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  1. Me too same hard drive.. have you guys upgraded the firmware?+ Hi! I have a Lacie Black 1TB in which a Seagate ST31000333AS was mounted. Seagate ST31000333AS 1TB P/N : 9FZ136-100 Firmware:LC15 Site code:TK To make a long story short: I used the ST31000333AS in a NAS where it didn't behave like I thought it should. I found this thread, read about the firmware for 9FZ136-300 and 9FZ136-558 and decided to try to flash my 9FZ136-100. I don't have the exact command, but I used the info in jaclaz post. I think it was: sf -m BRINKS -f 6HSD1B.LOD -s -x -b -v -a 10 The firmware loaded ok and the drive works perfectly in a PC. I've used SeaTools and it passes SMART Check, Short Drive Self Test and Long Generic. I'm not a hard drive guru so I can't say if passing these tests would qualify the firmware flashing as successful, I'll leave that up to someone who knows what they're talking about. The only problem I have now is that I decided to put 2TB drives in the NAS instead. After I flashed the drive it doesn't work in the Lacie-casing. When I power it on, it just tries to spin up and clicks. Since it's the same story with a Hitachi deskstar drive, I suppose that you can only use hard drives with Lacie firmware on them. Is it possible for someone to download the firmware from a Lacie drive with firmware LC15 and give it to me so I can "re-flash" the drive? If not, I guess I'll just use it in my desktop computer. Regards, Christian Been away a while from the forum.. do you have that iso? the new iso files wont allow to do anything beside download the firmware to disc via selection no bat files to edit. you can attach here to drop me a pm so i can send my mail add. thanx
  2. Me too same hard drive.. have you guys upgraded the firmware?+
  3. Edit Edit.. Nevermind.. Thanx mr Jaclas... I'm forever grateful to you.... I dont know what seem to be the problem is but i fixed it by using my laptops serial port so basically there was something wrong with my serial-usb converter.. Thanx Again UltimateScar Bows down to Jaclas. I'm copying my old pics to the new hard drive right now.. should i format it later and use the brink's iso firmware or should i just throw it Jacles.?
  4. There is probably *something* that you are "doing wrong" . Please do the following: FORGET (temporarily) whatever you have read on the topic ONLY read the Read-me-.first and FGA's: Then try following (to the T) the suggested guide here: http://www.mapleleafmountain.com/seagatebrick.html VERIFY that your RS232 to TTL converter is using the compatible "lower" TTL level, make sure about both power (power to the PCB board) to be "stable" and make sure of proper GROUNDING. Report. jaclaz I read each and every word.... im still stuck with the look i cant manage to get F3.... could it be my ttl converter's problem? i'm using this on http://www.dealextreme.com/p/rs232-serial-port-express-card-adapter-blue-black-silver-101467?item=2 or should i make one from nokia ca-42 cable-
  5. I've been trying to follow every piece of information that i could find i've had that one you forwarded as my bookmark from before. rather than googing you could have shown the adresses.. as i've come to almost every site with almost same response which didnt work for me. but thanx anyway
  6. well so may it be me reviving the thread. i've tried to read all but i got stuck on the first page. i dont got anywhere from endless loop of Rst 0x20M (P) SATA Reset LED:000000CC FAddr:0024CDC9 Rst 0x20M (P) SATA Reset and when i block contact of moterhead i get Rst0x20 ? i didnt find solution anywhere care to help guys.. my hd is seagate ST31000333AS and i'm using ttl to rs232 converter. thankx.