so until innounp is updated to deal with the new version, I cannot support them. Are you referring to the lossless Shorten audio compression format? I'm not sure I'd want to go that route. It'd technically be easy to add such support, but it doesn't really align with the original goal of UniExtract to extract, unarchive, and decompress files. Yes, it'd technically involve decompression from a compressed format (SHN) to an uncompressed format (WAV), but the difference is that the compressed version is actually fully usable in its own right. I can't see where adding support for this format to UniExtract would provide much benefit. Additionally, if I started including support for audio formats, why should I stop with just SHN? I'd have to add support for FLAC, APE (Monkey's Audio), WV (WavPack), etc. This would greatly increase the package size for UniExtract with, in my opinion, little practical gain. I've looked at Pstart before. It uses some kind of funky installer that I can't figure out. I think it's actually some kind of SFX installer, but I just don't know what to do with it. Well, technically PEiD and TrID are reporting correctly. The installer is a Visual C++ application. The problem is that it's not specific enough. I've actually added quite a few custom signatures to both PEiD and TrID to try to deal with specific installers that I've come across, but there's simply no way I can add support for every possible format out there. As people post examples here I'll check it out and add support (including a new signature if necessary) where possible, but it many cases it just can't be done. Eh, I have to call bullsh*t on this. This is one of those topics that really gets on my nerves. You can see some of my thoughts on the subject in this 7-Zip forum post.
  15. I'll check it out when I get a chance. Well, I don't have any examples to test with, but assuming they are Zip files then TrID should detect them as such and it should "just work". Can anyone confirm this? That's weird. They're shouldn't be more than just one of Simplified and one of Traditional. I'll check it out when I get home. I'm not sure what happened. Thanks. I know you've been working on this for a while. Is this Simplified or Traditional? I definitely want to put it on my website as an alternative version and give you credit for it.
  16. I fixed the issue with the standalone/noinst version that a few people have reported. I replaced the file in the original link with the fixed copy. Can someone please download this updated copy and verify that it does indeed work properly? Thanks.
  17. Well, I just duplicated that access denied error, though I'll be damned if I know why it's occurring. It has to do with the file and folder permissions on the created directory. To fix the problem (and delete the files/folders that are causing problems): Right-click on the uniextract16beta_noinst folder and click Properties select CREATOR OWNER and check "Full Control" select your username and check "Full Control" click Advanced change to the Owner tab select your username and check "Replace owner on subcontainers" click Apply change to the Permissions tab select your username and click Edit verify that you have "Full Control" is checked (check it if necessary) and click ok check "Replace permission entries on all child objects..." click Ok, then Yes click Ok again This should reset the security permissions on the folder so that you have complete ownership of them. You should be able to now use the program, or delete all of it if you're prefer to use the installer version. Now, to try to figure out why this happened in the first place. I haven't changed anything about how that .rar file was created since around the 1.2 release. I just update the filenames each time. I'll post back once I figure it out. Edit: This is really weird. If I use Universal Extractor to extract that .rar file, it works properly. However, if I extract it with WinRAR, it has the permissions issue described above. WTF? UniExtract uses the official unrar.exe to extract RAR files, so the results should be the exact same. RAR files are capable of store file permissions and resetting them on extraction, but I did not enable that switch when creating the RAR file. Edit 2: Well crap. It turns out I had that option enabled in WinRAR after all. Must've done it without realizing it, or at least without realizing the implications. See next post.
  18. You're the second person to report this issue. I have no idea what's happening, but I'll definitely look into it. In the meantime, try using the installer version. That seems to be more reliable at this time. Edit: I just tried downloading and extracting the _noinst.rar package on a separate system and I had no problems with it. Can you (or AgiHammerklau) provide more details about this issue? What OS and SP are you running? Where exactly did you extract the files? Are you running as an administrator or standard (or power) user? Can you post a screenshot or complete textual description of the error message?
  19. InstallShield 12.x cab files cannot be supported at this time. See this post for more details. As for "version detection", that's really non-existent. I can determine whether it's a MS cab or IS cab using TrID (or 7-Zip, if necessary), and once I know that it's an IS cab i simply try extracting it with i6comp and then, if it fails, i5comp. Since i5comp is run second, that's the one that'll show up in the log file if it fails. That's really weird. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? I've never come across this. Have you provided a link to this previously? I don't recall... If not, let me know and I'll test it out. Don't bother. This version will not run under Windows 9x at all. Please see this post for details. I'm going to update the changelog file to reflect this.
  20. The beta is ready to go. I'm making it available for everyone, but please keep in mind that when I use the term beta I mean it - the program should work fine, but it has not been tested on anything but my own two systems, and I have a far-from-normal setup. Please download this if you're willing to test and provide feedback on some of the new features. In particular, this includes: Vista support Individual vs. Global preferences (see ChangeLog for details) Preferences GUI functionality Menu bar functionality Code execution warnings Optional component support in installer Installer Admin user restriction I haven't actually tested all of these changes on Vista, but assuming I did my job correctly it should just work. Please let me know if you come across any issues at all, but especially from the above major changes. Also, please be aware that language support will be incomplete in the beta. Updated translations will be included in the final release. One other note: I'm heading out of town in a couple days. I'll be around tomorrow, so if there are any major issues please report them by tomorrow (Thursday) night. Otherwise, it'll be a few days before I can reply. Here are the download links. I'd appreciate feedback on both the installer and standalone versions if possible, as they behave differently. Edit 10/11/2008: Please download the 1.6 release candidate instead: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=803082 For reference, here's the complete ChangeLog for the beta. Added support for individual user preferences for better Vista support; by default, this is enabled for standalone, disabled for installed when enabled, UniExtract uses single .ini file as with previous version when disabled, individual prefs/history are saved to registry in HKCU this can be changed by modifying globalprefs setting in .ini file Added menu bar to main GUI; includes options to quit, edit preferences, and visit UniExtract website Added separate preferences GUI to provide easy access to all options; can be invoked through Edit menu or through '/prefs' argument Added support for FEAD Optimizer packages (eg, Adobe Reader installers) Added support for LZMA compressed files Added support for Nero NRG CD-ROM images (data only) via nrg2iso Added support for Reflexive Arcade installer wrapper via RAIU Added support for WIM (Windows Imaging Format) images via 7-Zip Added "Not an InstallShield installer" option to InstallShield method select dialog to force UniExtract to handle TrID false positives Added components section to installer; makes installation of docs, languages, and certain (large) binaries optional Added SendTo icon option to installer Added internationalization support for decompressed ASPack and UPX files Added Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, and Valencian (Catalan) translations Added return codes to indicated status of extraction (actually added in 1.5): 0 = successful exit or user-initiated cancel 1 = supposedly supported file, but extraction failed 2 = debug file is not writable, aborted 3 = unknown executable - cannot be extracted 4 = unknown filetype - cannot be extracted 5 = invalid output directory specified Fixed bug that displayed debugging message box during Inno Setup extraction Fixed support for Microsoft hotfixes (again) Fixed support for relative paths Fixed support for UNC paths Fixed missing Spanish language option during installation Removed support for Windows 9x due to new Unicode version of AutoIt; 9x was never officially supported, but it will not even execute now Removed Adobe-specific report (now handled by generic FEAD support) Updated UniExtract to prompt user before executing files for extraction; can be disabled via warnexecute option Updated UniExtract to make ACE, KGB, Pea, and StuffIt support optional Updated UniExtract to read English.ini from root install directory Updated UniExtract to output debug files to %temp% by default Updated UniExtract to verify that debug file location can be written to; user's temp directory will be used if selected dir fails test Updated UniExtract to disable appendext option by default Updated UniExtract changelog to add notice of Vietnamese translation in 1.5 Updated TrID detection of MS Self-Extracting CAB (Type 1) archives Updated TrID detection of Windows Installer (MSI) packages Updated TrID detection of Zip Self-Extracting archives Updated CD-ROM image support to bypass TrID detection and rely on extensions Updated Windows Install patch (.msp) to include pure 7-zip option Updated installer to use Start Menu icons page and include uninstall icon Updated installer language initialization code for simplicity Updated installer to require administrative privileges; non-admin users should use binary archive (portable) version, or use a copy installed by the system administrator Updated installer to prevent association with CHM files under Vista Updated installer to support new /nowarnexecute paramater Updated installer to support reversed appendext default preference; now use /appendext to enable instead of /noappendext to disable Updated installer to add {app} in addition to {app}\bin to %PATH% if enabled; restores ability easily to call UniExtract.exe from command line Updated 7-Zip to 4.52 beta Updated innounp to 0.19 Updated Inno Setup to 5.1.13 Updated Pea to 1.6 (cannot use newer version due to broken GUI controls) Updated UnRAR to 3.70 Updated UPX to 3.01
  21. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that you need the latest .NET framework installed in order to use that parameter. <SNIP> And the resulting .MSP file is what gives UniExtract some problems with the filenames. Ok, I finally got around to testing this again. I was able to get to the MSP and extract it, and as you mentioned there are problems with the filenames. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do about it. The actual filenames ARE there, but they're scrambled in with the version information and other crap in the filenames. Eg: FL_atl71_dll_____X86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8 FL_atl71_dll_1_____X86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8 FL_atl71_dll_6_____X86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8 Here are 3 different versions of atl71.dll. Which one gets installed depends on what kind of system you're running. It's inconvenient, but technically it's accurate. :-) This is an issue with both MSI and MSP files - ripping our the embedded files by brute force like this tends to produce incomplete results. It's almost always better to go with the "administrative installation" option for MSI packages (when possible) rather than either of the other two extraction options, but unfortunately there's no such option for MSP files.
  22. I tried adding support for this in the past, but it didn't work. I downloaded several .dmg files for testing, and dmg2iso could not convert a single one of them. I'd definitely like to add support for the format, but this particular program just doesn't work. I tried adding support for this as well, but I had similar experiences as above. I could at least get this to convert some of the images I tried, but nowhere near enough to be considered reliable. This one is already included in 1.6. :-) I'm not opposed to either of these, but I don't have an XBOX and therefore no such ISO images to test. This seems to be a commercial program, and as far as I can tell it's not redistributable. Even if it was, I'm not sure if it'd be useful to UniExtract as it seems to mount images rather than extract them. Looks like kind of an interesting app, though, and I've never heard up it before. Thanks for the heads up.
  23. I finally had a chance to check this out. Unfortunately, it's one of the newer IS 12.x packages, which cannot be extracted with any freely redistributable programs (that I'm aware of). See this previous post for more details.
  24. Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. For anyone interested, I just finished the download page (complete with the 1.4 installer, thanks to jaclaz). You can find it here: http://uniextract.c1pher.com/archive/ I highly encourage you to use the latest available version, but in the event that you need an older version for some reason you should be able to always download a copy from the above link. It includes all official binary and source code releases.
  25. Random request: does anyone happen to have a copy of the Universal Extract 1.4 installer? I'm uploading all of the older versions to an archive page, but I seem to be missing that file. It was released on 11/18/2006. If anyone still has a copy of this, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could send it to me or post a download link. Thanks.

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